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SASHA ANAWALT has been a dance critic for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and KCRW National Public Radio in Santa Monica, California. She is also the author of the much-lauded THE JOFFREY BALLET: ROBERT JOFFREY AND THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN DANCE COMPANY.

DR. JAMES W. ANDERSON is a renowned nutritionist and author of four previous health books. His latest, co-authored by Maury Breecher, Ph.D., is DR. ANDERSON'S ANTI-OXIDANT, ANTI-AGING HEALTH PROGRAM.

ROSE ARCE is an award-winning journalist who currently works for CBS. She's the author, with Maite Junco, of 1001 HISPANIC BABY NAMES and of a forthcoming biography of salsa queen Celia Cruz.

LIONEL BASCOM has been published in the New York Times, Time, Inc., and by United Press International. He is the author of BY THE LIGHT; BAILOUT: THE BANKRUPTING OF AMERICA; RUBOUTS; and THE NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE & BEYOND. His latest work is A RENAISSANCE IN HARLEM: LOST VOICES OF AN AMERICAN COMMUNITY.

LIDIA BASTIANICH is widely regarded as the "First Lady" of Italian restaurants in the U.S. Through her New York City restaurants -- Felidia, Becco, and Frico Bar -- her lectures, and her first cookbook, LA CUCINA DI LIDIA, she is credited with having brought "authentic" Italian cooking to America. Her new book, LIDIA'S TABLE, is based on a new, 26-week television show.

MELBA BEALS is the much-lauded author of WARRIORS DON'T CRY, a haunting memoir about the first class to integrate the Little Rock school system. Her follow-up, WHITE IS A STATE OF MIND, follows her courageous journey in her lifelong battle against racism.

ALISON BECKER-HURT is the owner of Alison on Dominick Street, a renowned SoHo restaurant which features delightful French-Mediterranean cuisine in a warm, romantic setting. Her first cookbook is entitled KITCHEN SUPPERS.

GARY BELSKY is a writer for Money magazine, covering all aspects of personal finance and general economics. He is also a regular weekly commentator on CNN's "Your Money". With Thomas Gilovich, he is the author of PSYCHOECONOMICS, a book which combines the twin disciplines of psychology and economics to explain why and how people spend, invest, save, borrow, and -- most importantly -- why they waste money.

DAVID BLACK is the highly lauded author of numerous award winning articles and books, as well as Emmy and Golden Globe nominated television and feature scripts. Holding a National Endowment for the Arts Grant in Fiction, his novels include AN IMPOSSIBLE LIFE, PEEP SHOW, MINDS, and LIKE FATHER (which, along with THE KING OF FIFTH AVENUE, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.) His nonfiction includes MURDER AT THE MET, MEDICINE MAN, and THE PLAGUE YEARS (which was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and won the National Magazine Award.)

CAROLE BLOOM is a pastry chef and cooking teacher. She is the author of THE LITTLE CANDY COOKBOOK and INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY OF DESSERTS, PASTRIES AND CONFECTIONS, as well as a contributor to the new JOY OF COOKING. Her most recent title is SUGAR AND SPICE.

WALT BOGDANICH, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for investigative reporting, is the author of THE GREAT WHITE LIE, an examination of the inner workings of America's medical system. He is now on staff at ABC.

DOUGLAS BORTON is a talented novelist whose work has been praised by the likes of Stephen King. His titles include MANSTOPPER, DREAMHOUSE, and KANE. Using the pseudonym Brian Harper, he has also written SHIVER, SHUDDER, and SHATTER, as well as, BLIND PURSUIT, MORTAL PURSUIT, and DEADLY PURSUIT. He is currently at work on THE FURIES' SONG.

WAYNE BRACHMAN is the pastry chef at Mesa Grill in Manhattan and the author of CAKES AND COWPOKES, a book of scrumptious desserts from the southwestern region of the U.S.

TODD DAVID BROWN is the author of ENTRIES FROM A HOT PINK NOTEBOOK, a superb first novel about a gay high school kid coming of age in a blue-collar town in Maine. He is now at work on his next book, tentatively titled LOST IN ECSTASY.

JEFF BRAZIL, who has won the Pulitzer and the Worth Bingham Prize for his national investigative reporting is currently a member of the special projects team at the Los Angeles Times. He is now working on THE METHUSELAH PROJECT, an overview of the scientific studies being run by men and women across the country who view aging as a disease, rather than as a fact of life. The book will publicize findings suggesting that within the next two decades science will be able to extend the human life span indefinitely.

