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Lunacon '98

To see what types of programming we have had in the past, as well as get information about our Hotel, here is the 1997 Progress Report and here is the Lunacon '98 Schedule .


March 20th - 22th, 1998



Lunacon takes place at The Rye Town Hilton, located in Rye Brook, New York.


Welcome to the
Escher Hilton!

(See floor plan to the Left)

The Rye Town Hilton, is affectionately known as the "Escher Hilton" due to its twisting and winding passageways and corridors, as well as such little features as the seventh floor being connected to the fourth floor via the infamous hallway known as the "Transdimensional Corridor" and both these floors being only one flight up from the Ground Floor/Lobby.

Rye Town Hilton's Web Page


Lunacon '98 has the following announced Guests :

Author Guest of Honor: Octavia E. Butler

Artist Guest of Honor: Donato Giancola

Fan Guests of Honor: John & Perdita Boardman


Prereg -- $35 (until Feburary 15, 1998)
At-the-Door -- $45

Membership for children aged 6-12 [as of March 20, 1998] are 1/2 of the respective Adult Rate.
Children under 6 [as of March 20, 1998] are Free (but must be registered to get a Kid-in-Tow Membership and to use Childcare)

Mail by Feburary 15, 1998 for Prereg rates to:

Lunacon '98
Post Office Box 3566
New York, NY 10008-3566


Lunacon '98 registration form:

Enclosed is:
$______ for ____ adult memberships at $35 each.
$______ for ____ child (6-12) memberships at $17.50 each.
$__0___ for ____ child (under 6) Free Kid-in-Tow memberships.

Registration Form must be postmarked by until Feburary 15, 1998 to get these Prereg rates.

 Payment by:   [ ] Check/Money order     [ ] Mastercard    [ ] Visa

Make all checks or money orders drawn on US banks only, in US dollars, payable to LUNACON '98.

 Cardholder Signature: _______________________________________
 Card Number: ______________________________ Exp Date: _______
 Name: _______________________________________________________
 Address: ____________________________________________________
 City: _______________________ State: ___________ Zip: _______

 Please send me information on:
 [ ] Art Show				[ ] Dealer's Room
 [ ] Masquerade				[ ] Program
 [ ] Gaming Room				[ ] Filking 
 [ ] Other: _______________________________________________

 [ ] I'm volunteering to help out in the following areas:

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