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Kidzville New in 98!



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 New Attractions!
All free with your Season Pass! 

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star2.gif (102 bytes)TOWN SQUARE
 Brightly coloured buildings and restaurants will mark Kidzville. Enjoy an air-conditioned movie theatre where cartoon characters will appear on a big screen.

star2.gif (102 bytes)TAXI JAM
Enjoy your child's first rollercoaster experience together!

star2.gif (102 bytes)CHOPPER CHASE
Fly around the ground with your child!
Peddle-copters ride on a monorail above the ground.

star2.gif (102 bytes)MAZE
Themed interactive adventure for your child!

star2.gif (102 bytes)RUGRATS
Rugrats Angelica, Chuckie and Tommy are life-size characters who will be ready to pose for a photograph or share a hug.

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Just For Kids

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There's always something for the younger guests.  Kids can romp in  the ball room, or zoom down escape hatches.

Meet your favourite cartoon characters, more than 20 rides & games, super shows, a castle play land and more! 

star2.gif (102 bytes)GAMES
Play a round of mini golf at City Zoo Golf in Hanna Barbera Land or visit Lucky Ducky where everybody wins!

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star2.gif (102 bytes)Shows:

The Playhouse Theatre

Scooby Doo's Scary School Daze:

Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Velma join forces to solve the Case of the missing Lunch Box in this silly-spooky mystery musical.

The Candy Factory

Yvette & Her Puppet Friends

A charming display of ventrriloquism that will entrance the smallest child.

Lots of opportunities "to talk to" and even "touch" these lovable puppets.

Bedrock Aquarium


Bring your family to learn all about our family of Marine Mammels. Then let the best trained Sea Lions entertain you with their comedic version of a 007 spy adventure.


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