April 18..Line Dance Fun Day happened in Oakdale, CA Choreographers/Instructors from the Bay Area ....Neil Hale, Rob Ingenthron, Charlotte Skeeters, Evelyn Khinoo, and The Buffalo Girls...taught afternoon workshops...and danced with us late into the evening!
April 1998

  I have hperlinks to MY dancin' teachers pages...in case you want to join me in taking lessons... Hedy McAdams and Terry Hogan have "new additions" in the ....and that's my story...
April 20

...and I had a grueling weekend...

Friday Night at Swiss Park in Newark

Neil Hale was the guest instructor at the Boots and Buckles dance tonight...he taught us his 2 wall, 48 count easy intermediate...Coming Up Country ...music... "I'm From The Country" by Tracy Byrd. Neil was also persuaded to stay on stage and lead us in his Running Bear....We didn't know he had "acting skills"...but he does...he has pantomime and gestures for the lyrics to "Running Bear...Loves Little White Dove..." by the Dean Brothers...I got so tickled...I had to leave the dance floor and just watch....who would have known that Neil could be sooo silly.

Saturday in Oakdale...dancin' 11 to nearly 11...at Gone Country with Glenn & Sue

Bay Area Instructors were invited to teach at a workshop put on by Gone Country ...The Buffalo Girls taught 3 of their dances...B-Bop, Hillbilly Nuts and One Foot.

Evelyn Khinoo premiered That's My Hat...her brand new, first ever 64 count dance....it is a 2 wall intermediate line dance done to "Going Back To Louisiana" by Delbert McClinton. She has numerous "holds" written into this dance...and she uses them to her advantage...she can take her hat off and twirl that thing so effortessly...amazing to see! She has this dance on her class schedules ... Wednesday, 22nd in Palo Alto....Thursday, 23rd in Redwood City.

Charlotte Skeeters taught us her new beginning intermediate dance Moving On Up done to "Moving On Up" by Scooter Lee. (The original, signed step sheet on this site corrects the steps published in the "Moving On Up" CD and Video cover.) A correct step sheet for Charlotte's dance was also published in the April issue of Linedancer Magazine. She has this dance on her class schedules ... Monday, 27th ....Wednesday, 29th at Swiss Park.

Charlotte also taught us Jo Thompson's new dance choreographed for the "Moving On Up" CD and Video....Dizzy...done to "Dizzy" by Scooter Lee.

Neil Hale taught us his Running Bear and his Mamaboria. He entertained the dancers with his pantomime and gestures for the lyrics to "Running Bear...Loves Little White Dove..." by the Dean Brothers...

Rob Ingenthron taught us Men In Black (James & Terry Kellerman) and Sham Rock Shake (Paddens).

Glenn and Sue (Gone Country owners) are champion WCS dancers...and we all enjoyed watching their smooth, fluid couples dancin' moves....and seems Glenn has choreographed a beginner dance with Betty Campora and he gave me a step sheet for his own intermediate/advanced dance called Walk On By (Glenn Cravalho) done to "You Walked In" by Lonestar....this dance has very fine lookin' west coast swing hip moves...I watched....but all the instructors went on the floor and picked it up....from what I heard....Walk On By is going on May Schedules...

Charlotte and Rob were participating in a new thingy with intermediate dancers....when "Tell Me Ma" is played...they do one round of Sham Rock Shake...one of Electric Reel...one of MMM Bop ...and start over...pretty fun to watch...next time...I'll join!!!

Neil brought back his personal photos taken on his recent tour to OZ and NZ....he even had a newspaper clipping from a small town in New Zealand...he is seen "jumping" really high in the air (waist high) between two local instructors...some PR shot for a workshop...well, don't you know that when we did his Hot Tamales.....Ev and I were dancing next to him...and when he finishes the dance...he always "jumps" at the end of this music ("Country Down To My Soul", Lee Roy Parnell.... Ev and I are about the same height (5'3)...and he didn't come close to jumping as high as our waists....all day long he insisted that he was "on his way down" in the photo...soooo when he shows you this "funky" photo...just say....Nice Photostyling Job".....

Many dancers from the Bay Area (and mainly from Sharon & Harry Emmett's Saratoga class) made the 2+ hour trip to "Gold Country" to attend this event....and soooo the request list for dances included all the current Bay Area hits...and since most dancers in attendance were intermediate....the dances called were mainly intermediate...which explains why the day turned out grueling for me!!! Too Much Fun, but No time to rest!

Sunday Night in Redwood City with DJ/Instructor Jamie Hogan

and Jamie reviewed Neil Hale's Ribbon of Highway and taught a new dance done to "I'm From The Country" by Tracy Byrd...choreographed by my classmate and "Mom" to All Her Children...Lorraine Kurtela and her Grand-daughter Darci Burton...the dance is Funky Farmer.

