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Buzz Data ManagerTM
The best way to manage your thousands of files


Welcome to a sneak preview of our next big project to be released if all goes according to plan, alongside Buzz 3D-PCTM. We're inviting our guests in to take a look at its potential. The graphics will be enhanced for the full commercial product, but at the moment, we're using them purely for testing purposes and we acknowledge that they are not of commercial standard, but this is one of the things we're working on.

If you can see past that, however, then we hope you'll send us feedback about how effective this type of data management would be for you, and what else we could do to broaden its appeal.

For the beginner

The program encourages a natural transition to a normal windows interface once an individual graduates beyond needing the real-world association of a ‘3D World’ to locate their files. This is because Data Manager creates a map of the drive which accurately reproduces the layout which would have been experienced in the Virtual Reality environment.

For the experienced user

DATA MANAGER offers a faster, more flexible and simpler alternative for storing, locating and managing data than anything else previously available.

Screenshots are from beta versions of Data Manager, and are of below commercial quality. They are included for purposes of product description only.

Data Manager displays information held by your computer in five Sections:

To learn more about each section, just click on them, or choose from the text list below :

Data Manager displays information held by your computer in five Sections:

Section 1
Drive view
(In Buzz 3D, a Drive is represented by a Floor)

Section 2
Folder view of selected drive in Section 1
(In Buzz 3D, Folders are represented by Corridors in a bottom-up map-like arrangement)

Section 3
File view of selected folder in section 2
(Buzz 3D shows Files as Rooms in the arrangement seen above)

Section 4
Preview of selected File in Section 3

Section 5
Multi-Clipboard, capable of taking up to 20 clips (10 in each mode, 'copy' or 'move')

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