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Galaxy is a simple but powerful tool that will dramatically transform the quality of your musicmaking experience- and your music.

Music is all about sound, and for that synth track you're about to lay down, you need the perfect sound... let's see... where is it? Perhaps lurking somewhere in bank 17 of your keyboard... no, it's on one of those sound cards for this module... no, maybe that one... or is it on some CD-ROM, or your hard drive, or in the closet on a floppy disk in the side zipper pocket of your turquoise parachute pants...?

Forget that! Forget hitting arrow keys until your finger falls off, squinting into tiny dim green LCD displays, searching for the perfect sound forever. Now you have Opcode's Galaxy, a Universal Sound Librarian software package that gives you the power to quickly and conveniently organize vast numbers of sounds and setups for your entire studio- all your synthesizers, modules, effects processors, drum brains, guitar synths or multi-effects, keyboard controllers or any other MIDI device. Galaxy also works in perfect tandem with Vision (or any other OMS Name Manager-compatible program), supplying currently loaded patch names so you're always choosing your sounds from a friendly pop-up menu on your big, bright computer screen with all sounds listed by name- even organized into subfolders by category if you'd like!

With Galaxy Plus Editors you get all the sophisticated patch librarian functions of Galaxy listed above PLUS the ability to easily program your sounds onscreen.

Distinctive music deserves distinctive sounds, and there's a lot of depth in today's synthesizers that most users never access because of the frustration of trying to program through a small LCD window.

Galaxy Plus Editors lays out your instruments' sound controls on your computer screen, allowing instant click-and-drag control of any patch parameter. Even envelopes can be graphically viewed and edited.

Changes are sent to your instrument in realtime, so you can hear changes as you're making them. In fact, while your song is playing in Vision (or any OMS-compatible software), you can switch into Galaxy Plus Editors and edit a sound in real time- while the actual part plays!

Whether you just want to easily and quickly tweak an envelope or effect to better fit your song, or blaze new trails through uncharted sound universes, Galaxy Plus Editors is the perfect solution.


Galaxy Features
  • Easily manage patches for all of your MIDI devices
  • View and select currently available sounds from any OMS Name Manager-compatible application
  • Generate new patches automatically for many instruments with Galaxy's Patch Factory
  • Assign Keywords to search and select patches from large Bundles & Libraries
  • Print your patch names from Galaxy or export them to your favorite word processor or database for additional flexibility
  • Back up your valuable programming work without expensive and inconvenient RAM cards or cartridges
Galaxy Plus Editors Features
  • See all parameters on screen
  • Graphic editing of envelopes
  • Real-time sound editing- edit sounds within the context of your tune!
  • Edit synthesizer effects
  • Don't settle- create the perfect sound
  • Find command with enhanced patch info box
  • Compare edited sound with original
  • OMS-compatible
  • Applescript compatible
  • Web-savvy

New Galaxy Plus Editors Version 2.5!

With new editors and librarians, Galaxy Plus Editors 2.5 now supports even more of your favorite synthesizers! Click here for a complete list of supported devices.

Check out these cool new features and enhancements in Galaxy Plus Editors 2.5! 

  • All new color editors for Roland, Studio Electronics, Waldorf and Yamaha synths.
  • Galaxy is now totally Web-Savvy! Galaxy 2.5 integrates Internet Config support to launch your browser from within Galaxy and take you right to Opcode's website! New help menus contain a variety of other URLs to take you to other interesting spots on the Web. Galaxy can even launch your e-mail application and have a new document open up with an address already typed in!
  • You can configure Galaxy to launch ANY applescript-able application to make your Macintosh perform tasks, backup files, check your e-mail, launch Vision, OMS, etc
  • Filetype mapping is supported via Internet Config. HTML extensions launch with a web browser. Hqx extensions open with Stuffit Expander etc. This means that if you find some interesting info, patches or even new Galaxy modules on the Web, your downloads will be processed correctly and automatically!
  • Galaxy's Transport now responds to Vision key commands such as space bar and return, etc. 
  • Keep current and enjoy all the cool new features of Galaxy Plus Editors 2.5- the industry standard for managing sound assets for your entire studio.

 Upgrade to Galaxy Plus Editors 2.5 NOW for only $99.95! 


If you are a U.S. or Canadian registered user of Galaxy or Galaxy Plus Editors, you can upgrade your current version through our on-line Store. If you live outside of the U.S., please contact your local Opcode Distributor about upgrading. 

 New Editors (Galaxy Plus Editors Only)

  •  Roland: JV-2080
  • Studio Electronics: ATC-1, SE-1
  • Waldorf: Pulse
  • Yamaha: MU5

 New Librarians (Galaxy Plus Editors and Galaxy)

  •  Alesis: NanoSynth, NanoBass, NanoPiano
  • Cybersound: CyberSynth
  • Korg: NS5R
  • QUASIMIDI: Raven, Quasar 
  • Roland: JV-2080, W5/W7
  • Yamaha: CS1x, VL70-m

Check out some cool screens from some of the new Galaxy Plus Editors editor modules!


Studio Electronics ATC-1 editor


Roland JV-2080 editor


Waldorf Pulse editor

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