Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

June 13, 1998 (2 Etznab, 1 Kayab, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you now with some interesting information. Our sincerest desire is that you look within, at what we are about to tell you. This data concerns the bringing forth of much Love, Grace and divine Compassion to much of this Milky Way Galaxy. The focus of this sacred spiritual energy is your solar system and its most precious jewel ó the planet that you call Earth. Long ago, your world was imprisoned in limited consciousness and confined to a general quarantine by the Galactic Federation. Now, you are in the midst of a great redemption that shall put you in touch shortly with your many space brethren who have looked upon you from afar. This time is one to which we are looking forward with great glee. Even as we speak, the forces of the Galactic Federation are above you, taking part in the great experiment that shall return you and your most beloved planet to its former glory. This process is one that has taken the necessary steps needed for its great success. What we desire is for you to comprehend what tasks are required of you to finish this sacred task.

      In the past few galactic months, we have mentioned the need to come together and to link up with many like-minded others. The coming global networking of Light Worker organizations and their associates allows both of us to establish a consciousness grid. This field can be quickly expanded to include many different organizations in local communities throughout your world. It also permits you to pool your vast talents and information and to make it available to all interested sentient Beings that reside upon your most precious blue orb. The time has come to expand and to create the mastermind holographic consciousness field in new and truly creative ways. At present, an omega wave of the End Times has been given to you. This wave is unique, since it has the power to collapse time and to establish new realities. These new realities shall re-link you to your 4th-, 5th-, or 6th-dimensional selves. This special omega wave comes to terminate your limited consciousness and to give you the final boost into a realm of entirely different perceptions.

      These new perceptions are beginning to foster a rapid renewal of Spirit in your lives. It is also causing a vast evolution to occur in your body, mind and Spirit. This Descension of Spirit into matter, and its wondrous integration into a full consciousness, gives your global society the opportunity to grow in some exciting new directions. What you need to observe is the present subtle interfacing of the many levels of your existence. Life is really a multidimensional experience. It occurs in many different levels of reality simultaneously. This process is one of which most of you are not currently aware. This procedure is one that comes with an expansion in your awareness and the ability to take in new perceptions. As we noted in our last message to you, your reality is being collapsed, while the 3rd and 4th dimensions are being merged. This special operation has put you into a tailspin filled with odd time frames, emotional challenges and body mutations. This assault upon your current perceptions comes because it is the moment set for the ending of one reality and the emergence of another.

      Reality is really a most fragile element of existence. Yet at the same time, it has the capability to stay stubbornly in place. The key is the right use of your will or your many subtle consciousness levels. Humanity on your marvelous world is a strange assemblage of wasted potential. Most of you are caught in the illusory trap of allowing fostered mass perceptions of others to seem to be the only ones now available. Inside you, there resides a most unconquerable Spirit. This Spirit is now coming more and more into your body and transforming every part of your physical reality. This procession of your true self into physicality is the most profound thing that you can now accomplish. Its purpose is to turn you toward your true duties upon this world. They are also here to end the grave mistake of trusting in the alleged wisdom of others. These self-appointed global elites have not given you anything more than a deep and never-ending sense of being a limited or powerless Being. Their true purpose is not divine. Rather, it is very sinister by design.

      Around you is the great dichotomy of Light and of dark. This energy comes to give you choices and to permit you the experiences and lessons that are the domain of physicality. Every moment of physicality is unique, and contains the elements needed to create the next moment. Each moment possesses the past, present and future rolled together in a most random fashion. Yet your Spirit has the gift to look at them and direct how each moment can possibly affect you. This is an incredible divine gift, as well as a sign of how powerful you really are. Think of it: you can design your future and even use that prescribed future to address your present now. Moreover, you can use this God-given ability to effect creatively the actions of others. Mother/Father God sees you as a co-creator of this physical reality. This is not a sign of being a very powerless presence. We ask you to use this power to create a most amazing and fantastic future for yourselves. Let us come together on all levels of your consciousness and make this great dream of a global paradise an actual reality.

      It is necessary to understand two important things about what is happening to you. First, you are being moved into a position to become more aware of your co-creative abilities. These great gifts are provided with another one ó divine grace. Mother/Father God has made it possible for you to learn from your experiences, and to use them in a more constructive manner. The sacred environment that allows for this event to happen continually is, of course, divine grace. You are here to impart specific knowledge to Heaven about physicality. Every event in your life is a means for Heaven to merge itself into this great virtual reality. You might see yourself as a very special computer program that has a form of fuzzy logic attached to it. This logic is based on the randomness of the program and permits you to co-create different outcomes for every event in the program. Further, you have the ability to change in actuality the content of the program itself. You can interact with Heaven (the programmer) and cause the entire strategy to be drastically revised.

      Second, you are in the midst of learning more about consciousness, perceptions and intentions. Each of these elements combines to create a definite reality. Reality is an illusion in physicality. To learn how to manipulate it properly, you need to understand the detailed subtleties of intention and perception. Each aspect leads to the other. Bound into your consciousness are your contractual agreements with Heaven. Consciousness is a Light field, or a divine interactive hologram. Within this hologram, there sit perceptions (pure thoughts) derived from intentions (elements of your soul contract). This mix, when combined with a sufficient number of other consciousness fields, creates a social reality. Your consciousness moves within this reality at a number of levels. Bear in mind that each of you is a multidimensional hologram. Within this hologram sits the reality of your society, as well as the perceptions that you, yourself, have made. In this mode, you have the ability to experience many forms of consciousness simultaneously within your society, and even to begin to alter how it interacts with other members of your society.

      These facts are the reason we have encouraged you to create global meditations. They have the ability to influence the mass perceptions of your global society. Moreover, they allow you to see how the subtle fields of consciousness that surround you are thoroughly interactive, and can be altered through the formation of a powerful enough new set of perceptions. If done continually or on a regular basis for an appropriate amount of time, they can divert the consciousness field and form a new field dynamic. This field dynamic can then be creatively used to solve perceived problems and jar the reality into a new direction. It is this procedure that can make many of the strategies of your global elite not come to the successful fruition that they are currently seeking. This talent is one that the elites are constantly downplaying in the mass media. What we ask of you is that you take back your power and use it to create a most marvelous reality for yourselves, and, especially, for your children.

      What we have given you today is a greater understanding of the amazing gifts that lie within you. Use these gifts positively in joint interaction with others. You are most powerful and incredible Beings of the Light. We know that you can feel the truth in what we have just stated to you. We ask that you take advantage of these abilities and aid us in co-creating a wondrous new reality for yourselves. Remember, you are here to serve divinely the Creator and to bring Mother/Father Godís divine WILL back to your world. Let us now come together in the great Light of Creation and complete our most noble and sacred tasks. We now take our leave with infinite blessings of perfect, complete Love, unending Joy and unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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