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Items/ Weapons
Don't leave home without them!
Armor Suit Armor Nothing is better for warding off nasty bites from the undesirable inhabitants of Chasm.
Helmet Helmet Nab this to protect your noggin'.
Invisibility Invisibility Makes you almost invisible (25% transparency). Monsters don't see you unless you come too close or shoot.
DoubleHealth No Image Yet Gives you 100 additional life points.
Shotgun Shotgun The weakest weapon in the game with unlimited ammo. The last chance. Don't lose it.
Super shotgun Super Shotgun (double barrel) Slow but very powerful,especially if enemy is close. One shot - two kills.
BladeGun Blade Gun It uses homing-circle-blades that will make monsters lose their limbs, head and ... life.
Laser Crossbow Arrow Gun Blasts energy-boosted arrows.
First arrow hits the monster.
Second arrow hits his corpse.
Volcano Volcano You're a Doctor.
Monsters are your patients.
Volcano is the only remedy.
Grenader Grenade Launcher The GodFather of Launchers Family.
Mines Mine It's worse than stepping on dog doo!
Dimension Detonator ? The ultimate means of destruction. The name implies that it blows up whole dimensions! Who knows...

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