Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

April 21, 1998 (2 Cimi, 9 Kankin, 6 Caban)

Greetings! Today, we come with much useful information for you. Let us begin with what is occurring to your most precious planet. Currently, Mother Earth’s inner subtle bodies are being calibrated by the Solar Elohim. These very fine tunings are necessary for the events that are shortly to come. During the period from early Moan to late Pax (May and June, 1998), the Solar Spiritual Hierarchy will be bringing a number of very potent and positive interdimensional energies into your solar system. These energies will further cement the timeline that has been foreordained by the sacred divine plan. It is these energies that will be employed by the local Spiritual Hierarchy to carry out the next set of adjustments to you in the Earth plane. While these planetary alterations are transpiring, the sacred Spiritual Councils of Mars, Venus and Mercury are also having their respective planets similarly balanced by the Solar Elohim. The final consequence will be a new series of energy tracks established for the Sun’s solar winds. These new paths will create the forerunners for this solar system’s new reality.

      The creation of this new reality is the paramount objective of your solar system’s Spiritual Hierarchy. For the past fifty billion years, your Spiritual Hierarchy has been formulating their part of the overall divine plan for your solar system. During the course of this planning, many potential realities have been proposed, carried out or simply abandoned. As we have stated herein many times, a reality is no more than a series of fundamental perceptions which have been agreed upon by the overall consciousness of this specific form of physicality. The evolution and transformation of this mass consciousness have mostly been the domain of the Angelic Realms and the many local Orders of Elohim. This rationality transformation is dependent upon either the elevation of the consciousness of the many sentient Beings found in this galaxy, or the use of complex processes involving many connected events that gradually infuse a new set of fundamental perceptions upon them. Regardless of the method employed, the outcome has been the same — the movement of this physical Universe towards its conclusive merging with the Spiritual realm.

      Over the course of the past five decades, what you have personally witnessed is the gradual transformation of your present reality. Your global society has been linked up electronically and information has become one of its most precious commodities. However, this particular commodity is much different in its shape from any other known to your present reality. Information and its corollary — knowledge — have the ability to transform any society. The ancient mystery schools of your globe understood this point very well and attempted to channel key information into mostly secret depositories. Now you are flooded with all kinds of data. This flood is opening up the grip that the present world-wide elites have had on the content of the information’s message. This confusing message is also showing the impotence of the elites in their lack of ability to stop this massive flow of data. This procedure opens wider a door that was first unlatched by the meeting of many Extraterrestrial civilizations with the various major governments of your world.

      These initial contacts, while mostly sinister in nature, forged a new outlook among your various elites. In many ways, their importance mirrors for your globe what the opening of Japan by the U.S. Navy, some one hundred and forty four years ago, did to Japan’s elites. The doors to many new perceptions, that had been previously closed tight, were now very slightly opened. New technologies and new perceptions were floating around behind closed doors. It was only a matter of time before speculations about them would enthrall the masses. However, these covert official events contained a series of explosive perception packages. They had the ability to rock the elite’s boat thoroughly and maybe, even, to capsize it. The result was an attempt by the elites to utilize the traditional secrecy system of the Mystery Schools. At first, it seemed to work, but in the long run, it is destined to failure. Truth is like gold or water. It seeks its own levels and no mundane power can either hoard or stop it forever.

      The key point here is to look at your world as a series of perceptions (consciousness packages) that are gradually being transformed by new data and, especially, by the instruments that carry this information. You might, to stretch a point, call it television—tell-a-vision. Its purpose is to give forth a story or an outcome. By talking story, it gives you a link to different realities. Now, connect this instrument to the computer and to global satellites. Its ‘talk story’ is now planetary in scope. Its effect is almost instantaneous. Its initial perceptions first broke down, and then impinged upon, your reality’s inner truths. Now, they have delivered you into a world that currently appears very fragmented, but one that is also quickly learning about its connectiveness. Hence, electronic technology has taken your civilization to the brink of new entrainments for your society’s mass mind. The next step needs the rise of the technology of Light. These extraordinary technologies have slowly been introduced by the covert exchanges between your world’s governments and the ETs.

      The stage has now been set on your world for some very interesting events. These coming events require your participation. We strongly urge you to pay attention and to discover what is about to happen to you. Right now, the structures for a new reality upon your globe are beginning slowly to take shape. These various elements have been set up to act like a snowball that is about to be flung from the top of a very tall, steep and snowy mountain. At first, it may appear that all is normal. However, this false sense of security will be broken by a very ominous roar. This roar is the harbinger of a wintry storm that will very greatly impact your reality. It has been planned that way from the beginning. Your elites are also being transformed slowly from within. The various so-called “gods and goddesses” (the Atlantean elite and their ET cohorts) that created them nearly 13,000 years ago are beginning to impact upon their reality as well. These two important aspects are slowly beginning to connect.

      The key point is to understand the principle of perception and the right use of your connectiveness with all sentient life. View your world as part of a vast coral reef. Each part may seem unique, with its life forms and their daily interactions perceived as vastly different from one another. Yet the study of oceanic ecology will point to their fundamental connection to each other. The same analysis goes for what is happening on your world. The diverse aspects connect in many ways. These connections may be no more than that they share the same planet and the same solar system. But the connections can be used to propel them together in times of crisis. This ecology of organic crisis is important. Chaos, when properly managed, creates quantum leaps in evolutionary biology. Believe us when we state that we are Masters at this particular form of rapid change. The key is in arranging the construction of the hyperspace jump gate, and when to schedule the start of the jump itself.

      We are making the arrangements that we have alluded to in the last paragraph. For us, the main point is to increase the rate of change and to foster the rise of new perceptions in your population. It is a little like controlling a steam valve in a powerful steam engine. You have to have the skill to know exactly what you are doing and the smarts to know when to do it. The variables in this procedure are immense. Yet they are easily manageable with your assistance. We do not underestimate your sacred tasks in this matter. We know your amazing capabilities. All that we shall ask of you is that you use them properly. Nonetheless, we shall command you to use them in joy and in bliss. This action is not one for the overly serious, nor is it one for the overly complacent. Rather, it is one for those who realize the power of their intentions, when mixed with the magic of their passions. We ask you to do it with orgasmic joy and overwhelming laughter.

      This period of your present reality is one in which that reality must eventually end. Its end will signal the rise of your new galactic age. This reality brings us into your daily perceptions. Your integration of many incredible concepts will then be complete. Then, the real joy starts for all of you. Look deeply inside yourselves and realize that you are not alone in these things. There is a vast connection between us all. This connection shall become more apparent to you during the course of the coming galactic months. Do the ‘great experiment’ on 4 Lamat, 11 Kankin, 6 Caban (April 23, 1998). Then sit back and watch the results. It is another aspect of the wonderful synergy that we can create together. We now leave you with blessings of complete Love, endless Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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