DOROTHY BULLITT is the author of FILLING THE VOID, and is currently writing ADDICTED TO DANGER: A MEMOIR ABOUT FACING DEATH AND FINDING LIFE with Jim Wickwire. Based on Wickwire,s recorded experiences as a world-renowned mountain climber and the first American to scale K-2, the world's second highest mountain, ADDICTED TO DANGER will chronicle a life of contemplation and revelations recorded from the peaks of the world's highest mountains. It will consider the rare few who are so addicted to climbing that they devote and often lose their lives to this tremendously captivating sport.

DR. C. WAYNE CALLAWAY is one of the nation's leading experts in nutrition and weight control. He is also the author of THE CALLAWAY DIET and SURVIVING WITH AIDS, both co-authored with Catherine Whitney.

PETER CANNING was a senator's aide when he decided to become an Emergency Medical Technician, a paramedic. His first book, PARAMEDIC: SCENES FROM THE STREET, is a memoir of his experiences with knee-buckling emergencies.

JANE CARPINETO is a practicing psychotherapist and the author of R.N. and ON CALL, both about the medical profession. Her previous works include THE DON JUAN SYNDROME, and her latest book is about Martha's Vineyard.

REBECCA CARROLL is an Associate Producer for the Charlie Rose Show and the editor of the acclaimed collection I KNOW WHAT THE RED CLAY LOOKS LIKE: THE VOICE AND VISION OF BLACK WOMEN WRITERS. She is currently working on two projects, MEMORYDOGS: RHYTHMS OF THE YEAR and BLACKLASH: A MEMOIR OF BLACK AMERICAN BEAUTY.

LORENE CARY is the celebrated author of BLACK ICE, a memoir of her experiences as a black student at the predominantly white St. Paul's prep school; THE PRICE OF A CHILD, a stunning first novel of slavery in the pre-Civil War South; and PRIDE, an exuberant tale of a group of women's lifelong friendship.

KURT CHANDLER is the author of PASSAGES OF PRIDE: LESBIAN AND GAY YOUTH COME OF AGE, which originated as a year-long newspaper series for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The book features a chorus of adolescent voices talking about sexuality and the perils of growing up.

MARCIA CHELLIS, a former administrative assistant to Joan Kennedy, is the author of the bestselling LIVING WITH THE KENNEDYS. Her most recent book is ORDINARY WOMEN, EXTRAORDINARY LIVES.

THERESA COLLINS is the manager of the Curran Theatre in San Francisco. She is also a graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in Theater and Film Management and the author of THE LAW OF REVENGE, a fast-paced thriller set in the "Hollows" of Kentucky.

CHRISTINE CONRAD co-authored the screenplay for the movie, Junior, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is also the author, with Dr. Marcus Laux, of NATURAL WOMAN.

PAMELA CONSTABLE is a Washington Post staff writer and the co-author, with Arturo Valenzuela, of the critically acclaimed A NATION OF ENEMIES: CHILE UNDER PINOCHET. She is currently working on an explosive book about drug dealers in the Washington Heights area of New York City.

JOHN COSTON is director of the News Systems Department at the Wall Street Journal and a veteran journalist. He is also the author of TO KILL AND KILL AGAIN and SLEEP, MY CHILD, FOREVER. He is currently working on a book about medical examiners.

AMY COTLER is a well-known food writer and editor. Most recently, she has been a contributor to the updated JOY OF COOKING and is working on THE NEW SANDWICH, about America's latest passion for "wraps".

ROSEMARY CROSSLEY is the Australian pioneer of facilitated communication, whose work in the field has earned her international acclaim. She is the author of ANNIE'S COMING OUT and SPEECHLESS.

DON DAVIS is the bestselling author of several true-crime titles, including THE MILWAUKEE MURDERS, about the Jeffrey Dahmer killings, and A FATHER'S RAGE. He is also the author of two novels, APPOINTMENT WITH THE SQUIRE and THE GRIS-GRIS MAN.

EDITH KUNHARDT DAVIS is a bestselling writer of children's books, whose titles include PAT THE CAT and a series about Danny the Alligator. Her most recent book is I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER, ANYWAY, a memoir about the tragic loss of her son.

CARA DE SILVA is a food writer for various publications, including Newsday, and the driving force behind IN MEMORY'S KITCHEN. The book, which is both tribute and remembrance, is a collection of recipes and writings by the women interned at Terezin, the "showcase" of the infamous Nazi death camps.

MERLE ELLIS, a syndicated columnist, tv personality, and cookbook author, is a self-described "journeyman butcher". His tour de force is GREAT AMERICAN MEAT BOOK, a compendium of recipes using that newly popular staple.

WILLIAM ELLIS, is a former assistant editor and senior writer for National Geographic, who is currently working on a book on glass and a profile of Miami, which will showcase this exotic cosmopolitian center and its colorful residents.

