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Gold Winner

NetObjects Team Fusion and Fusion 2.0

Arun Anantharaman, Sal Arora, Samir Arora, Steven Boye, Jim Calhoun, Bernard Desarnauts, Marc Escobosa, Martin Frid-Nelson, Todd Giles, Mike Goos, Nancy Gottesman, Dave Kleinberg, Clement Mok, IDSA, Fernando Ruarte, and Vic Zauderer of NetObjects, Inc., Redwood City, CA
NetObjects, Inc., Redwood City, CA
Vic Zauderer, NetObjects, Inc., 650.482.3232

For small or medium businesses that need a Web site but not a programmer, Fusion and its multi-user version Team Fusion are a dream come true. By combining integrated software applications with an HTML generation engine, the program demystifies the creation of Web sites. From architecture to publishing, the program does it all with a familiar, user-friendly interface. Not surprisingly, the prototype brought in $5 million in venture capital and IBM has recently purchased a majority interest in the company.

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