Rating System
**** Four Stars = Excellent Site, Must Visit.
*** = Good Site, worth a look.
** - Don't Bother.
* - This web site is worse then AOL itself.

**** - AOLWatch - Webmaster: David Cassel
AOLWatch is updated daily, featuring links to AOL related news stories and other misc news and features exclusive to the site.  A must visit for anyone interested in AOL news. (My personal favorite site)
**** - PF@AOL - Webmaster: Rod Hilton
PF@AOL (Poke Fun At AOL) is the best aol-humor related site on the net. Rod writes some of his own material, and posts any funny stuff he can find on newsgroups and other pages. Another must see site!

** - Why AOL Sucks - Webmaster:  James Egelhof
Generally boring site. Simply states the obvious, if you've ever actually used AOL, you probably already know about everything on this site. VERY outdated material.  The only good thing here is the AOL List archives, which are by David Cassel anyway.

*** - America Offline - Webmaster: Kelani
Not much content, but what's there is great.  He has some funny stuff, and a prank call series of his own.
* - AOL SUCKS! - Webmaster: David J Glass.
Spastic site, all good art is stolen, several failed attempts at humor.

*** -Why Stop Supporting AOL? - Webmaster: Tom Finley
A better site then aolsucks.org, basically says the same thing, but more informed.

** Anti-AOL Image Gallery
Some anti-aol art for webmasters to use.  Most of ithem are pretty low quality, but if you're going to make a little anti-aol page of your own, it wouldn't hurt to take a look.

Dark Secrets Of AOL
I have yet to find a secret on this site.

"The Anti-AOL Home Page"
Hacker wanna-be site.

*** How to quit America Online
Poorly designed, but useful information for AOLers trying to escape.

Run an anti-aol site? Mail me the URL and i'll link it here. (If you dare)  ;)
Webmaster@inside-aol.com - Kevin