Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

June 2, 1998 (5 Lamat, 11 Pax, 6 Caban)

Greetings! Today, we would like to discuss how the various components of our grand plan are currently clicking into place. We shall also continue our communication to you about Love and Compassion. Life on your great blue globe is now going through the edges of a grand transition. For the past few decades, your local Spiritual Hierarchy has been very gradually preparing you for this period in your reality. The key has been the setting in of new planetary energy grids, as well as the setting up of new RNA/DNA encodements in your cells. These actions have sparked a wondrous revival of spirituality in your world and a new attention to life on other worlds. The next patterns to be brought forth have been the numerous body changes that began in earnest some 38 galactic months ago. Right now, your world has pushed itself to the very brink by maneuvering its gravitational and magnetic fields to points where they can barely sustain Earth’s biosphere. Moreover, your planet’s gyroscopic wobble has become more acute during the last five galactic years.

      As we last said to you, your planet’s various global elites are in the midst of a massive education program. These programs have created added pressures upon them. These pressures have caused some of your elites to divide now into three main camps. The smallest of these factions desires to cooperate fully with us and to inform the global masses of what has been really happening to them over the past century. This faction comprises just under 14 per cent of these global secret elites. The next group comprehends the nature of their crimes, but sincerely wishes to loosen their grip slowly. This second group makes up approximately 35 per cent of the total. The last group has been angered by our intervention and what they call ‘undue interference’ in their power hold on planet Earth. They compose the remaining 51 per cent. Because of the factions now forming, the main elite group has decided to expedite its nefarious programs. These actions involve massive collapse of some major and minor national economies and the calling for of a global direct take-over of the world’s governments. However, this most heinous plan is one that cannot possibly be carried off successfully.

      As part of our plan, we have set into motion a number of subtle changes in the economic structure of your global society. These changes are designed to stalemate these upcoming changes by the global economic elites on a regional and world-wide basis. In reaction to this plan, your global elites have embarked on massive destabilizations throughout Asia, Eastern Europe and the entire Muslim world. Their desire is to fan ancient hatreds and manipulate them in a way that could put your world upon the brink of regional wars or nuclear exchanges. To this strategy, we can only paraphrase the stern warnings of Lord Michael, Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha and Lord Mohammed. The time has come for global peace and the raising up of the children of God and of Light to the ascendancy of this world. Such grievous shenanigans shall not be tolerated any longer by the sacred messengers of the Light. Our plan is to continue to move forward and to prepare even more swiftly those new economic and social structures that shall lead this present society to the Light, and a return of God’s Divine WILL upon your globe.

      This coming period marks the end of one galactic year and the start of another. It also signifies that much glorious work has been done and that a more intense period of transition now lies ahead for you. The present global elites have ruled your world for much too long. They have twisted the Light’s message and caused our noble and sacred intentions to be misconstrued by your society. What we desire is for you to accept the holy ways of God and to enlarge your reality to accept the various star-nations whose mighty ships of Light now surround you. We have infinite patience, O Children of the Light, but we deeply desire to liberate you from your present forms of ignorance and slavery. Grow strong in the Light and do not despair your present conditions. Our heavenly liberation program has been in motion for some time. The foundation of this program is your awakening and your understanding of what is now happening. We have set some mighty warriors amongst you. These inner-directed Beings are now busily following our lead and creating ways by which the Light shall triumph, as stated in the divine plan. At the right divine time, we shall unleash your galactic family and end this incarceration of your holy blue Mother Earth.

      Let us turn to the subject of Love and, especially, of Compassion. Love is the guiding light of all that we do. Our sacred task is to look upon your world as a great wave of Love whose intent has been turned aside by hate, uncertainty and fear. In spite of the serious intentions of your present rulers, give them your wondrous energy of love. Understand the reasons for their actions and show them compassion. Create a consciousness field that encircles your world with these energies of Light and of Love. To answer them with fear or loathing is not the correct answer. Rather, look inside and convert them with love. Come together, precious ones, and gather to send them, your society and your holy Mother Earth your healing love. Listen to your heart and not your head in these vital matters of consciousness. What you are doing, dear ones, is establishing a new field dynamic, a conscious field that extends compassion to all and forgets past sins that have been committed upon them.

      This time is not one for revenge, nor for the continuance of past hatreds. It is a time for healing, for inner growth, and for a gathering together of your planet’s peoples. Many incredible events of which you have little knowledge are currently happening upon this world, O precious ones. Use this time to explore, to love, and to learn about one another. End your ignorance and accept your power. Be in joy over what is happening and give this magnificent joy to each other. Build your networks of Light and use them to inform your globe about the good news from the Almighty. Also support one another and understand how important this mutual support is, for what we intend to accomplish. Every journey begins with a single step and is completed through the fortitude of a traveler to complete a great journey. You are now on a journey of many million steps. So far, you have committed to a few million of the most arduous steps. Let us assure you that these are indeed the most difficult.

      Each one of you is a sentient Being of great compassion. This compassion has not been expressed by many of you since childhood. You have been beaten by the caustic words, emotions and deeds of your society. You have seen your planet as surrounded by these elements, and feel it incapable of change. Present human nature, O Beings of Light, is not what it currently appears to be — it is just an unnecessary illusion. There are few truly dark beings in your midst. However, there is an energy of mischief afoot that was unleashed long ago by the dark upon your world. The key to defeating it is to focus, to have strong intent and to prepare a detailed set of goals. Another powerful force is your coming together in the name of the Light, and a strong espousing of its goals. Whether done in small groups or in a massive global one, we again ask you to come together and heal your world. Take those actions of necessary measure to demonstrate your allegiance to the coming of full consciousness, divine compassion and God’s WILL to your world.

      Look inside your heart and feel the truth of what we advocate in Heaven for you. This time is the beginning of the prophesied End Times. It is a moment in which your perceptions of reality and of the invincibility of your global elites shall finally end. The judgment that we deliver is not one of revenge, nor of savage rebuke, to the unfortunates who have bought into their yoke of servitude. We come to proclaim a new reality and a new society based on Godliness and the rule of Heaven. The Angelic Realms are mighty warriors of the Light. We come to proclaim the rule of Mother/Father God and the fulfillment of the divine plan. We come to empower you and put you back into your essential role as physical Angels of your beloved Mother Earth. This great task is a joint one between Heaven and you. This time is one when you shall come forth and aid us in installing the true rule of the holy Creator upon your world.

      What we have said to you today is the continuance of a great holy crusade of Heaven. This war is not to be fought through any form of violence. Rather, it is fought in subtle, but extremely effective, ways. All of Heaven has established the means for your eventual victory over the dark. This conflict is not one of weapons, but of ideas, thoughts and, above all, divine intentions. These valiant actions have created the global consciousness field that is now growing around you. Use it, dear children, to defeat the dark and bring forth your great victory for the Light. Bear in mind through this time that You are NEVER alone. We now leave you with limitless blessings of complete, perfect Love, boundless Joy and endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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