Digital's StrongARM Microprocessors Take CPU Lead in Network Client Market

Five Manufacturers Pick StrongARM Chips for Java Computers

MAYNARD, Mass., November 13, 1996 -- Digital Equipment Corporation revealed today that its StrongARM SA-110 microprocessor has jumped to the lead among CPUs for Internet/intranet appliances and thin-client computer products. Manufactured and marketed by Digital Semiconductor, a Digital Equipment Corporation business, the StrongARM microprocessor is the choice of more of the industry's largest network appliance vendors because of its combination of industry-leading performance and low cost.

To date, five companies -- Wyse Technology, Inc., Boundless Technologies, Inc., LG Electronics Ltd., Acorn Computer Group PLC, and AlphaVision Ltd. -- have announced Internet/intranet appliances based on the StrongARM microprocessor. Wyse and Boundless (formerly SunRiver Data Systems) account for approximately 80 percent of the industry's computer terminal sales. LG Electronics is an affiliate of Lucky Goldstar Group, one of the world's largest consumer and industrial electronics companies. Acorn Computer Group is a UK-based computer technology developer and a founder of Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. AlphaVision Ltd. is South Africa's leading supplier of products using Java computing with Internet and intranet connectivity for the enterprise market.

"These five companies exert a broad influence across both corporate and consumer markets, and will give StrongARM microprocessors a significant worldwide presence in the network client arena," said Ed Caldwell, vice president, Digital Semiconductor. "StrongARM appeal and success in attracting major manufacturers shows that we are achieving what we set out to do with StrongARM technology -- create a new price/performance paradigm for the industry.

"With the StrongARM microprocessor's leading Java performance, networked thin-client computers offer many corporations a powerful, consistent, and cost-efficient solution for their Internet, intranet, and electronic mail needs," Caldwell said.

Wyse Winterm 4000 Family

Wyse Technology today announced its Winterm 4000 family of Enhanced Network Computers for corporate intranet use, designed with the StrongARM SA-110 chip to provide a highly robust Java thin client geared toward "power users."

David Brooks, vice president of Advanced Development at Wyse, said, "Our customers tell us of their increasing needs to access and use information from a variety of sources, including customdeveloped internal applications, databases, and published material on the Internet. The StrongARM microprocessor gives our Winterm 4000 family the application performance and flexibility to deliver the solutions for those needs."

Boundless Network Computer

Boundless Technologies' second-generation network computers are expected to be available in the first half of 1997 and will provide multi-user access to data and applications across a range of popular business environments. The StrongARM microprocessor will enable performance five to ten times faster than current models.

"The StrongARM microprocessor, with its industry-leading performance and price advantage, is ideal for the next generation of network computers from Boundless," said Bob Porter, chief technical officer for Boundless Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of SunRiver Corporation (NASDAQ:SRVC). "These network computers will deliver significantly improved performance over current network devices at a better cost of ownership."

LG Java Computer

LG Electronics will show its prototype LG Java Computer at next week's Fall COMDEX show in Las Vegas. The LG Java Computer is designed with advanced communications features and for lowest cost of ownership as well as high performance with the StrongARM CPU.

According to Benny Yoo, senior manager, Multimedia Business Development, at LG Electronics, "The StrongARM SA-110 processor will enable us to offer a truly low-cost network device within reach of both consumers and corporate users, with the highest Java performance available. We believe our powerful Java Computer will drive the appeal of network computing for company intranets."

Acorn Office NC

Acorn Computer Group's Office NC enhances Oracle's original NC reference design with the power of the StrongARM SA-110-200MHz processor. The Office NC is designed to run a wide range of Java applications to address corporate productivity needs on the network.

"The 200MHz StrongARM microprocessor gives the Office NC the performance necessary to address the productivity needs of businesses," said Malcolm Bird, chief executive of Acorn's Network Computing Division. "Under our contract with Oracle's Network Computer Inc., we needed StrongARM's ability to perform yet stay cool in a small enclosure with no fan. Equally, we could use StrongARM's compatibility to allow us to use the vast library of software we have for the ARM architecture."

Kisun Internet Terminal

AlphaVision Ltd., of Johannesburg, has announced its new Kisun Internet Terminal (KIT), designed to enable home and corporate users to move into a new paradigm of client/server Java computing. The compact device uses the StrongARM SA-110-200MHz chip works with off-the-shelf components, and runs on JavaOS software.

Hew Mennell, president and CEO of AlphaVision, said, "Our decision to use Digital's StrongARM technology is based on being able to develop low-cost, high-power devices which realize true open computing in a client/server environment. Without our close association with Digital, we would not be able to provide this type of leading-edge technology to our customers."

Digital Semiconductor's StrongARM SA-110 microprocessor is now in volume production with speed/performance options ranging from 100MHz/115 MIPS to 233MHz/270 MIPS. StrongARM chips couple a large, on-chip cache and fast bus interface with a high-speed pipeline to deliver performance up to 270 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS, five to ten times that of competitively priced parts. Input voltage beginning at 1.65 volts enables very low power dissipation and the industry's best performance-to-power ratios. StrongARM SA-110 microprocessors range in price from $29 to $49 in quantities of 10,000.

Digital Semiconductor, a Digital Equipment Corporation business headquartered in Hudson, Massachusetts, designs, manufactures and markets industry-leading semiconductor products including Alpha microprocessors and PCI chips for networking, bridging, and multimedia, plus low-power StrongARM microprocessors under license from Advanced RISC Machines Ltd. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and Samsung Electronics Company Ltd. are alternate sources for Alpha microprocessors. World Wide Web site:

Digital Equipment Corporation is a world leader in open client/ server solutions from personal computing to integrated worldwide information systems. Digital's scalable Alpha and Intel platforms, storage, networking, software and services, together with industryfocused solutions from business partners, help organizations compete and win in today's global marketplace.

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