HEIDI EVANS is an award-winning journalist, most recently with the New York Daily News and the Wall Street Journal. Her first book is HOW TO STEAL MONEY FROM YOUR HUSBAND AND LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER TOGETHER... OR APART.

FLORENCE FABRICANT is the well-known columnist and food writer for the New York Times. She is also a frequent contributor to other sections of that newspaper. Her book, NEW HOME COOKING: FEEDING FAMILY, FEASTING FRIENDS, won both James Beard and IACP awards.

JAMES FARKAS is a former actor and current minor league sports executive, who has also written plays and screenplays. His first novel, STREAMS OF CONSIOUSNESS, explores the sometimes explosive dynamics of a therapy group.

CHRISTOPHER FINCH is the renowned author of numerous award-winning books in a wide range of subjects, from THE ART OF WALT DISNEY and RAINBOW, a biography of Judy Garland, to BEER: A CONNOISSEUR'S GUIDE. He is currently working on a project entitled DORMITORIES OF THE DEAD, a spell-binding look at the world's most unique cemetaries.

RICK FIRSTMAN and JAMIE TALEN are a husband-and-wife writing team who have collaborated on HUSH, LITTLE BABY, a nonfiction medical thriller about a 25-year-old murder case involving a woman who killed her five children. Rick is also working with renowned medium, John Edward, on a book tentatively entitled MEDIUM RARE.

DAVID FISHOF is America's leading sports and entertainment agent. His memoir, KEEP YOUR FAITH, BABY! AND OTHER LESSONS ON DOING BUSINESS AS THOUGH YOU HAD A SOUL is co-authored by Catherine Whitney. In it, he writes about behind-the-scenes negotiating and the lessons he has learned over the years.

BOBBY FLAY is chef at three of the hottest Manhattan restaurants, the Mesa Grill, Bolo, and Mesa City, the last two of which he is part owner. With Joan Schwartz, he is the author of BOBBY FLAY'S BOLD AMERICAN FOOD and LATIN FLAVORS.

CLYDE W. FORD is a former systems engineer for IBM who has taught mathematics and computer science at Rutgers, and African history and language at Columbia. His latest book is ZAMANI: LIVING SPIRITUALITY IN THE AFRICAN TRADITION.

EMILY FRANKEL is the author of the novel SPLINTERED HEART and several plays. She is currently working on several projects, among them a series of novels aimed at the growing market of older readers.

JON FRANKLIN is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner whose books cover a broad range of topics. He's the author of SHOCKTRAUMA, MOLECULES OF THE MIND, and WRITING FOR STORY. His current project, THE WOLF IN THE PARLOR, combines his expertise for storytelling and his lifelong interest in the human quest for understanding.

LYNN FRANKLIN is the Oregon-based author of COMFORT ME WITH APPLES, a magical history of the development of the modern apple and humans' enduring love affair with this ancient fruit.

THOMAS FRENCH, a staff writer for the St. Petersburg Times, is the author of UNANSWERED CRIES, a literary true-crime story about a small-town murder. His most recent work is SOUTH OF HEAVEN, a compelling look at the lives of a group of high school kids in Florida.

GALE GAND and RICK TRAMONTO, the dynamic husband-and-wife chef team and owners of Chicago's famous Brasserie T are writing their first cookbook, AMERICAN BRASSERIE, with Julia Moskin.

MARK GARVEY is the editor of Writer's Market and a contributor to various other publications. His first book is WAITING FOR MARY, a personal report on the apparitions of the Virgin Mary he has attended throughout the U.S.

GLENN GARVIN's first book, EVERYBODY HAD HIS OWN GRINGO, received universal praise. He is the co-author of DIARY OF A SURVIVOR, with Ana Rodriguez, and is now working on WITH HONOR AND PURPOSE with Philip Kerby.

GILBERT GAUL is a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, a writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and the author of GIANT STEPS, the moving story of his son, Cary, who was born with Spina Bifida. Currently, Gil is working on his first novel.

G.D. GEARINO, the business editor of the Raleigh News & Observer is the author d WHAT THE DEAF-MUTE HEARD, a lively, satirical first novel set in the deep South. His next fiction is COUNTING COUP, tantalizing story which combines elements of the Southern Gothic and Noir genres.

JOSHUA GETLIN is a New York-based writer with the Los Angeles Times. He is also the co-author of DON'T PEE ON MY LEG AND TELL ME IT'S RAINING, with Judge Judy Sheindlin.

MERLE GINSBERG is the Entertainment Editor for W magazine. She is working on a book about the concept of fame, which will analyze the social, psychological, and cultural foundations of our love/hate relationship with that phenomenon. It is tentatively titled, simply, FAME.

