Sleepless IDT is the newest and coolest game company in existance. IDT stands for "Internet Development Team". That's because our games are developed by people from around the world brought together as a single team by the power of the internet. Our goal is to bring you GOOD GAMES, not just big licenses, fancy boxes and the same old game with new graphics. We'll give you a better gaming experience. Quality and uniqueness will make our games stand out ... WAY OUT!


Current and future Sleepless internet development teams need new recruits. Anyone who wants to work on the ultimate MSDOS/Windows/Linux games should send email to

Do you want to make games? Do you want to make really COOL games? Do you want to earn money making really cool games? Do you want to do it from your own home no matter where on the planet Earth you live?

You may be just who we are looking for. We need artists, musicians, programmers, designers, mappers, and playtesters.

We are also interested in finished or nearly complete games. We can hook you up with other talented people to bring your game to completion and get it into the marketplace.

Send your name and email address to:

We'd like to talk to you!

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