The Homosexual Threat

by Jeff Vos, 1995

"... at such moments his heart went out to the lonely, derided heretic on the screen, sole guardian of truth and sanity in a world of lies."
--George Orwell, "1984"

"Dedicated to the more than 80 boys who were molested by HIV-positive homosexuals in London, Ontario --and to the Mount Cashel survivors, and to the countless others who have been allowed to suffer by a heartless society and media more concerned with progressive notions than with the well-being of its most vulnerable members."


Dear Reader:
Second Introduction

By Popular Demand: A Copy Designed for Printing


FACT #2 Homosexuals are an Insignificant Minority

  • Kinsey's Fraudulent Report
  • Kinsey's Promotion of Pedophilia
  • Other Perverts
  • Conclusion
  • FACT #3 Homosexuals Disproportionately Molest Children

  • Overview
  • Homosexual Recruitment
  • The NAMBLA Connection
  • Gairdner's Findings
  • Homosexuality and Schizophrenia
  • Examples of Homosexual Molestation
  • Adoption and Molestation
  • Normalization of Molestation
  • The Mount Cashel Orphanage
  • Pedophilia and Violence
  • The Typical Pederastic Society
  • Conclusion
  • FACT #4 Homosexuality is a Mental Illness

  • Intimidating the APA
  • Politically-Correct Research
  • The Suppressed Truth About Homosexuality
  • The Freudian Model of Sexual Development
  • Environmental Factors
  • Post 1973 Cover-Up
  • FACT #5 Homosexuals use the environmental model by:

  • Molesting Children
  • Feminization of Young Boys
  • Pigeon-holing Sexually-Uncertain Youths
  • Giving Explicit Instructions on How to Sodomize
  • Placing Homosexual Role-Models in Front of Your Children
  • Eliminating Normal Male Role-Models
  • Helping Lesbians Have Children
  • Eliminating Religion from Public Life
  • Physical Intimidation of Dissenting Physicians and Homosexuals
  • Categorization of Dissenting Males as "Homophobic"
  • Creating and Abandoning Children, Exploiting Women
  • Promoting Gay Marriage
  • Conclusion
  • FACT #6 Homosexuality is a Diseased Lifestyle

  • Homosexual Behaviour
  • Associated Diseases
  • Gay Bowel Syndrome
  • FACT #7 How Homosexuals use AIDS

  • The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS
  • AIDS and Education
  • Teen Suicide Tactic
  • More Filth...
  • Deliberate Infection of Society
  • African AIDS Nonsense
  • FACT #8 Homosexuals are Promiscuous

    FACT #9 Homosexuals Have Sex in Public Places

    FACT #10 Greek Culture Did NOT Condone Homosexuality

  • Facts About Greece
  • The True Spiritual Heritage of Homosexuality
  • Conclusion
  • FACT #11 Homosexuality is NOT natural

  • Animal Behaviour
  • Genetic Determination
  • The Molestation Connection
  • Conclusion
    APPENDIX E:HALL OF SHAME -- Researchers who blame Children

    Dear Reader

    I grew up in East London, Ontario and, during the course of my early years, was surprised to find myself subjected to several sexual advances from male classmates, and the object of one attempt at molestation by an older individual. My case was not unusual: I knew many others who were subjected to the same kind of harassment. Invariably, the youths who perpetrated these attacks were acting out what had been perpetrated against them --and these, in turn, were doing the same. At the center of this widening circle of corruption, propagated by confused youths, I discovered the necessary cause of all this behaviour: homosexuals.

    Although I never succumbed to these attacks, for attacks they were, I will NEVER forget or forgive the people responsible for this --for these sick individuals have caused too much pain and trouble in too many children's lives for society to continue to turn a blind eye to their excesses or, worse, to victimize still more children by allowing this unbalanced, sterile, diseased corruption to be foisted upon them as though it were "normal."

    But my earlier experiences were only the beginning: Police in this city, prompted by complaints from parents whose children had been approached by homosexuals in local parks, set in motion a sting-operation which netted dozens of men who were having sex in public restrooms and other areas of the city. Homosexual activists, with a complicit media, succeeded in having the names banned from publication. But this problem, of homosexuals approaching children, should have warned people about what was to come...