DR. LILLIAN GLASS is recognized as one of the world's foremost authorities on communication skills. A consultant on voice, image, and speech, she numbers among her clients Sean Connery, Billy Crystal, Melanie Griffith, Dolly Parton, Nicholas Cage, Andy Garcia, Julio Iglesias, Dustin Hoffman, and deaf actress Marlee Maitlin. She is currently working on READING PEOPLE: THE ADDED ADVANTAGE which follows TALK TO WIN; HE SAYS, SHE SAYS; TOXIC PEOPLE; and ATTRACTING TERRIFIC PEOPLE.

TAEGAN GODDARD has served in government at the state and federal level, as policy adviser to Senator Donald Riegle and as a strategist in Connecticut Governor Lowell Weicker's budget office. Most recently he has directed the re-engineering of the investment operations of Connecticut's Treasury Department. His first book, co-authored with Chris Riback, is MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK.

KATHERINE WYSE GOLDMAN is the daughter of bestselling author Lois Wyse and the author of MY MOTHER WORKED AND I TURNED OUT O.K. and IF YOU CAN RAISE KIDS, YOU CAN GET A GOOD JOB. She is currently working on her third book tentatively titled THE MOTHER OF ALL LISTS.

NANCY GOLDSTONE, a former Wall Street trader, is the author of MOMMY AND THE MURDER, and the upcoming MOMMY AND THE MONEY, delightful mysteries set in the Berkshires. With her husband, Larry Goldstone, she is also the co-author of a nonfiction account about the world of rare book collecting, entitled RARE AND USED.

RICHARD GRAUSMAN is a nationally known cooking authority and former exclusive U.S. representative to the prestigious Cordon Bleu in Paris. He is the author of AT HOME WITH THE FRENCH CLASSICS and the founder and motivating force behind the Culinary Arts Project, which brings the fundamentals of French cooking to high school students.

SAM GUGINO is an award-winning food writer who studied at the Culinary Institute of America. He is the co-author, with Tony Tantillo, of EAT FRESH, STAY HEALTHY, and of FROM TANGIERS TO TOULON with Manhattan chef Matthew Kenney. He is also working on a new solo project, BEAT THE CLOCK.

TOMAS GUILLEN, a professor of journalism and former investigative reporter, is the co-author, with Carlton Smith, of the bestselling THE SEARCH FOR THE GREEN RIVER KILLER. His latest book is TOXIC LOVE.

VALERIE HARPER, best known for her role as Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, is currently at work on her first book, a humorous, straight-talking reflection on being a woman in midlife. In her unique voice - self-deprecating, witty, honest and irreverent - Harper explains why she and other middle-aged women she knows are finally comfortable with life, motherhood, men and the mirror. The book's theme is in step with a new sitcom she and long-time friend, Mary Tyler Moore, are developing - a show which will bring Mary and Rhoda back as friends, mothers, and wives 20 years after the Mary Tyler Moore Show left off.

ADRIAN "CHUCK" HAVILL is the author of several biographies, including THE LAST MOGUL and DEEP TRUTH. His latest is MAN OF STEEL, the story of Christopher Reeve's unstoppable determination after his spinal cord injury. He is currently working on EMPEROR OF THE BRONX, a biography of George Steinbrenner.

SUSAN TYLER HITCHCOCK is the author of GATHER YE WILD THINGS and WILDFLOWERS ON THE WINDOWSILL. She has also written COMING ABOUT, a memoir about her marriage and family, and how a sailing trip through the Caribbean strengthed both. Her latest is WEEDS OF WISDOM an inspirational take on gardening and life, and she is working on a novel about Mary Shelley.

EILEEN HOFFMAN, M.D., a practicing physician, is the author, with Catherine Whitney, of OUR HEALTH, OUR LIVES: A REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH TO TOTAL HEALTH CARE FOR WOMEN. The book is designed to address a wide range of women's health concerns.

MARJORIE HOLMES is the beloved, bestselling author of I'VE GOT TO TALK TO SOMEBODY GOD, TWO FROM GALILEE and AT CHRISTMAS THE HEART GOES HOME, among many, many others. Her current book is STILL BY MY SIDE.

KRISTIN HUNTER LATTANY is an award-winning novelist, playwright, essayist, and children's book author. Her titles include GOD BLESS THE CHILD and GUESTS IN THE PROMISED LAND. Her most recent novel is KINFOLKS.

JOHN JANOVY, JR., is a professor of biology at the University of Nebraska, and the author of the naturalist classics KEITH COUNTY JOURNAL and YELLOWLEGS. His most recent titles are DUNWOODY POND and COMES THE MILLENNIUM.

