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Cyberboard Kid

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Not all Aliens are Slimy!

The year is 2444 and earth is about to encounter a violent mutated race with a single bloodthirsty goal...The destruction of mankind!

As fate would have it, Cyril Smith intercepts a message from an alien scout-ship detailing the impending invasion of earth. What could possibly prompt such an invasion? who are the fluffs?... and more importantantly who will save the earth??

Take on the mutant Cyborg Teddy-Bears as Cyril Smith - a.k.a. Cyberboard Kid.

Superb scenery and in-game animation, An illustrated storyline. Tonnes of creatively designed characters. 16 Channels of explosive digital music & sound effects. Smooth, high speed platform action.


386/33 or better (486/66 Recommended), VGA Graphics, 8Mb RAM, 2Mb - 49Mb Free Hard drive space if installed (3 Options), 0.5 Mb if playing directly from CD.

RRP: $29.95

the Cyberboard Kid retail box.

Where can I buy it?

If you live in Australia or NZ, Link to the Dealers page. Click on the map to see a list of retail outlets nearest you.

Outside this territory, Link to the International Ordering page.

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