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GAMESPOT: Serious Ammunition For Gamers
06/13/98    See What's New

The Best
of E3
The GameSpot editors spent the last week debating over the most promising games shown at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Inside, you'll find the ten most promising original games and the ten most promising sequels. FULL STORY
Diablo II Movie Madness
Download the cinematic trailers for Diablo II (and the Starcraft add-on, Brood War) right here. FULL STORY Also: NovaLogic founder John Garcia tells all in TODAY'S NEWS.
Incubation: The
Wilderness Missions

Story Shot Blue Byte's Incubation was a promising turn-based strategy game hampered by a few problems. This add-on pack makes it the game it should have been to begin with. FULL STORY Also: Unreal, Microsoft Golf 98, iF-22 v5.0, and more in REVIEWS.
3D Ultra Mini Golf Deluxe
There's nothing quite like trying to knock golf balls past windmills and into castles. Swing your putter in Sierra's mini golf sequel. GET IT Also: Police Quest: SWAT 2, Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, Final Fantasy VII, and more in DEMOS.
We got a glimpse of this strategy newcomer from Relic Entertainment that promises to take space combat to a new level. FULL STORY Also: Duke Nukem Forever, Civilization II: The Test of Time, Heavy Gear 2, and more in E3 NEWS.
Download the Riven Guide
Don't get stuck in the Moiety Age! With our downloadable guide by your side, you can stop Gehn, free Catherine, and save the islands. TAKE ME THERE Also: Starcraft, Quake II, and Tomb Raider II on GAMEGUIDES.COM.
GameSpot UK
Don't miss the excitement of GameSpot UK's Virtual World Cup. Get daily match reports and look for an interview with England's Geoff Hurst. TAKE ME THERE Galleries: Daikatana, Sin, Prey, Half-Life, and more on GAMESPOT UK.

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Top Five Demos
Beast Wars: Transformers
Deer Hunter
Monster Truck Madness 2
Final Fantasy VII
Addiction Pinball
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Check out an all-new Power Rig and Lean Machine. TAKE ME THERE


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