Single or Multiplayer
WARNING: Blood and gore!
Rated Mature. Age 17+

"It's been a bad day and you need to get home to figure it all out. Unfortunately, when you get to the front door, it's padlocked and the law's hauling away all of your earthly possessions. And to top it off, everybody seems to be giving off really negative energy, Sunshine.

How do you spell relief? P-O-S-T-A-L.

Just open up to your inner feelings and kill every demon-possessed neighbor in town. And as you know, everybody is demon-possessed. Just keep shootin' and burnin' until you've turned your town into a demonic exorcise yard.

Postal lets your inner child come out and play...with deadly weapons."

Imagine playing Duke Nukem. Single player or over network.. what do i care. Then, imagine.. lets say you're not seeing it as normal, but in a more Syndicate/Fallout kind of bird-view, with just as intense graphics. Assume you still have all those weapons, plus a few more added to your arsenal. Imagine not having to think but running for your life, shooting and killing, trying to stay away from the baddies's missiles. Not until you've tried it, you can get near the feeling!

This game doesn't seem to have any storyline whatsoever. At least none you can relate to in the demo. The object it just simply to kill everything that moves, even is it includes your best friends in a network game. You have access to ten different weapons. Strangely enough you have a lot of them when you start playing. First of all you have your mini gun with an infinitive amount of ammo. Then the compulsory Shotgun, explosive grenades, missile launcher, flamethrower, mines and a whole lot more!

The landscapes and levels of the game are nicely hand drawn, possibly with bits of 3D rendering, and it all looks kind of like a comic book. If you've played Fallout, (a futuristic RPG adventure), or Syndicate, you can pretty much understand how the graphics in the game are built! There are many different terrain types in the game. From the Construction site, which probably is the first level, (it is in the demo), to snowy cliffs, downtown city atmospheres, and mountain tops.

This is a real masterpiece. One good thing after another. First, both the Mac demo as well as the PC demo was released simultaneously. Second of all, this game is so addictive and cool it might actually go to the top. Something that few new game producers which hasn't an established name can do. A real bad thing though about the game play, is the requirements. 32MB of Ram is recommended to play smoothly! Too bad. With 17 levels in the full version, network capabilities, and a level editor, this game is really worth buying. If you liked Syndicate, this is a game for you!

I recommend setting the difficulty level to easy the first time you play, since this will make your enemies weaker and fewer. If you'd get the idea to just start normally you'll most certainly get blown to bits within seconds. (At least i did). There are just to many of them!

All I can say is, without spoiling to much about the game.. (I want you to find out for yourselves), is to go out buy it. It's really worth it!

All the cut scenes in Postal are beautiful. So are the introduction images. The graphics while you're playing aren't perfect, but nice. They aren't 3D rendered, (at least what you can see), but hand painted, which adds a bit of originality to the game. They're just really nice to look at!

The noise, phrases and other sounds remind a bit of the stereotype-talk Duke Nukem used to talk. And it works! Well done!

The game play somewhat reminds of worms, but looks more like Syndicate. You have tons of weapons, most fire-throwing, to toast your enemies with. It's really great fun, and especially over network! You must have much RAM though!

Playing network is probably the best part of this game, as in so many others. To bad you only have one network level in the demo though! Excellent!

The publisher's flacks say:
"It's always funny until someone gets hurt... and then it's absolutely friggin' hysterical!"

This is one of the best, most bloody, most addictive game I've played in months. A really must-have! If you have a slow internet connection, take my word for it and buy it instead of spending 24 hours online! Also, don't let your kids near this one, or you'll not be able to use the computer for days!

The complete retail version of POSTAL
is 17 levels and includes the same game editor
used to create the game.

Test Computer: Requirements:
  • PowerMac 4400/200
  • 16MB of ram (48 with Ramdoubler2)
  • 8x CD-ROM
  • 640*480 screen
  • Macintosh: 68040 (PowerPC 100MHz or better recommended)
  • System 7.1 or higher (7.5 recommended)
  • 16MB RAM (32MB recommended)
  • 2x CD-ROM drive (4x recommended).
Retail Price: Demo:
  • Around $40:00
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Reviewed by Robert Edvardsson