JOHN A. JENKINS is an award-winning writer, editor, and news executive. He is also the author of THE LITIGATORS and LADIES' MAN: THE LIFE AND TRIALS OF MARVIN MITCHELSON.

BETHANY KANDEL is the author of THE EXPERT PARENT. Co-authored with her mother, Thelma Kandel, the book offers easy, encapsulated advice about child care and safety.

LYNNE ROSSETTO KASPER is the well-known and widely admired author of THE SPLENDID TABLE, which won Best Cookbook of the Year awards from both the James Beard Foundation and the IACP in 1992. The working title of her latest project is THE ITALIAN COUNTRY FARM COOKBOOK.

MARYANN KELLER is the author of COLLISION, a book about the three most powerful global car makers. An internationally renowned automotive industry analyst, she is also the author of RUDE AWAKENING.

MATTHEW KENNEY is a chef and the owner of Matthew's, Mezze, and Monzu, three popular Manhattan restaurants. With Sam Gugino, he is working on his first cookbook, FROM TOULON TO TANGIERS, which was inspired by the Mediterranean flavors he encountered in a recent trip to Morocco.

KATHY KETCHAM is the author, with Jason Elias, of IN THE HOUSE OF THE MOON and an upcoming book on immune system illnesses and ULTIMATE IMMUNITY. With Elizabeth Loftus, she is the co-author of THE MYTH OF REPRESSED MEMORY.

LOU KILZER, a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and journalist with the Rocky Mountain News, is the author of CHURCHILL'S DECEPTION and the upcoming HITLER'S TRAITOR, which reveals shocking information about Hitler's inner circle.

BHARTI KIRCHNER is a former systems engineer with IBM, who quit her job in order to become a full-time writer. Her most recent cookbook is VEGETARIAN BURGERS and her first novel is SHIVA DANCING.

MARVIN KITMAN, a well-known syndicated columnist, is the author of THE MAKING OF THE PREFIDENT 1789, a tongue-in-cheek look at the first president's campaign strategy. His previous titles include I AM A VCR.

HENRIETTE KLAUSER is the bestselling author of WRITING ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BRAIN and PUT YOUR HEART ON PAPER. She is currently working on several projects, including WRITE IT DOWN, MAKE IT HAPPEN and a collection of interviews, entitled DAUGHTERS AND DADS, which explores the father/daughter bond.

FRED "CHICO" LAGER is a member of the board of directors of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. He is the author of BEN & JERRY'S: THE INSIDE SCOOP, a first-hand account of the development of the multi-million dollar company.

GUS LEE is the author of the critically acclaimed CHINA BOY and its sequel, HONOR AND DUTY. His most recent titles are TIGER'S TAIL, a military thriller set in Cold War Korea, and NO PHYSICAL EVIDENCE, a legal thriller about race and politics in San Francisco.

DOROTHY LEEDS is an internationally known business, sales, and communications consultant, media commentator and motivational speaker. Her ten previous books on communications, career, and consumer issues include POWERSPEAK; MARKETING YOURSELF; the original SMART QUESTIONS; and seven titles in the SMART QUESTIONS series. Ms. Leeds is currently working on THE SEVEN POWERS OF QUESTIONS, a guide to improving communication, business and personal relationships through the use of effective questioning strategies.

DAVID LIEDERMAN is the founder of David's Cookies and the owner of the Broadway Grill, Luna, and the upcoming Television City. He is also the author, with Alex Taylor, of RUNNING THROUGH WALLS and, with Joan Schwartz, of DAVID'S DELICIOUS WEIGHT-LOSS PROGRAM.

ELIZABETH LOFTUS is a professor of psychology at the University of Washington and an expert researcher on the intricacies of human memory. She is also the author, with Kathy Ketcham, of THE MYTH OF REPRESSED MEMORY.

EMILY LUCHETTI was the pastry chef of Stars, the acclaimed San Francisco resturant. Her first cookbook, STARS DESSERTS, and its follow-up, FOUR-STAR DESSERTS, are mouth-watering collections.

ZARELA MARTINEZ is the owner of the very popular Manhattan resturant Zarela, and the author of the acclaimed FOOD FROM MY HEART. She is currently working on OAXACA, which focuses on the flavors of that Mexican region.

NAN MCCARTHY, author of the e-mail novels CHAT, CONNECT, and CRASH, served as the managing editor for the world's first desktop publishing magazine, Personal Publishing, before she self-published the first two books in her trilogy. Now scheduled for trade publication, the novels chronicle a torrid on-line romance.

JACK MCDAVID is the owner and "Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer" at Jack's Firehouse, a popular Philadelphia eatery known for its down-home American cooking. Currently, he is at work on JUST PLAIN AMERICAN HOME COOKING.

