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United Airlines poor customer service and passenger complaints
The web site that offers frustrated former United Airlines' passengers a chance to speak out.

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If you have an outstanding issue with United Airlines and wish to take them to Small Claims Court, please read the helpful information prepared by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Story of the Week
Tony Molinaro, a United Airlines spokesman, says that his company is willing to talk to people who have an issue where United disserviced them. In an effort to help Mr. Molinaro achieve this goal, I have asked him for his telephone number so that passengers can call him collect. And, do you think that UAL's reservations agents are completely incompetent? If so, keep in mind that it might not be their fault. As one former agent explains, they're often put to work without adequate training and put under considerable stress by the working conditions. Also read about the lawsuit launched by some former employees concerning terminations due to racial discrimination and whistle-blowing. If this is how United treats its employees, is it any wonder so many passengers have bad stories to tell?

How can United improve?
Many readers have asked what I'd like to see United Airlines do to improve that would allow them to maintain profitability. In reply to a United official's email, I attempted to answer this question, while criticizing UAL management's continued refusal to treat its customers with some respect. My recent editorial, which goes further in discussing the personnel changes that are necessary, has generated positive feedback from UAL employees.

Yes, United Airlines does pay attention
In the ten months this site has been on-line, United Airlines' headquarters has accessed the main page 1020 times. As a UAL official recently commented in the Chicago Tribune, "Our customer relations department monitors the site and tries to fix bad information and answer questions when they can." Unfortunately, it seems, that's about all they do. Apart from a limited number of success stories, most of the passengers' complaints described in these pages have not been resolved. Several United employees have urged me to continue the effort, as they would also like to see the company's attitude improve. We're all looking forward to that day when this web site is no longer necessary!

Safety at United
A former UAL pilot was forced to leave the airline when he refused to compromise on flying safety and training issues. He warns that the public may pay the price for UAL management's incompetence and lack of integrity when it comes to safety. We at challenge UAL management to answer these charges.

  Other new stories
Read about how a United agent asked a family to leave behind their 10 year old son to make room for a priority passenger. As soon as the boy's mother stepped off the plane to speak with a supervisor, she was shut out and told to take a later flight.

How well does UAL measure up?
If you're thinking of flying, you might be interested in how United Airlines is rated in terms of safety, on-time performance, mishandled baggage, etc. as well as comments from travel agents and comments from readers who have decided to use another airline. It is our hope that prospective passengers will consider the attitude of a company towards its customers before choosing an airline for their travels.

Why do these pages exist?
These pages began as a result of United's reluctance to read what I had patiently written them following a series of unpleasant flights. The many letters posted here by other readers, chronicling their own misfortunes with United, make our own experiences pale by comparison. However, the need for this web site is further demonstrated when we receive letters from other travelers who went through very similar experiences. These episodes could be easily prevented if only United would pay some attention to what its passengers have been saying!

If you work for United Airlines
And especially if you happen to be one of their lawyers, please, please, please... read the explanation of how I'm doing my best to be fair to your company as well as the legal information of which the lawyers seem to be unaware.

Stories from other readers
Rudeness at United

  1. Leave behind your 10-year old
  2. More Racism at United
  3. You need to wait your turn
  4. UAL counter agent 1, UAL passengers 0
  5. Be quiet, the crew are trying to rest
  6. Lied to, and Threatened With Arrest
  7. You want off? You must be drunk or disorderly!
  8. Staff first, then passengers at UA
  9. No apology from abusive purser
  10. Get off my plane!
  11. Injured and ignored
  12. I don't take orders from you ma'am
  13. $377 doesn't get you into the restroom
  14. United denies prejudice rather than address it
  15. What does it take to get a juice around here?
  16. How long can we make you wait?
  17. No lunch for you!
  18. Honeymoon delayed
  19. No apologies
  20. Form letter replies