    Police discovered a box containing dozens of homosexual child-porn video-tapes hidden under a bridge. This inspired a child-pornography probe. Which netted 64 men, which were implicated in the molestation of over 80 local children. All but a few of these youths were boys (29 of whom are currently receiving psychological counselling to deal with the trauma). At least four of the men charged were HIV positive, and many of them were members of the local "Homophile" association.

    As if the homosexual molestation of boys was not bad enough, this project was opposed by local homosexual groups who claimed that they were being "unfairly" targetted by it. One of these vocal homosexual opposers (Gerald Hannon), who was given a platform in the Globe and Mail to attack the project, was later discovered to have written an article in a gay magazine calling for the institutionalization of man-boy homosexual molestation in public schools. (It should be like gym, he suggested, pushing kids as far as they can go sexually.)

    But such excesses, widely recognized by all, did not stop homosexual activists in the city from attempting to force our new mayor to proclaim a "Gay Pride Day." The leader of the local homophile group felt that the homosexual community deserved "recognition for their contributions to the community." Perhaps he was referring to the wholesale molestation of hundreds of local children by HIV positive, homosexual individuals --many of them members of his organization. Or perhaps he was referring to the deliberate contamination of the blood supply by homosexuals, who knows? But our mayor opposed it --probably for these reasons. When they discovered that she had no intention of changing her position on this issue, a complaint was filed against her with the Human Rights Commission, an organization whose sole purpose is to punish dissent with the liberal agenda.

    Even as I write this, a program is being introduced into kindergarten to teach kids about this "viable" alternative lifestyle --a lifestyle which I will show later to be diseased, desolate, and mentally unbalanced. Perhaps I should also mention the Mount Cashel and the many other such scandals that have emerged over the years in this country --all involving the institutionalized molestation of boys, and all involving men who, when they weren't molesting boys, were having sex with each other. As one homosexual wrote:

    "We shall sodomize your sons ... we shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms ... All laws banning homosexuality will be revoked ... Be careful when you speak of homosexuals because we are always among you ... the family unit ... will be abolished ... All churches who condemn us will be closed. Our only Gods are handsome young men." --Michael Swift, Gay Community News, February 15, 1987

    Homosexuals have been VERY busy over the last 10 years, and now that they have attained most of what they want, they are throwing off the false image of harmlessness. We hear about the vulgar behaviour, the violence, the protests in which innocent and often elderly people are harassed --we even see them in our public schools, and hear that they believe they have a 'right' to instruct OUR kids! And all of this in the face of deadly disease --which they spread to the heterosexual community by giving contaminated blood! Shame on You!

    What follows is a compilation of information about homosexuals. If you believe in my cause, share it with your friends; and DO send excerpts to people in positions of power --your local mayor, your federal representative, sympathetic editorial writers, etc. And don't be afraid to use these facts in arguments on the Internet. There is a "READY INDEX" for all subjects of contention. I can rest knowing that I've done my part.

    --Jeff Vos, Sept 1995

    Second Introduction

    Dear Reader,

    It is 3:00 in the morning as I write this, Friday, Dec 6, 1996. As we draw nearer to the next century, I ponder what the future will bring. Already the cheap facade that homosexual extremists have cloaked themselves in is beginning to crumble, tremendous stresses are being felt as the majority is being yoked to ever more oppressive burdens. In some states people can not express any public disapprobriation towards homosexuality for fear of legal action. Children are coming home, accusing their parents of "homophobia," How long can this abnormal situation hold? --How long before nature re-asserts itself against the selfish perversity of the last generation?

    I would like to share a thought with you. It is a thought about a lion-tamer and a lion. I have only been to one or two circuses in my life, but I have often been astounded and frankly ashamed by the lion-taming performance. Why? Because there is something disgraceful about a great, beautiful, and strong creature being forced to perform inane acts for the sake of a puny, effete individual branding a stick with a bit of wire attached to it. It is unnatural, and wrong.