BRIAN MCDONALD is a student at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism, and his articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Newsday, the New York Post, and the New York Times. His first book, MY FATHER'S GUN, is a dramatic narrative about three generations of New York City cops.

ROBIN MCDONALD is a Georgia-based journalist who covered the Sara Tokars murder for Atlanta magazine. She is working on a true-crime book about the case tentatively titled SARA'S STORY.

ALICE MEDRICH is the author of the sumptuous COCOLAT, which won James Beard Foundation and IACP best cookbook awards, and CHOCOLATE AND THE ART OF LOW-FAT DESSERTS, which was also named best cookbook of the year by the Beard Foundation. She is also a contributor to the new JOY OF COOKING.

PERLA MEYERS is an award-winning cookbook author whose titles include THE SEASONAL KITCHEN and FRESH FROM THE GARDEN. Her new book, entitled THE PERLA MEYERS AT HOME COOKING SCHOOL will explore the virtues of the home kitchen.

CATHRYN MICHON has written for some of television's most prestigious programs. PAMELA NORRIS is a screenwriter and four-time Emmy nominee for her television work. Together, they have edited JANE AUSTEN'S LITTLE ADVICE BOOK, a charming collection of the English writer's finest bon mots.

THE MONKS are Michael Lane and Jim Crotty, an irrepressible duo who travel the country in pursuit of interesting stories for their mobile magazine, Monk. Their first book is MAD MONKS ON THE ROAD which will be followed by a quirky travel guide to California. Separately, Michael is the author of PINK HIGHWAYS, and Jim is at work on HOW TO TALK AMERICAN.

THOMAS MORAN is the Managing Editor of W magazine and was a founding editor of M magazine. A gifted writer with a captivating prose style, he is the author of THE MAN IN THE BOX. His second novel is THE WORLD I MADE FOR NUALA and it will be followed by WATER CARRY ME.

M. E. MORRIS is a retired naval aviator. His fiction titles include THE LAST KAMIKAZE, ALPHA-BUG,THE ICEMEN, and NIGHT KILL. He is also the author of an unauthorized biography of General Norman Schwartzkopf, SCHWARTZKOPF: ROAD TO TRIUMPH. Currently, he is at work on a new novel.

JULIA MOSKIN is an acclaimed food writer who's the co-author of AMERICAN BRASSERIE with chefs Gale Gand and Rick Tramonto. She is also collaborating with chef and restauranteur Rafael Palomino on his first cookbook -- a tribute to the exciting flavors of Latin America -- BISTRO LATINO.

RAY MUNGO is a Sixties counterculture icon whose first book, FAMOUS LONG AGO, has become a cult classic about that era. His other titles include PALM SPRINGS BABYLON, NO CREDIT REQUIRED, and, more recently, QUESTIONS THAT DEFINE YOU and SAN FRANCISCO CONFIDENTAL.

LOIS NACHAMIE is a parenting expert and the author BIG LESSONS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE a guidebook to teaching youngsters basic moral tenets. She is currently working on her new project, YOU'RE HAVING A WHAT?, about the joys and perils of being an older mother.

BARACK OBAMA was the first black president of the Harvard Law Review. He was born in Kenya to an American anthropologist and a Kenyan finance minister, and was raised in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Chicago. His first book is DREAMS FROM MY FATHER: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE.

BRIAN PATRICK O'DONOGHUE is a broadcast journalist and sledding enthusiast. His first book, MY LEAD DOG WAS A LESBIAN, recounts his adventures and mishaps during the 1991 Iditarod.

RAFAEL PALOMINO, the chef and owner of the acclaimed New York City restaurant Bistro Latino, is writing his first cookbook, eponymously titled BISTRO LATINO, with food writer Julia Moskin.

JULIET PAPA is an award-winning reporter for 1010 WINS radio in New York and the author of LADYKILLER, about the Argentinian serial killer who recently turned himself in to U.S. authorities. She is also the co-author of THE MAFIA HANDBOOK.

JOEL PATRAKER has been the Senior Manager and Special Project Coordinator of the world-famous Union Square Market for the past fifteen years. His new title, JOEL PATRAKER'S GREEN MARKET COOKBOOK, will advise readers on how to shop seasonally, and how to prepare the most tantalizing fare year-round.

ROSS PELTON, a medical researcher, is the author, with his wife, Taffy Clarke Pelton, of MIND FOOD AND SMART PILLS, ALTERNATIVES IN CANCER THERAPY, and the upcoming HOW TO PREVENT BREAST CANCER.

JEWELL PARKER RHODES is the supremely talented author of VOODOO DREAMS, a first novel about famed voodoo priestess Marie Leveau. Her new novel, MAGIC CITY, is set in Tulsa during the years directly following the first world war. The book skillfully blends magical realism and history into an unforgettable narrative of racism and redemption.

