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"Heroes of Might and Magic II: The Succession Wars" combines fantasy and strategy in a battle for territory and resources. Players must fight between one and five enemy warlords to conquer new lands, collect resources and artefacts, and capture towns. These towns need to be fortified and upgraded to produce and supply new and better armies.


a Wizards Castle with Pen, Mage Guild, Foundry, Cliff Nest, Ivory Tower, Library, Cloud Castle, Shipyard, Statue and Marketplace


a Warlocks Castle with Nest, Cave,
Crypt, Swamp, Maze, Black Tower,
Market Place, Statue and Mage Guild

a Necromancers Castle with
Excavation, Graveyard, Mage Guild, Pyramid, Mausoleum, Mansion and Statue

Here are some example buildings:

  • Mage guild - needs to be upgraded to learn high level spells
  • Tavern - bonus in morale
  • Thieves guild - gives information about the other players
  • Shipyard - needed to build ships (Really??? ;-)
  • Marketplace - to trade your resources
    and also:
  • Dens, Adobe, Pyramid, Blacksmith, Jousting Arena, Cathedral, Graveyard, Mansion, Stonehenge, Towers, Crypts, Maze, Cave, Dungeon, Foundry, Cloud Castle, etc.
    - to build the great variety of warriors, depending on the Castle/Hero type.

    You have 6 types of Heroes:
    Barbarian, Necromancer, Warlock, Wizard, Sorceress and Knight. They differ in their skill and ability level (Attack/Defense Skill, Spell Power and Knowledge) but they can come to higher levels by getting Experience Points through battles or finding Chests and Artefacts.

    HEROES oMM II is a mix of WARLORDS 2, Realmz (one of my favourite RPG-Games in the "Post-Warcraft"-Time and Warcraft.
    It is played Round by Round, so you have time to consider your next action. You have a limited number of (let me say) travel points and for the different landscapes (paths, grass, sand, rocks, etc.) you need more or less points to travel over it. You can get extra points by experience (in logistic, pathfinding or by special artefacts).

    Sceleton, Zombie, Mummy, Vampire, Lich, And Bone Dragon

    Hafling, Boar, Iron/Steel Golem, Roc, Mage/Archmage, Giant/Titan

    The Game is rich in varieties, you get an EDITOR to create your own Scenario's and Landscapes and you can spend a lot of battling time on it (By example. I spend 3 weeks for the first 3 campains).
    HEOROES can now be played by up to 6 people instead of 4 via hot-seat, modem, network, direct connect and INTERNET PLAY.



  • 68040 or PowerPC processor
  • Minimum 7 MB free RAM
    9 MB preferred
  • 3 MB Hard Disk Space
    or 60 MB (Full install)
  • 256 Colors
  • System version 7.5.3 and above
  • Sound Manager 3.2 or later
  • My Computer:
  • Performa 630/68040
  • 250 MB/20 MB RAM
  • System 7.5.3
  • Double Speed CD

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  • Rating:
    The Game has no really new ideas (-1 ball), but work is done very well (4 balls)!

    Reviewed by: Oliver Wendtland  @EMAIL