    We are that lion, and these perverts feel that we can be whipped into submission with the proper application of (legal) trickery and the manipulation of words and arguments. The situation cannot hold for the simple reason that we are not lions; we are men. And after awhile of being oppressed by the deliberate distortion of law and reason, we shall lose all respect for these things. Ultimately, we will make our own law; and our numerical strength and our fists will be our arguments. And no amount of cleverness or trickery will be a match for that. This is the course which they have chosen for us.

    I leave you with this thought, that the future is assured and that this situation cannot remain for long. But a lot depends on you, on your support, on your utilization of the material which I have accumulated in this document. Don't let the APA decision, in which less than half of the members voted, be used as a propaganda victory for homosexual activists --for they use this decision to justify their "normalcy," and as a means to declare all those who oppose them "abnormal." Even as I write this, hundreds of thousands of people across the country, many of them children, are being subjected to "sensitivity" and "homophobia" courses in which they are assured that homosexual behaviour is normal, and that "homophobia" is a "social disease" which can only be cured by "education" (ie. indoctrination). People who make any negative, public comments in Canada about homosexuals can be literally fined thousands of dollars by the many "human rights" and other such thought-police organizations in this country. And people who do this at work, or in a University are often forced to take courses to deal with their "problem."

    The phrase "homophobia" implies the existence of homosexual intentions in the person who is being so designated. In consequence, you can sue anyone who so labels you for defamation of character, and the burden of proof will be on them in a court of law. I know of at least one public figure in my community who has done this (although the outcome has not been rendered). This is the last arrow in the quiver of homosexual activists, who have no other way to defend themselves; and I have given you a powerful weapon against them. Post the "Intimidating the APA" section over and over again, so that no-one is fooled by their using that verdict as a badge of normalcy; and discount any charges of "homophobia" with the words "Oh yeah, homosexuals aren't mentally ill, but those who oppose them are!" And follow it with the APA data again!

    And never forget, fear of being labelled a "homophobe" is the reason why thousands of people in North America are dying of AIDS from blood-transfusions, because the various Red-Cross agencies were afraid of appearing prejudicial. And, fear of being labelled a "homophobe" is the real reason behind the AIDS epidemic in North America, for a simple manditory testing program, followed by the swift application of quaranteen measures at the start of the epidemic would have saved millions of lives --with, admittedly, the complete violation of the rights of several thousand. But dying of AIDS is a greater "violation of human rights" (because you aren't alive to use them) than being confined in an area away from the rest of the population. And we aren't just talking about heterosexual lives here.

    When people discuss the "AIDS Quilt," don't be afraid to say: "The AIDS Quilt is a reminder of how many lives could have been saved by the utilization of nation-wide mandatory testing, coupled with quaranteen, about ten years ago."

    Liberals often use psychology in attacking their opponents, but they rarely look in their own psychological backyards. For example, most homosexuals are not comfortable with their behaviour. This results from the simple fact that they are mentally ill and that, deep down inside, they know it. They engage in behaviour which develops into a habit through positive reinforcement; But nothing can completely erase the feeling that they are acting in a way which is contrary to human nature --that they are doing something "wrong." And this is the reason why homosexuals are forever protesting and trying to root out "prejudice" and trying to indoctrinate children, even when they are literally free to do whatever they want behind closed doors --because they are trying to root out their own insecurities about their own behaviour. They have projected their internal unhappiness onto "society." And this is the reason why, no matter what is done to pacify them, they will never be satisfied: Because the problem is with them, not with society.

    Homosexuals often use teen-suicide as an excuse for programs in the school to build the "self-esteem" of "innately gay" children. Yeah, right. There is a ton of information below which discounts the existence of "innate homosexuality." But more importantly, you should ask the obvious question of whether homosexuals are less or better mentally fit than others. If they are less, then they are mentally ill and should be treated --which is what I have said all along. But if they are better, or the same, than why would they be more prone to suicide than anyone else. You might wish to add that most "homosexual" suicides are probably normal kids who have been seduced into an abnormal lifestyle encouraged by our schools and culture; or at the very least, they were probably suffering under the weight of excessive sexual harassment, in the form of our current crop of pathological sex-education programs.

    My point is that if a minority of the students are having a problem with the arrangement in any school, it is they, not the majority who must be counselled on how to deal with it. When anyone discusses the "suffering" of "gay students," remind them that the suffering of normal students --most students-- under these disgusting programs is more important to you.

