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Wanton Destruction for Shadow Warrior

Another fantastic add-on from Sunstorm Interactive. We are working in conjunction with GT Interactive / WizardWorks and 3D Realms to bring you a fabulous new add-on for Shadow Warrior.

Wanton Destruction will feature two whole new episodes for Shadow Warrior, each consisting of 5 large levels and a secret level. Tons of new art, sound effects, and new Lo Wang sayings! Who Wants Some Wang!

Download the shareware levels now!

The shareware version of Wanton Destruction features two brand new maps. One single player map - The Monastery Gardens, and one Wangbang map - Waterfight. Download it now to find out the level of quality you can expect in the rest of Wanton Destruction!

Here's a brief overview of the Episodes:

Episode 1 - Lo Wang heads to San Francisco to visit some long lost relatives. While visiting the tourist areas, Lo Wang meets up with more of Zilla’s minions! After cleaning up San Francisco, he books a flight back to his homeland.

Episode 2 – Enroute to his homeland, Lo Wang’s flight is cut short and his plane crashes into the jungles somewhere in East Asia. After days of trekking through the countryside, Lo Wang makes it back to Tokyo for a final confrontation!

Episode 1 – ‘San Francisco Treat’
Level 1 - Chinatown Shops
Level 2 - Warf / Docks
Level 3 - Redwood Forest State Park
Level 4 - Chinese Restaurant
Level 5 - Skyscraper Construction Yard
Secret Level

Episode 2 – ‘Wonton Destruction’
Level 1 - Flight of Doom
Level 2 - Military Base
Level 3 - Bullet Train station
Level 4 - Zillamobile Car Factory
Level 5 - Tokyo Skyline
Secret Level

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