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From horse's mouth, 1/14/98

Crack signed a deal with Telstar Electronic Studios to publish Golgotha in Europe. See the full press release for details.

 Demo 6 delayed 
From horse's mouth, 12/5/97

Do not wait up for Demo 6 on Sunday. The demo has been delayed. We have not decided on a new date yet. By the way, there is no released Linux Golgotha demo yet.

 Demo 5c integrates Voodoo Rush fix 
From horse's mouth, 10/29/97

No need to patch the demo if you haven't downloaded it already. Demo 5c integrates the Voodoo Rush fix in golg5c.zip. No other changes in Demo 5c from Demo 5b. Demo 6 is slated for December 8, btw.

 Demo 5 Voodoo Rush Support Fixed 
From horse's mouth, 10/21/97

If you have a 3DFX Voodoo Rush based card, you can grab the golg5_rush.zip file that will make Golgotha Demo 5 work.

 Demo 5 Misc. Notes 
From horse's mouth, 10/21/97

Our ftp site can't handle the load of people downloading the demo very well. Golgotha Demo 5 is also available at PlanetQuake, Blues News, Entermedia, Online Gaming Review, and Adrenaline Vault. Also, apologies to those of you on the press release list who got 6 or 7 copies of the press release. We're looking into that. Lastly, we've already learned that we broke Voodoo Rush support. We have a card and quickly figured out the problem. A fix should be available soon. Woops! It's already fixed. See above.

 Golgotha Demo 5 Released 
From horse's mouth, 10/20/97

Golgotha Demo 5 is now available. This release features significant enhancements over Golgotha Demo 4. See the press release for more details or jump in and download Golgotha Demo 5.

 Demo information from JC 
From jc's .plan, 10/1/97

"If you are wondering about the demo, we are still working on it.  We've been up all night fixing things.  It may be a little be longer, but we should have something out today by tonight. Looking good."

That's still the story.  The demo, though complete, is slightly buggy in a few areas, and we are working feverishly to polish it off.

 Voice talent info from Carly 
From jc's .plan, 9/24/97

"I think I've got a vt [voice talent] cast down pat now.  I have some accented characters that still need to be done.  I've been thinking of giving out C points to people who want to do some VT for us . . . I need some Germans, some Brits, an Egyptian, a Greek, some Arabs.  Promises of big points to any one who can meet my needs.  Biiiiig points."

 Editing stuff from JC 
From JC's .plan, 9/2/97

"I finished making dynamically loaded object types more robust.  You can now create new object types that can have their own build icons, cost, and a sound effect that gets played when they are built by the player.  As before they can also save/load themselves, think, and draw as they like.  You can also load and unload new object in the middle of the game with dlls."


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