Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

May 19, 1998 (4 Ix, 17 Moan, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you today with some more interesting information about your soul elevation process. The final aspect of this present adjustment period has the possibility of becoming very intense during its final few days. This possibility occurred because a number of new interdimensional energy grids have been brought in by the local Orders of Elohim. These energy grids will cause the activation of a number of anchor nodes that have been set in Earth’s upper firmament. Right now, these anchors are being used to adjust the jet streams in your atmosphere. It is necessary now to have your atmosphere more stabilized. This action will put some pressure on the new planetary grids. This pressure affects your soul elevation process in two ways. First, we have tied many of your new subtle body frequencies to the subtle body fields of your planet. Second, we have set the resonance for your changing physical bodies to that of the new ones for the planet.

      These procedures will cause you to feel some pressure in your newly developing chakra centers. Bear in mind that this pressure is only temporary. The many local Orders of Elohim are working with the local Spiritual Hierarchy to rectify these difficulties by the beginning of the galactic month of Pax (May 22, 1998). As you move out of Moan and into Pax, you will feel some discomfiture, but you shall see that many of your past fears and anxieties do not appear as overwhelming as before. We are bringing in energies of inner or spiritual prosperity and well-being. The coming month of Pax (May 22 to June 10, 1998) is designed to be a month filled with a lot of outlook transformation. While your external worries may not go away, you will feel much better about them. Our purpose is to prepare you to accept some new perceptions about your present reality. As these new perceptions are anchored in, you will begin to sense that your worries are not as important as they once appeared. You will begin to understand that new possibilities to your many perceptions are currently forming.

      This process is also part of the entire operation to bring your Spirit into your body. Spirit by its very nature is joyful and playful. Your True or Higher Self is an essence that is continually in joy, and filled with laughter. This joy occasionally percolates down when your conscious mind’s filter is on overload. That is the reason why some extremely tense moments may lead you to laughter. What we in the local Spiritual Hierarchy are doing is, literally, to lighten up your physical body. Spirit has a great side-effect — it lightens your load. It also opens up many great opportunities for your life. It permits you to understand more clearly what is really happening to you. Spirit wants to inform you that your reality is about to shift and that you are its shifter. It knows how your present limiting realities are created out of fear’s illusions and its underlying doubts. Spirit desires that you ‘get it’ and end your limiting and sabotaging ways. It wants you to expand and grow. Spirit desires that you become the person that you always wished to be, and not the one that you have become.

      What is gradually happening to you is that we are establishing the energies of transformation. These energies are being brought in because we have a most rewarding agenda for you. We want you all to feel free and to be personally sovereign. We want you to understand what an amazing Being you are. All in all, Mother Earth has some pretty incredible children! The purpose of our sacred works is to bring you into a new reality as easily and divinely fast as possible. This program of transformation means that you have to be jolted, from time to time, into remembering who you really are. Look upon our message today as one that states that many subtle things are happening to you. All of these things are being followed according to a divine time frame, with little left to chance. View yourself as a masterpiece in the making. Comprehend that what you are feeling is the sign of this great alteration of your mind, body and Spirit. Above all, learn to be less critical and demanding of what we are doing. Stand back and let the flow of Creation guide you toward your goal.

      Your planet is a very special place. It is also in the midst of a most interesting set of circumstances. As your planet shifts, so do you. Right now, you sit in the middle of the artificial ‘void’ in the photon belt created for you by the Creator’s divine decrees. This position is but a mere resting stop before you achieve your destinies. Use this time to grow and to prepare for your future responsibilities. Many of you realize the immensity of your role in the galaxy, while a few fully comprehend how you will get there. We are suggesting that you look upon this present process as a child’s game. This child’s play will give you a real look at yourself. It will permit you to examine how you presently relate to others and how you can improve all your varied relationships with Earth’s humanity. It will also allow you to understand that what is taking place is a great gift from a most loving God. This gift will permit you to grow to levels of awareness that currently you cannot even guess at.

      The return of God’s WILL to your reality brings a level of grace that far surpasses that which you now enjoy. The Creator is an all-Loving powerful essence of infinite consciousness. Around you, the march of a new reality is gradually beginning. It is filled with compassion for what you must do to reach your objectives. Above all, stay on the path and understand that it has as many twists and turns as an old and great river. The river’s name does not matter. The only thing that is important is the rancor that is involved in reaching your destination. But guess what! This rancor is based on illusory fears and false assumptions of what is real and important. It is just a pitfall for the unwary. We ask you to not fall in its many snares. Look to your inner guidance and clear the path for its most-needed navigation. This road, while task-oriented, is not impassable. In fact, it is a ten-lane super highway to your future possibilities. Take this path and be prepared to accept all actions given to you.

      Life is presented to you as a series of divinely offered possibilities. Included in this program is a contract of prearranged performances and various one-act plays. Life is a stage created to express the silliness and illusory sadness of your reality. It is a game driven by the fantasies that you create to drown them in. All things in this reality are mere energies that can be shaped at will by the Spiritual Hierarchy and co-produced by you. All possibilities are presented to mirror your perceptions and lead you through trial, error or intention to your destinations. Life has these many destinations, or stages, and they are different in their occurrence for each of you. You have come to play with your fellows and also to write your wonderful scripts filled with philosophy, truths and wisdoms. Take them and share them. Use them to understand better the follies and the foibles of limited consciousness. Most importantly, employ them to see how much your existence is indeed changing and the vast amount of chaos needed by us to lead you toward new perceptions.

      Your beloved planet is now under some great pressures from the position that it currently holds in the photon belt. This pressure is mirrored by the many new grids of divine energy that now surround you. You, in turn, are under pressure from the many changes that are occurring to you in your reality. We are making you face your illusory fears and to understand that you are now sitting in a cooking cauldron filled with the boiling waters of your many fears and lingering doubts. These dreadful uncertainties are a symbol that your old reality’s goose is about to be cooked. We ask you to enjoy the coming feast and to learn that this bird is better on the plate than on the wing. It is time to let go of these unwarranted fears and scary moments that you now seem so anxious to retain. It is time to embrace love, compassion and many, many acts of random kindness. It is time to come together and feel the absolute loveliness of your combined energies. Together, each of you is a power and each of you is a joy.

      As we leave you, we desire to express our joy and our love to you. What we ask is not easy. It takes a great deal of commitment and fortitude. It takes a deep desire to rid yourself of old ways, and to grow. Take comfort in the fact that we are with you and that we shall never abandon you. We want you to know the depth of love and care that we jointly have for you. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy comprehend the depth of your world’s darkness, and also the amount of Light that is being poured daily into your present reality. These things are not things that should be taken lightly, but in Light they are turned to joy. Seek not the low of any situation, but seek the Light! We now depart with unlimited blessings of perfect, complete Love, unbounded Joy and unending Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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