Misinformation from United

  1. United lies about flight availability
  2. United gives in to threat but still loses the customer
  3. Lies about seat assignments
  4. United does "everything possible" to help
  5. Be glad they didn't empty your wallet
  6. United invalidates ticket without warning
  7. Enough of United
  8. Still more weather lies
  9. More equipment failure lies
  10. More weather lies, untruths, and surliness
  11. United's version of "heavy rain"
  12. No problem, you'll make the connection
  13. Yet another UAL customer disservice
  14. Paid for first class? Sorry, you fly coach.
  15. Booked in advance? Too bad!
  16. No bulkhead
  17. Chronic overbooking
  18. Bumped on Thanksgiving
  19. Reservation policy
Incompetence at United
  1. Another emergency landing due to fire
  2. Emergency Landing
  3. 3:00 am wakeup calls
  4. Safety first?
  5. Xmas Day Nightmare
  6. Only way to Boston is as a stowaway
  7. No notice of flight cancellation
  8. Bomb Threat Ignored
  9. So much for the ad campaign
  10. Deliberate Deception or Just Incompetent?
  11. Fatality on flight
  12. Yes, a new employee does need help!
  13. No spare pilots at JFK
  14. Unsafe piloting, oxygen, and thunderheads
  15. Three engine problems in 24 hours
  16. When will I get my United Airlines wet suit?
  17. Better bumped than boarded
  18. I'm not a slob, they drenched me twice
  19. Is safety worth $150 at United?
  20. Overbooking akin to Cattle Herding
  21. Seems United just isn't learning
  22. United cancels flight but waits 38 days to tell
  23. United charges helpful passengers
  24. Can't do it
  25. United loses expensive suit
  26. Duty free short-changing
  27. Employee ill will
  28. Tracking flight crews

Special needs mistreatment at United

  1. If you're injured, don't fly the unfriendly skies
  2. Mistreatment of passenger with polio
  3. "Unfortunate incident" Re: passenger with cerebral palsy
  4. Disabilities while traveling
  5. What the $20 for an unaccompanied minor buys you
  6. United's attitude toward hospitalized passengers
  7. United's Policy on Bumping Kids
  8. How to deprive your children of sleep for 36 hours
  9. Can United be trusted with your children?
  10. Mistreatment of passenger with lupus
  11. No means to assist a disabled passenger

Refund problems at United

  1. Yet Another Double Billing
  2. Double Billing airline tickets
  3. How long do we have to wait for our refund?
  4. UA made me check my bag... now its gone
  5. E-ticket refused and now the refund problems
  6. UAL Won't Honor Electronic Ticket
  7. UAL will only issue refund when you're dead
  8. It will soon be a year
  9. Hello United... anyone home?
  10. United's "highly trained" agents don't make mistakes
  11. Overcharge on baggage
  12. Couple demands apology for lost dog
  13. Everyone makes mistakes. Fix them!
  14. Customer relations a joke
  15. You're on your own
  16. Mail now costs $125 per ticket
  17. United pretends they don't have your baggage claim
  18. United lost his baggage but will only pay half
  19. Follow the protocol but still no refund
  20. No refund if United cancels flight
  21. (In)voluntary separation from luggage

Premier class and Frequent Flyer comments

  1. "And that's not just talk"
  2. Nightmares Forever on United
  3. No more meal ticket
  4. Lies, rudeness, and incompetence for Premier Execs
  5. About the "New and Improved Mileage Plus Program"
  6. Executive Premier who's finally had it
  7. Premier status counts for little
  8. No reason to remain a 1K
  9. UAL pretends tickets are no good
  10. Preferential status? I think not!
  11. UA Won't Change Until Planes Fly Empty
  12. Triple infraction and no more United
  13. Overflowing toilets for Connoisseur class
  14. United's attitude towards frequent customers
  15. Give up your reserved seats
  16. United is getting worse
  17. We don't have to be nice
  18. We don't do that, sir
  19. Decline in service

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