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We have lots of things in store for Central Florida. Watch for exciting additions to your life from LYNX, your mobility managers.

Service Updates have already been scheduled for 1998. Although we don't know exactly what will be changed, we schedule three to four service updates each year to be absolutely positive we are providing the best possible service to our customers with the resources we have available.

Barring events we don't anticipate, we plan to update service on the following dates and release new schedules, system maps and schedule books slightly earlier than:

February 15, 1998
May 10, 1998
August 16, 1998
November 22, 1998

Mark your calendars. If you have suggestions you'd like us to consider during our monthly service planning meetings, please contact the LYNX Department of Service Planning by writing to LYNX Department of Service Planning, 225 East Robinson Street, Suite 300, Orlando, FL 32801. Or e-mail your suggestions to

January 1998

January 1
The CompUSA Citrus Bowl will again bring two top-ranked college teams (and their fans) to Central Florida. Kickoff will be at 1 PM and LYNX will be providing shuttle service to and from the game starting at 11 AM and continuing until approximately 90 minutes after the game ends or the last fan has left the stadium, whichever comes first. Round trip fare is $3. Shuttles will run from the City of Orlando parking lot under I-4, between Garland and Hughey, Washington and Central. Watch for details about the game in December.

January 5
The LYNX SuperPass will be accepted on all LYNX services starting in January! That includes Express LYNX, local links and more. If LYNX is charging a fare for it, just flash your SuperPass and go. Only $45 for a full month of unlimited service, the SuperPass will initially be available on Express LYNX buses, at the Downtown Orlando Bus Station (78 East Central) at the LYNX Administrative offices (225 East Robinson Street, Suite 300) and at our South Street Facilities (1200 West South Street). Be expecting some special values associated with this important new product.

January 5
Express LYNX Extravaganza will encourage commuters between Sanford and Downtown Orlando to start the new year with a new attitude by encouraging them to ride our first Express LYNX, Link 120. LYNX Representatives will provide information on Link 120, explain the new SuperPass, give away some unique promotional items to commemorate the event and maybe even offer a little something to keep customers warm on the way to work. You won't know unless you're there, so mark your calendar and plan to ride one of our five trips in to downtown Orlando. To find the stop nearest you, just go to Link 120 .

Late January
Motorist's Assistance Patrol will be ready to rescue drivers from minor mechanical mishaps early in 1998. Two easily identified trucks equipped with jumper cables, engine belts, fluids and simple repair supplies will be stationed along the busiest portions of I-4. When a car or truck breaks down, the Motorist's Assistance Patrol truck closest to the breakdown will be dispatched as a result of a call from another motorist or from the Florida Highway Patrol. The truck will quickly assess the situation, make whatever repairs can be made or arrange for a tow truck. The Motorist's Assistant will offer something to drink, and can provide a cellular phone if the driver of the disabled car needs to make a call or two. Why is LYNX helping drivers? Because we're more than a bus company. We always have been. We're here to improve mobility in Central Florida, buses just happen to be the most visible part of our service.

Help us name this service! We'd love to hear (or read) your suggestions. Please e-mail us your ideas, with a little explanation of why your idea is the best, by January 15, 1998. Be sure to include your mailing address as well as your e-mail address because the winner (and the first 4 runners up) will get a LYNX prize pack. (We don't know what's in it yet...keep watching...)

February 1998

February 15
Service updates take effect on this date. If you're not sure whether the LYNX services you use have been affected, call Customer Service or e-mail them at

Mid February
Bikes On Buses will become a reality as LYNX begins equipping its fleet with specially designed bike racks for all of our buses. Each rack holds two bikes and can be loaded in less than 10 seconds. If you live too far from a bus stop to walk, riding a bike might be an option that makes using LYNX a practical addition to your personal mobility tools. There is no charge to put your bike on a LYNX bike rack.

May 1998

May 10
Service updates take effect on this date. If you're not sure whether the LYNX services you use have been affected, call Customer Service or e-mail them at

July 1998

July 14
LYNX is six years old today. Who'd imagine that the company that now carries more than 60,000 customers each weekday was lucky to carry 25,000 a day in 1992. We now carry more than 1.5 million customers each month on all our services, a dramatic improvement over October 1993 when had our first million customer month.

August 1998

August 16
Service updates take effect on this date. If you're not sure whether the LYNX services you use have been affected, call Customer Service or e-mail them at

October 1998

November 16, 17 & 18
Fifth Annual LYNX Jazz Festival on Church Street. World-class entertainment in a festival atmosphere on a collection of intimate stages as well as a collection of educational events designed to introduce elementary school children to the rudiments of jazz and give more experienced student instrumentalists a chance to perform in front of a large audience. Watch for details.

November 1998

November 22
Service updates take effect on this date. If you're not sure whether the LYNX services you use have been affected, call Customer Service or e-mail them at


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