When I went to Cornerstone '97 I heard "the funky sounds of The Insyderz". I instantly fell in love with their sound and their ministry. They are one of the few bands that use their music as a tool to reach youth. So when I found out that they were putting out a new praise and worship CD I thought "Wow that's really nice". What I got was a lot more then nice.
The Insyderz took their awesome sound and the lyrics of classic praise and worship and mixed them together to create "Skalleluia". This CD had me skanking and praising God in a way I never thought before. The music is easy to sing along to and always fits the mood and message of the song. They also took and speed some of them up, for isntance "Joy" by Amy Grant was changed into a really fast, hard ska-core song.
The changes that they did were really cool. "Awesome God" is the best example that I can think of to show it. They made this one of the most uplifiting praise songs I've ever heard. I even caught my Music Leader and Mother getting into the music. The quality of the CD is much better the their last album "Motor City Ska" (still a awesome album that you should buy).
The Insyderz also are giving a free offer that if you wnat to use their music to share Christ with, they will send you a free casette with some of the songs on it and a tract. The case is a really cool thing to see, it's upsidedown and backwards. The cover is on the back and was designed by Parker Jacobs of The Aquabats. So if you want to praise God in a wild and great new way buy "Skalleluia" as soon as you can.

Cool Fools Ratings:
Lyrics: 10
Music: 9.5
Fun: 9
Overall: 9.5