    But lets face it, I have known many "suicidal" teenage types, and many of these are depressed about feeling "alone" and about the certainty of death. The society in which we live (a horizontally polarized society) guarantees the first; while our increasingly death- obsessed culture (epitomized by Kurt Cobain) guarantees the last. I have often believed that posting the after-suicide picture of Kurt Cobain to the Internet would probably convince many teenagers about just how horrible suicide is, and just how stupid he was. It is up to us to resist degenerate cultural elements, to trash them at every opportunity.

    And we should not allow the revisionists to re-write the history of our great men who are no longer around to defend themselves. If you value their work, defend their integrity. For example, Schopenhauer was "a confirmed bachelor" with decidedly misogynistic views. In his biography, Bryan Magee, after spending several paragraphs trying to prove that he was a homosexual, ultimately admits that "he never committed a homosexual act." But at that point, the die has been cast, and other people, drawing on his work will gloss over that one sentence in favour of the general impression.

    It is a common feature of such revisionism that it conveniently blurs the distinction between thought and action, between recognition and participation. Many of the Greeks like Plato and Socrates recognized the existence of such an attraction (whether they personally felt it or not), but for them to have actually done these things was anathema to the Greek love of reason and self-control. Also, people often misquote verses: Socrates was thrown in jail for "corrupting the youth" --because he was teaching the young to criticize the teachings of their elders. In the hands of homosexual revisionists, this has been "corrupted" to mean that he was having sex with youths.

    The homosexuals of today are characterized by what they do, and on that basis none of these examples is accurate. The very fact that someone may have felt some sort of attraction does not make them a homosexual in the modern sense if they did not act on it. And the fact that someone may have supported homosexuality in some way does not make them a homosexual. Only if it can be proven that someone actually engaged in a homosexual act can it truly be said that they are a homosexual in the true sense of the word. The blurring of this distinction is important because modern homosexuals use it to pigeon-hole sexually confused youths into the "gay" category. We shouldn't allow them to do this to our Great Men either.

    Homosexuals suffer from a perversion which means that their thinking is distorted by their obsession. They cannot help seeing allusions to their behaviour in things other people have written or done. Everywhere they look, they see covert homosexual behaviour. One ridiculous example I saw recently involved a homosexual who saw covert references to Jesus "being a homosexual" in the Bible.

    One problem I've occasionally had with posting some of the factual material below is that it shocks people, and I have to wonder whether or not it is moral to trouble another person in this fashion. But, I recognize now that I am not alone in forcing my views on other people. I cannot have my little brother in the same room when I watch a news program, and I cannot in good conscience let him read the paper. Every second day some new story about "Homosexuality" --about their parades or protests or polls or "research"-- is funnelled into my home by a complicit media. They have put our entire society on their shit-list. We should have no qualms in returning their fire, for the people are already shocked, and our material will only show just how false our opponents claims are.

    (Homosexuals often shout that we should not act in such a childish, or "mean-spirited" fashion --that we should rise above out petty, single-minded concerns-- and that we should furthermore not trouble others unnecessarily with our problems. But this has never stopped them from forcing their views on others!)

    Homosexuals and liberals in general rely on the separation between thought and action in modern society to keep their project of social reform on course. They know full well that their precious work could be crushed in one errant move of that great sleeping giant known as "The People." If even a minority of the populace would take their futures in their hands, would use their pocketbooks and vote to engage in a political act, liberalism would be crushed. And that is why they try to stifle any expressed design to "boycott Disney" (see the shocking truth below), while at the same time supporting the boycott of Colorado by homosexual activists. Every business maintains a profit margin. If a minority of the people (who comprise this margin) boycott their products, they lose --big!

    As I've said in the opening, this situation cannot hold, it cannot be maintained. Either these forces will manage to create a complete strangle-hold over our lives, turning our society into a police state --or they will be completely subverted by a nation-wide revolt at all levels and in all institutions. It is up to us not only to resist, but to synchronize the resistence of others. Use the material gathered here, and look around for more. And let the world know that you will not change, and that our spirit remains alive and un-diluted to this day.

    ---Jeff Vos, Dec 1996