Integrated Productivity Tools for Collaborative Development

StarBase introduces StarTeam, a collaborative development system designed by developers for developers. StarTeam integrates robust offerings of version control, defect tracking, electronic conferencing (called Topics), and auditing and reporting systems including charting capabilities. In addition, StarTeam combines this functionality into one product with one interface with one central repository of information. Because all project information is stored in one central location, developers may work more productively in a team structure with quick access to all project information.

In addition to common version control features such as check-in/check-out, branching and merging, multiple directory support, and key-word expansion, StarTeam offers a unique interface with functionality designed to make version control easier to use. StarTeam includes a side-by-side visual comparison utility for comparing different versions of the same file. Other features include, user-definable project build and test commands, MAPI-compliant e-mail support, milestones, version and build labels, maximum number of versions specification, and support for permanent and non-permanent versions.

StarTeam's defect tracking component is fully integrated to the project structure and provides unique functionality that is an impossibility in other programs. As defects are entered, they are related to the subprojects and files to which they belong. When a file is changed and the defect is fixed, the file check-in menu will prompt the user with the related defects. The user simply clicks on the defect and the status is automatically changed to fixed in the defect record and in the audit trail. In addition, the responsibility of the defect will be automatically reassigned back to the author, if the author is a different team member.

The Topics feature, an electronic conferencing tool, is designed to keep all team members up to date on all necessary information and provide a central location for project discussions. By using Topics, collaborative discussions can be part of the development process because each conversation will be associated with a subproject or file and can be viewed by selected files. Any team member can start or respond to a conversation at any time. These topics can be moved around with a "drag and drop" action.

StarTeam provides unique advantages for the development team such as improved communication, decreased repetitive tasks, improved project tracking and record keeping. StarTeam will also save time and money. Instead of purchasing several programs and then providing training on each tool, StarTeam can get your project up and running with minimal effort at minimal cost. And as reassignment of team members' responsibility occurs, the central repository of project information which includes all files, versions, defects, project discussions, and a complete audit trial of events, allows new members and members with new responsibility to get up to speed in no time.

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