CHARLOTTE PIERCE-BAKER holds a Ph.D. in Speech and Applied Linguistics and is a professor of English at the University of Pennsylvania. SURVIVING THE SILENCE, an important book about black women and rape, is her current work in progress.

DEBRA PONZEK is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and an award-winning chef, formerly of Montrachet in New York City. Her first cookbook is FRENCH FOOD, AMERICAN ACCENT, which is co-authored by Joan Schwartz.

NORA POUILLON ranks with Alice Waters as an outstanding chef and advocate of using organic, seasonal, and locally produced products. Her restaurants Asia Nora and Restaurant Nora are consistently rated among the finest places to eat in the United States. She is the author of COOKING WITH NORA, which was nominated for The Julia Child Cookbook Awards and received an Award of Excellence from the IACP.

ALICE LECCESE POWERS, a freelance writer and editor, also teaches writing. She is co-editor, with Andrea Wyatt Sexton, of THE BROOKLYN READER. Her latest project is ITALY IN MIND, a collection of essays, stories, and poetry about Italy.

DAN REVELES is a former documentary filmmaker who left California for Mexico in search of his roots and peace of mind. His first book is a whimsical collection of tales entitled ENCHILADAS, RICE, AND BEANS. His follow-up to that title is SALSA AND CHIPS.

NINA REVOYR currently attends the MFA program at Cornell University. Her first novel, THE NECESSARY HUNGER, is a powerful coming-of-age story about two teenage basketball prodigies, who also happen to be lesbians. It is about competition, growing pains, and first love. JAN ROBERTS-DOMINGUEZ is a newspaper food columnist and the author of THE MUSTARD BOOK and, most recently, THE ONION BOOK. She is also a talented artist whose illustrations appear in all her books.

CHRIS RIBACK has worked as a journalist for ABC News, the Associated Press, and CBS Sports. Most recently, he has been assigned to the investigative unit at 20/20. His writings on government and politics have been published in numerous newspapers nationwide and his first book, co-authored with Taegan Goddard, is MAKING DEMOCRACY WORK.

DAN ROCHE, an alumnus of the Iowa Writer's Workshop is the author of LOVE'S LABORS: A MEMOIR OF A FIRST MARRIAGE. The book chronicles one man's experience with a "starter marriage", his search for how to be a husband and for a new definition of marriage, itself.

WAYNE ROGERS is best known for his role as Trapper John on the long-running tv series M*A*S*H. He is less known as the very successful businessman he has been for over 20 years. Currently, he is working on a business book.

JERILYN ROSS is president of Anxiety Disorders of America. She is also the author of TRIUMPH OVER FEAR, a book about overcoming the paralyzing anxieties that constitute the number one mental health care problem in the U.S.

JUDGE HAROLD ROTHWAX has been on the bench during some of the most notorious trials in recent history. GUILTY: THE COLLAPSE OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE is his indictment of the system. He is currently at work on his next book, entitled JUDGE.

MARY DORIA RUSSELL is a paleoanthropologist with specialties in bone biology and biomechanics. She is also the author of THE SPARROW, a remarkable first novel anout a failed Jesuit mission to another planet and CHILDREN OF GOD, its sequel.

ELAINE ST. JAMES is a bestselling author and simplicity guru, who has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Her titles include SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE, INNER SIMPLICITY, and LIVING THE SIMPLE LIFE. Her next work in the series is SIMPLIFY WITH KIDS.

NANCY SAMALIN is the founder of Parent Guidance Workshop and an internationally recognized authority on parenting. She is also the author of LOVING YOUR CHILD IS NOT ENOUGH and, with Catherine Whitney, LOVE AND ANGER: THE PARENTAL DILEMMA and LOVING EACH ONE BEST.

ZELL SCHULMAN is a radio and television personality, the author of SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR PASSOVER, and a grandmother of six. Her new book is SIMPLY SEDERS.

JOAN SCHWARTZ is an accomplished writer who has co-authored cookbooks with some of the biggest names in the food business. Her most recent collaborations have been with Bobby Flay, Debra Ponzek, Antoine Bouterin, and Mary Randelman.

JUDGE JUDITH SHEINDLIN has a reputation for being tough. DON'T PEE ON MY LEG AND TELL ME IT'S RAINING, co-authored with Josh Getlin of the L.A. Times, is a prescriptive and controversial look at the legal system as it affects the family. Judge Judy also stars in her own popular syndicated show, aptly titled Judge Judy.