Evelyn Khinoo demo'd her brand new dance That's My Hat....done to "Going Back To Louisiana" by Delbert McClinton. She has this dance on her class schedules ... Wednesday, 22nd in Palo Alto....Thursday, 23rd in Redwood City.

April 17

Thursday Night Intermediate Lessons with Harry & Sharon Emmett

Sharon taught Two Pina Coladas (Veda Holder)...with reviews for Dizzy (Jo Thompson), Men In Black (James Kellerman) and Jambalaya (Ian St. Leon).

Instructors Mike and Beth Sliter dropped by class tonight...Beth was really happy to pick up Jambalaya in review...seems she spent Monday teaching herself the dance...(she can't always get to lessons and she HAS to know the newest hits on the dance floor...grins)...it really was cool to see a packed floor of dancers laughing and yelling "whew...whew" during the kick, kicks and of course we knew the lyrics from our growing up years.....even Mike agreed with me...this is a "barroom dance"....

In open dancin' we got to follow Mike Sliter in his Roll of the Dice...we did Neil Hale's oldie classics....Prancin' Pony and Cruisin'.

Since Sharon's Saratoga class is 90+ and the room barely holds us all...we do Sal Gonzalez's Tiger Run in circles...the inside one goes CCW and the outside CW....that way when we one of the 1/2 turn, 1/4 turns...we are dancing toward each other in a controlled way with most dancers giving high fives to each other when they meet up...lots of laughing on this dance also...cause if you make a mistake the entire class knows it...grins...

Sharon announced Lee Greenwood's music "I Still Believe"... for Hesitation Waltz (Ernie Hutchinson)in the front and then said Looking Glass (Charlotte Skeeters)...could be done at the back ...the floor was nearly split....both dances are hits...and the word I am getting from the DJ's...the music won't be played twice...so I guess what I am going to do....take turns...

The request list for dances was sooo long...that Sharon and Harry let us stay 15 minutes past class just to let us do the entire list...Fly Like A Bird, Shipwrecked and Still The Same (Hedy McAdams)...Pony Shuffle (Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson)...Pencil Thin Mustache (Charlotte Skeeters)...Sham Rock Shake (Robert and Regina Padden)...Lazy 8 Waltz (Knox Rhine)...Black Coffee (Helen O'Malley)...Hey Bruce (Michael Barr) and Along For The Ride and Alligator Shoes (Terry Hogan).

I am sooo lucky to have a 2 hour+ intermediate dance class with instructors that love to dance...thanks Harry and Sharon....I had a GREAT workout!

April 16

Wednesday Night Lessons with Country Attitude...Evelyn Khinoo & Bruce Bowman

Evelyn taught her beginner classes Cowboy Boogie tonight...with reviews of South Side Shuffle, Cowgirls' Twist (Bill Bader) and Black Coffee (Helen O'Malley). The intermediate dancers were taught Our Dance (Carlene Silva and Nancy Franklin)...with reviews of Peace Train (Julie Molkner), Jambalaya (Ian St. Leon), and Buffalo Boogie (George Davis 'Fireman').

Evelyn announced to the class that Neil Hale will be teaching something new (possibly his new dance) at Swiss Park in Newark this Friday night...since this is Neil's home dance floor...and he is just back from his latest overseas tour...can't wait to hear his "stories"....and of course he will be in Oakdale on Saturday....to teach us...

Also, Hedy dropped by before class tonight...just to see if Evelyn might demo her "That's My Hat"....since Hedy can't go to Oakdale on Saturday for the "premiere"....and sure enough...Ev did it for her....the dance is intermediate...the music soooo cool...."Going Back To Louisiana"...Delbert McClinton....and

Charlotte Skeeters has confirmed to me that she is going to Oakdale to teach her new beginner/intermediate dance Moving On Up...music "Moving On Up" by Scooter Lee. This dance was just published in the April issue of Linedancer Magazine...BTW just in case you didn't know...click on Charlotte's name and read about her the "Hall Of Fame" honor bestowed upon her this past January!

April 13

Saturday Night Dance at SouthBay Country Dancers with DJ Don Duffy

Charlotte Skeeters was the guest instructor and she taught her newest waltz...Looking Glass and an oldie that members requested to learn...Syncopations.

The Dance started off with Gordon Elliott's You Know....and Don continued mixing oldie classic dances....Cruisin' and Prancin' Pony (Neil Hale), Rock Around the Clock, Alley Cat....with the newest "Bay Area Hits"...Razor Sharp (Stephen Sunter), Hey Bruce (Michael Barr) MMM Bop (Kelly Kaylin...and the current classics...Black Dresses (Michael Barr), Fly Like A Bird , Love Letters (Hedy McAdams)...Silk and Satin and Attitude (Evelyn Khinoo).

