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are you gettin' it???
MALICE is currently available all over North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan too!!
      Look for it at these local software retailers: Electronics Boutique, Comp USA, Babbage's, Software Etc., Media Play, and Micro Center.  If you can't find it - ASK FOR IT!!!

but I need answers...
  -Yes, Malice is MAC compatible. Check out the Malice MAC information / FAQ page.
  -For answers to your general Malice questions and your PC tech questions, don't forget the FAQ page.

January 23, 1998 I'd like to thank my father...

We are loved! (part deux)
Another award for MALICE!   In PC Multimedia & Entertainment Magazine's Best of '97 Awards, MALICE won the award for "Best Commercial GLQuake Add-on for 1997"!!  The strong field of contestants in the running for PCME's cool award included BOTH Mission Packs, X-Men: The Ravages of the Apocalypse, and our own SHRAK.

Map fun
Epochalypse has posted MALICE support files for users of the "BSP" level editor. You can download them from the Epochalypse News page or use the direct links found here:

Malice BSP support (852k)
Malice BSP support update (3k)

Now go make those MALICE maps!!

January 9, 1998 I love the smell of DM in the morning.

More maps!
In case you missed it, Epochalypse posted 2 new MALICE deathmatch levels for your DM pleasure. You can get them here:

Isle (380k)
Test (400k)

Comments galore...
We've updated the MALICE reviews page with some amazing comments by both players and reviewers alike. It seems more Mac players are gettin' into the action and diggin' the coolest Mac game available!!

December 30, 1997 I'd like to thank my mother...

We are loved!
Malice has raked in yet another award!! In the 1997 Adrenaline Vault Awards, MALICE won the award for Best Add-on / Expansion Pack of 1997. Along with the award, the folks at Adrenaline Vault were also nice enough to give us this fantastic compliment:

"Hats off to Quantum Axcess for establishing themselves as the premiere creators of 3D expansions."
You can check out the full 1997 Adrenaline Vault award page for MALICE here!

We've got more answers.
If ya need help with a Malice problem, don't forget to check out the FAQ section for some good answers. It's even been updated....

December 16, 1997 lookit da purty picturz

Malice Icons!!!
Quite a while ago (sorry y'all) I put up a little notice asking for players to put together some Malice icons. At long last, and thanks to Todd "AOXOMOXOA" Walls, and Jared DeSilvey. While Jared did the majority of the icons in this collection, Todd threw in a stylized "M" icon that's just too cool.

You can grab 'em here. If anybody gets inspired after getting these or the ones from the original collection then feel free to kick 'em on in!

December 11, 1997 You talking to me?

You've got questions? We've got answers.
Our long-awaited FAQ section is online for your viewing pleasure! There's lots o' great stuff in there, especially if you're having problems with Malice. And if it just doesn't solve your problem, contact Kevin for more answers!

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