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BRender Development Toolkit

BRender - the fastest, most powerful, user-friendly rendering solution in the world available today for the PC and Sony Playstation; built by games developers for games developers.

The BRender Development Toolkit is a generic 3D system that can be used both as a high-level API and using the source code, as a starting point for a range of customised engines. The libraries created from its source code have been used by games developers worldwide for more than two years.

Why you would want to use BRender

1.It greatly reduces development time. You have source code to a complete, working 3D system at the start of the development cycle.

2.It gives you direct access to the advanced technology behind  BRender’s 3D engine, including support for Intel’s MMX™ technology, Hardware Device Drivers and Software Drivers including DirectDraw™.

3.It serves as a strong base for future development and customisations for multiple projects.

4.It saves you money. In purchasing BRender, you eliminate the one major variable cost, that of developing your own 3D engine. This gives greater accuracy in budgeting.

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About Argonaut Technologies Limited

We have a marketing pack which contains product information and much more! To obtain your marketing pack send email to mothy@compuserve.com, put "Product Info" in the subject line and include your address, phone and fax numbers - or you can telephone Martin Moth @ Intensity, European Agents for BRender, on +44(0)7000 782161 or +44(0)421 558027(mobile)

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