Michigan Co-op
315 North State Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-1599
(734) 996-5952

Michigan Co-op is the oldest house in the ICC. Founded in 1932, we have been feeding and housing people for 65 years now. There are 10 rooms in "mich house". One enormous triple, two singles, and seven doubles for a total of 19 people living in the house. We have a stereo complete with record collection, cable TV, VCR, Coke machine, beer machine, and a porch where we typically spend many hours just enjoying the outdoors.

People from Minnie's board here, and with an assortment of normally five other boarders, our membership community typically numbers around 50.

Some of our policies include no smoking in the house, food for various diets, five-minute seat reservation, and clothing is optional. Our house officers include: President, Work Manager, Treasurer, Secretary, Ordering Steward, Kitchen Czar, 2 Indoor Maintenance Managers, Outdoor Maintenance & Recycling, Sin Steward, and Flight Attendant. The House President is elected by old and new members at the New Members Meeting in April, but all other officers are elected at the start of the semester and anyone can run (even YOU).

Each resident is required to do 4 hours, and each boarder (which includes Minnie's people) are required to give about 3 hours of work a week to the house. Typical jobs include Dinner Cook; Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, or Late night dish cleans; bathroom cleans; hall, TV room, living room, pantry/laundry room clean; or various other od jobs such as goodies cook, or brunch cook. We must also give 8% of our labor credit hours to the ICC. At the beginning of each term, we hold "Work Holiday", which is where we spend all day clean, fixing, mopping, scrubbing, vaccuuming, partying, and painting to get our house all fixed up.

Charges (what co-opers pay instead of rent) for Fall '97 are $361/month. This is only a bare bones profile of the house, though, and you, and some of us, and whoever else moves in will decide what the house will be like in upcoming years.

If you have any questions or just want to get a feel for the place, give us a call and/or stop by for dinner (served at 6 PM)...we don't always bite people we don't know.

For highlights from Mich House meetings click here,

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