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The Gorbatschev Peace Egg by Fabergé

The Gorbatschev Peace Egg
ORIGIN:Pforzheim, 1990
MARKS:Fabergé, VM, Limitation: X/100, 18ct
MATERIAL:18ct gold, enamel, diamonds emerald
TECHNIQUE:translucent enamel on a guilloché ground
LIMITATION:100 copies
HEIGHT:10 cm

The Peace Egg was created in the workshop of the new workmaster VICTOR MAYER in continuation of the tradition of the Russian house of FABERGÉ. It was presented to the Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev in recognition of his role in initiating the peace dialogue between East and West.

In turn, Mikhail Gorbachev donated this Easter present to the Kremlin Museum in Moscow as yet another gesture of opening toward the possibilities of a new order which was unimaginable until then, and in memory of old affinities in the history of both peoples.

Already one hundred years ago, Peter Carl Fabergé, who received his spiritual education in Dresden, created these Easter eggs in commission for the Czar’s family. As symbols of "materia prima", the source of all life and happiness, these precious objects were presented by Czars Nicholas II and Alexander III, as well as by potentates of the other countries, to persons enjoying their love and affection. Every egg was unique and was specially made for the recipient or for an event of major importance.

Now the new workmaster has revived the tradition of ceremonial eggs and is going to further celebrate events of major importance in this unusual way.

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