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Mar. 25, 1998

GCC Assails Back Door Climate Change Provisions in Administration Deregulation Proposal

Mar. 13, 1998

GCC Calls Kyoto Protocol Fatally Flawed

Mar. 4, 1998


Feb. 4, 1998

Chair of Global Climate Coalition Testifies on Kyoto Agreement’s "Fatal Flaws"

Feb. 3, 1998

Statement by Gail McDonald, President of the Global Climate Coalition, responding to President Clinton’s budget proposal of a $6.3 billion incentive package for research technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Jan. 27, 1998

Statement by Gail McDonald, President, Global Climate Coalition, on President Clinton’s State of the Union address

Dec. 9, 1997

Statement of William F. O'Keefe Chairman, Global Climate Coalition

Dec. 8, 1997

Vice President Gore Abandons U.S. Workers and Ignores Calls For Achievable Climate Policy From U.S. Business and Industry At Kyoto Climate Conference

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Getting to know the GCC

The Global Climate Coalition (GCC) is an organization of private companies and business trade associations representing more than 230,000 firms. Membership includes a broad range of business from virtually every sector of the US economy. Large manufacturers in the aluminum and paper industry join small businesses with common interests in maintaining the abundant and inexpensive energy that keep American standards of living the envy of the world. Transportation industries such as the airlines, railroads and automobile manufacturers share a common interest in US energy policies along with independent and investor-owned power generating companies, the petroleum industry, chemical firms and owner-managed small businesses across the country. All are represented in the Coalition, the lead business voice on climate change issues.

Established in 1989 to coordinate business participation in the scientific and policy debate on the global climate change issue, the GCC places a high priority on scientific and economic research to advance the understanding of earth systems. The coalition also supports the improvement of climate models and the refinement of the tools necessary for decision-making with respect to long-term scientific and economic strategies to successfully address potential climate change.

GCC is dedicated to: 1) assessing scientific research on global climate change, 2) analyzing economic and social impacts of policy options, 3) creating an understanding of the global dimensions of the issue to ensure that solutions are addressed equitably by all nations, 4) encouraging transfer of technology to developing nations, and 5) promoting a voluntary commitment among members to "Guiding Principles for Business" that benefit the environment, are consistent with good business practices and are technically and economically feasible.

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