NINA SIMONDS is the author of CLASSIC CHINESE CUISINE, CHINESE SEASONS, CHINA EXPRESS and the recent ASIAN NOODLES. Currently, she is working on CHICKEN SOUP WITH GINGER, which explores the healing properties of Asian cooking, and a children's cookbook series which begins with THE FESTIVAL OF THE HARVEST MOON.

CARLTON SMITH is the co-author of THE SEARCH FOR THE GREEN RIVER KILLER, with Thomas Guillen. He is currently working on an account of the Dana Ewell murder case; his most recently published true-crime title is about John Du Pont and it is entitled BLOOD MONEY; and he is covering the grisly murder of a little beauty queen in Colorado for his next book.

SOUVENIR PRESS is a British publishing company founded in 1952 by Ernest Hecht. Its list includes five Nobel Prize winners and an assortment of titles from such celebrated figures as Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Stanislav Grof, Martin Buber, and Rollo May.

LYN STALLWORTH is a food writer and editor who is on the staff of Publisher's Weekly. Her collaborations include THE BROOKLYN COOKBOOK and THE COUNTY FAIR COOKBOOK, both co-authored with Rod Kennedy. She is working on several new projects.

KATHLEEN TAYLOR is the author of SEX AND SALMONELLA, HOTEL SOUTH DAKOTA, and THE MISSIONARY, all part of a mystery series featuring a cast of oddball characters and a wise-cracking heroine who is too smart for her own good.

CRAIG TOMASHOFF is a versatile journalist who wrote I'M SCREAMING AS FAST AS I CAN with Linnea Quigley, the B-movie star. His new project is YOU OUGHTA KNOW: THE ALANIS MORISSETTE STORY.

RICHARD TRUBO is a talented writer whose titles include STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN: THE LED ZEPPELIN STORY, co-authored with former Led Zeppelin road manager Richard Cole; FLYING THROUGH HOLLYWOOD BY THE SEAT OF MY PANTS, with legendary director, Sam Arkoff; and EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COLLEGE SPORTS RECRUITING with Jim Walsh. He is currently working with Kenneth Baum on THE MENTAL EDGE.

MICHAEL TUCKER is best known for his eight-year stint as Stuart Markowitz on L.A. Law. He is also a talented writer whose first book, I NEVER FORGET A MEAL, is a memoir of his work and his marriage (to actress Jill Eikenberry). Mike is currently working on a guide to Tantric sex.

TERRI WALSH is a dynamic personal trainer whose combination of energy, creativity, and preseverance is the basis for her book DIVA, a health and exercise guide, co-authored with Catherine Whitney.

RICHARD WALTER, author of the two highly acclaimed guides to writing for Hollywood, SCREENWRITING: THE ART, CRAFT, AND BUSINESS OF FILM AND TELEVISION WRITING and THE WHOLE PICTURE: STRATEGIES FOR SCREENWRITING SUCCESS IN THE NEW HOLLYWOOD as well as of the novel BARRY AND THE PERSUASIONS, is Professor and Chairman of the Screenwriting department at UCLA's film school. He is currently working on his second novel, ESCAPE FROM FILM SCHOOL.

FANNIE WEINSTEIN is a writer for People magazine. Her first book, THE TINA BIGGARS STORY, was written with co-author Melinda Wilson. Fannie is now working on a new true-crime project.

CATHERINE WHITNEY has collaborated on book projects with Maryann Keller, Virginia Graham, Nancy Samalin, Judge Harold Rothwax and many others. Her own titles include UNCOMMON LIVES and WHOSE LIFE? She is currently working on a book about an order of nuns, entitled THE CALLING.

JIM WICKWIRE was the first American to climb K-2, the world's second highest mountain. His climbing career has been profiled on 60 Minutes, an Emmy award winning public television documentary, In the Shadow of the Mountains, as well as in numerous books, newspapers and magazines. In 1992 the movie "K-2" was released, based on the Broadway play which chronicled Wickwire's climbing experiences. Over the years he wrote extensive, detailed journals about climbing as well as his personal and professional life. The memories and reflections found in these diaries will be the subject of Wickwire's stunning first book, ADDICTED TO DANGER: A MEMOIR ABOUT FACING DEATH AND FINDING LIFE, which will be co-authored by Dorothy Bullitt.

MELINDA WILSON co-authored THE TINA BIGGARS STORY, a riveting true-crime tale of murder and deception, with People magazine reporter Fannie Weinstein. The duo are currently working on a new true-crime book.

STEPHANIE WINSTON writes the popular monthly column The Organized Executive. She is the author of BEST BUSINESS ORGANIZING TIPS and a new book for corporate executives.

SUSAN WYLER, the former food editor for Food & Wine magazine, is the author of TAILGATE PARTIES, COOKING FOR A CROWD, COOKING FROM A COUNTRY FARMHOUSE and SIMPLY STEWS.