Welcome Back To Megadeth Arizona - The Resurrection

Welcome Back

Welcome Back to Megadeth, Arizona: The Resurrection

The site has risen again! For months, it was but a ghost town on the digital map... until now! In honor of the release of the all-new Megadeth album : "Cryptic Writings", Capitol Records, Megadeth and the Megadeth, Arizona Ministry of Tourism thank you in advance for your visit to the pioneering website that became the first and finest rest stop on every internet roadtrip. More interactive than before and as rich in Megalore as ever, the biggest little city on the internet is proud to welcome first-time visitors and returnees for even more great games and gossip, romances and rumors, stories and queries, mail, memories and music! We've cleaned the tumbleweeds out of the town's favorite haunts, spruced up its legendary hangouts, and even added some new attractions to the site that continues to define the cyberfrontier. Often imitated but never duplicated, the town that was too cool to live and too proud to die is back from the Ded!

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MegaByte News

Band News From the Front

• Listen for Megadeth's "A Secret Place" to be added to radio late June!

• Megadeth joins Ozzfest lineup! Last year it was the top grossing summer festival tour... tour dates just announced!

• Capitol Records and AudioNet is proud to bring you the exclusive internet broadcast of "Cryptic TV!"

• Megadeth was recently invited to perform for Howard Stern's Birthday Bash along with David Bowie!

• For the first time ever in North America, Megadeth delivered an acoustic performance which aired on Rockline on Feb. 23rd!

• The second of three in the Chaos Comics series entitled "The Cryptic Writings Of Megadeth" is out now! Visit Vic's Cactus Hut to preview the artwork!

• "Cryptic Writings" has gone Gold!

• Latest ALBUM "Cryptic Writings" in stores NOW! (U.S.) To see the album cover, visit Vic's Cactus Hut... The special limited edition silver cover version is now sold out...

• Making Music Your Business by David Ellefson. Book in stores now!

Touring Tips

Now That We've Risen, Here's What's Fizzin'

Plan your Megadeth, AZ intinerary here!

Ready to view the best Megadeth video clips? Just head for the Digital Drive-In, and watch the new "Trust" video in Cinemegascope!

Find out what's up with Uranus and how it's rotating in your Delta of Venus with our Horrorscopes, where Real Astrology reveals your weekly dates with the fates.

Next, tune into new and previously unreleased Megadeth tracks on K-Deth 101, the airwaves of the Internet. And be sure to pluck yourself a fortune from the Lucky Tree, mysterious messages are sprouting daily!

Why keep all the fun to yourself? Send a friend a postcard on-line at a Trip Gift and while you're at it, pick up some mementos to remind you of your stay with us at Vic's Cactus Hut, Megadeth, Arizona's Official Gift Emporium.

But don't leave town yet: you can hang with other Megatravelers at the Megadiner Palace Chat, the Net's finest interactive rest stop, let us know what's on your Megamind when you post comments at First Amendment Welcome Here and even share a tale or two with other Megadethers at the Resurrection Connection.

And finally, don't get outta Dodge without paying your digital respects to the Megacitizen of the Week, a local salute to the fans whose monumental devotion has earned them the keys to the city!

Where's Vic? Megacontest is over! Read the theories Megadeth, AZ citizens have cooked up regarding the disappearance of Vic Rattlehead.

Check out the new Bio, Tour Dates and the CyberArmy.

Check out the latest features and interviews of Megadeth.

Visit the press release page for all the latest news on Megadeth!

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