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Kingdom At War

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Strategy Challenge!

If you like turn-based strategy games, then Kingdom At War is for you - a strategy game set in a world of swords and sorcery. Up to six players can compete against each other or the computer to take control of the kingdom, raising mighty armies to capture towns and lay waste their opponents' castles.

There are taxes to be gathered, fortifications to build, and tourneys to hold - attracting the best warriors to your banner.
With each town conquered comes more gold to create elite armies or build seige engines. You must be a master of both strategy and tactics to wn control of new lands and maintain those already captured.

Play directly from the CD - no hard disk space required, also five bonus shareware games that don't need installation.

CD Version:


386 or better IBM Compatible, with Min. 560k conventional (580k for modem play)
2Mb Extended (XMS) RAM, VGA Graphics, 5Mb free hard drive space.
Mouse recommended
Download Demo - 1.4Mb
Download the file to an empty directory and run the file to expand it. Then, from the commandline prompt, run MANACCOM.BAT to install the files ready to play.

RRP: $59.95

the Kingdom at War retail box.

Where can I buy it?

If you live in Australia or NZ,
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Outside this territory,
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