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Title VII

General dispositions

Art. 187

The Constitution may not be wholly or partially suspended.

Art. 188

From the day on which the Constitution becomes enforceable, all laws, decrees, rulings, rules and other acts are annulled.

Art. 189

Constitutional texts are established in French, in Dutch, and in German.

Art. 190

No law, decree, or general administrative ruling, whether provincial or communal, may take effect until having been published in the manner
described by law.

Art. 191

All foreigners on Belgian soil benefit from that protection provided to persons and property, save for those exceptions provided for by law.

Art. 192

No oath may be imposed other than by sole virtue of a law. The latter determines wording.

Art. 193

The Belgian Nation adopts red, yellow, and black colours, while the coat of arms depicts the Lion of Belgium with the motto: UNION MAKES STRENGTH.

Art. 194

The city of Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the headquarters of the Federal Government.

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