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Current Releases:
Metal Knights 98
Escape From Delirium
Assault Trooper
Delta Hydra
Super Bubble Mania
Bubble Pop
Fatal Fumes
Slicks 'N' Slide
Yendor 3
Inner Worlds
Yendor 2

Coming Soon:
Case Closed
Bubble Puzzle Pro
Panzer Arena
...and more!

Welcome to the Spectrum Pacific Publishing web site.

We have moved to a new server! The site will be going through a complete overhaul in the near future with many new features. Stay also tuned for announcements of new titles signed by SPP. If you are experiencing any problems with this site or our games we would love to hear from you.

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Last updated:3rd February 1998
Metal Knights 98 released!
Escape From Delirium released!

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New Releases:

Metal Knights 98

Metal Knights 98: Metal Knights is The Strategy Game for all Internet gamers. Build, conquer and rule your empires ONLINE! Use your dreadful forces to capture your opponent's Medals. Climb the Hall of Fame, Let your name be feared, and only whispered on the lips of the other players...

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Escape From Delirium

Escape From Delirium: Escape from Delirium is a brand-new graphic adventure, featuring a totally crazy plot that is surrounded by tons of detailed animations, hand-painted background graphics, and 8-channel-digital music. ESCAPE FROM DELIRIUM revives the spirit of 'good old' adventures like Monkey Island II , but giving it more 'special effects' and a more comfortable handling!

Assault Trooper

Assault Trooper: Command your troops through top secret missions all over the globe. Rescue prisoners and hostages. Recover stolen weapons and destroy missile bases. Spectacular perspective graphics and fast scrolling action make up this strategic war game.

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Coming soon from Spectrum Pacific Publishing:

Coming Soon
Case Closed: Test your sleuthing skills in a variety of murder mysteries taking place in an old mansion. Features spectacular 3D-rendered graphics and a great soundtrack. For Windows 95.

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