This dance has a large number of couple dancers....two step, cha cha's and pattern dances are called nearly every dance...for the first time here....my favorite cha cha dance was called and to the preferred music...."Livin' In Black & White" by Tracy Lawrence...the dance is Black and White Cha Cha and the choreographer ....Terry Hogan. This is a 4 wall intermediate/advanced cha cha that not many dancers know yet....usually I only get to do it with Beth or Evelyn....tonight....Charlotte and Hedy joined us also....We also did Terry's Alligator Shoes and of course, his Along For The Ride...

We got to follow Charlotte tonight when her Pencil Thin Mustache was called ... for the first time...the floor was not split for the Lee Greenwood music "I Still Believe"...Don played it twice!....once for Hesitation Waltz (Ernie Hutchinson) and then again for Charlotte's Looking Glass...I sure hope other DJ's will do this for us...cause I don't want to choose....I LOVE both dances!

The floor was packed for Pony Shuffle (Carmel & Ernie Hutchinson) ...."Southern Streamline" by John Fogerty....the music is sooo awesome.

and I needed practice doin' Jambalaya (Ian St. Leon)....no problem... Charlotte and Evelyn were willing to dance it to some turbo music...and there were dancers who joined in....just before the music stopped...Bruce Bowman came to join us...it took him a long time before he figured out what we were doin' ....Jambalya is a favorite of his now...and I think it will be a Bay Area hit.

and Hedy made it to the dance in time to dance her brand new....just released to the Internet....Still The Same...and her Shipwrecked with us.

Mike and Beth Sliter were here to lead us in Mike's Roll of the Dice.

The Bay Area Dancers were here to lead us in their Baby, I'm Ready and Trish Boesel's lead us in her newest dance....My Home.

Sal Gonzalez's Desert Sands Cha Cha....and his Tiger Run was called tonight...and there was a large circle forming up front near the DJ booth....seems some dancers have figured out that doin' Tiger Run "in the round" is too much fun...during one set of the walk forwards....1/2 pivot, 1/4 pivots...everyone comes together inside the circle and high 5's....with so much laughing and enjoying of the dance...I would have been lost had I not been following Evelyn....she loved this "variation" and will be teachin' it to her classes in the Tiger Run "review" and of course we have to tell Sal...

Friday Night dancin' at the Palo Alto Y with DJ
Hedy McAdams. She taught dancers M.I.B. choreographed by James and Terry Kellerman.

Many new faces to me were here tonight....seems the students from the Redwood City classes (Evelyn Khinoo & Bruce Bowman) have learned "there is a FRIDAY dance"...that sure explained why the dance floor was packed for Peace Train and Jambalaya....the newest Australian dances brought back from Tamworth by Charlotte Skeeters. Evelyn Khinoo taught both dances this month...and now they are hits here at the Y. The music we use for this dance is "Jambalaya" by Eddy Raven & Jo-El Sonnier.

The request list included oldie classics.....we did Gatlin Boogie....Go Go's Stomp....Alley Cat...Cha Cha Lengua (Neil Hale) and The Cowboy (Kole Dunn)....Travelin' 4 Corners and Zydeco Lady (Chris Hookie).

Hedy was front and center to lead us in her newest dance Still The Same and she still had to help some of us with the tag steps in her Long, Tall Texan ...BTW the music for this dance goes great for doin' the standard classic dance....Bocephus...(thanks to Debbi Maxwell for figuring this out for us)

The floor was split for the music "This Old Highway"...with dancers doin' Michael Barr's Backroads...while Trish Boesel lead dancers to her My Home.

Evelyn Khinoo lead us in her classic Silk & Satin ...and her Maverick Waltz.

Ernie and Carmel Hutchinson's Pony Shuffle and Hutch's Hesitation Waltz..

We did Charlotte Skeeters' two newest dances....Pencil Thin Mustache and her new waltz...Looking Glass.

Requests for Byrd Country.... by Sal Gonzalez and his Chevy and Two Cool were honored....We did Neil Hale's Running Bear and his classics Prancin' Pony....and Cruisin'

Mr. Roll of the Dice...Mike Sliter led us in his dance.

All of the Bay Area classic dances available for download and listed on the new dances page and some of the 1997 dances are being done on at least one of the dance floors I visited this week, but the HOT dances popular at all the floors I dance at include: Terry Hogan's Alligator Shoes and his Along For The Ride; Charlotte Skeeter's Pencil Thin Mustache and her Looking Glass. Michael Barr's Hey Bruce; Evelyn Khinoo's Silk & Satin; Hedy McAdams' Love Letters, Shipwrecked and her Still The Same; Sal Gonzalez's Desert Sands Cha Cha and his Tiger Run; Knox Rhine's Lazy 8 Waltz and Ernie Hutchinson's Hesitation Waltz and now the Hutchinson's Pony Shuffle. MMM Bop (Kelly Kaylin); Sham Rock Shake (Robert and Regina Padden); and of course Steve Sunter's Razor Sharp.

For a complete list of the popular dances, both classic and current that are being done on our Bay Area dance floors..look at the the New Dance Page.

�1998 Line Dance Fun
Doris Volz