Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

April 18, 1998 (12 Akbal, 6 Kankin, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you today with some very unusual news. Over the past few galactic days, the energy around your magnificent planet has begun to become more positive. What we like to call the ‘peace energies’ are commencing to gain a degree of momentum. This positive force is one that promises to subtly change your world over the seven remaining days in this Eb tone cycle. Right now, you are moving into a most glorious time, denoted by the sixteen-day period between the next new moon (in Aries) on 7 Batz, 14 Kankin, 6 Caban (April 26, 1998) and the Wesak full moon in Scorpio on 9 Cimi, 9 Moan, 6 Caban (May 11, 1998). This period marks the sixty-day period from the Solar cross eclipse. The positive energies of the manifesting grid can now become even more powerful. As always, the key is pure precise intention mixed with positive thoughts. This intention has to be very specific in its unfolding. Give it a plan similar to a business plan and, above all, understand that it should done with a positive environment. Negative feelings and opinions will always prevent its flowering.

      “Show me” attitudes about your intention plan will not let it work. Being in a negative environment also will not work. Put yourself into an environment that will easily reinforce you and allow you to concentrate upon both your passion and your intention. As we have just said, at the start, have a very detailed concept of it. This precise plan will allow it to happen. Do not force the issue — let it go and, above all, flow with the outcome. It is important to comprehend the need to nurture this intention. Mostly, it will happen exactly as you desire. At times, however, the sources of its success may be entirely different than you originally thought. So be prepared for anything to happen. Also, because the time energies in this specific environment are currently off, you should be prepared either for it to be delayed or for it to happen much more quickly than you may have initially conceived. In the period that you have chosen, give yourself a conscious plan that prepares you for the desired outcome. You should think of, as well as believe in, this successful outcome.

      The importance of positive and passionate intention will be shown in the great world-wide experiment that is to occur on 4 Lamat, 11 Kankin, 6 Caban (April 23, 1998) at 22:30 Hours GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). This global event will help many to understand how this entire process operates. The intention is world peace and the formal allegiance of a percentage of this planet’s human population to the great Emissaries of Light. These Emissaries include some of the great enlightened Beings that once physically walked your world, for example, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Mohammed. Included in this heavenly group are other extraordinary Beings, such as the Ascended Masters and other well-known immortals. All of them are determined to bring you to a new golden reality. Assist them in this sacred mission by taking their pledge of acknowledgment and joyously standing for their cause. All they ask of you is that you appear and participate in this brief 15-minute mutual action.

      You are now being astutely changed and are becoming a Being that can assist the Heavenly Hierarchy in their sacred tasks. The key point is intention, passion and power. This process has to be combined with right action. This right action needs a plan filled with a well-thought-out preparation for its success. When these elements are put into action, you have to learn to step out of the way and allow the dynamics produced by the joint consciousness, or field of intention, to fulfill your intentions. Each such joint consciousness has its own unique shape or level of how it will unfold. This unfolding affects not only those involved in the joint consciousness, but also those around them. These specifically shaped ‘fields’ are constantly interacting with one another. These many encounters can cause the collective consciousness to be ‘re-shaped’. If done drastically, it can create a new reality. This complex operation is how the Spiritual Hierarchy means to vastly alter your present reality. It is one of the main reasons why a ‘great experiment’ can now be conceived of in the first place.

      The goal of the Spiritual Hierarchy is to change your present reality in the right divine time. This process involves the use of many different resources that will be made available to you in a proper sequencing of events. These events will permit you to transform your reality. The main point is to return you to being a responsible and personally sovereign individual. By so doing, you return to your primary power position. A physical Angel is a sacred Being of great power. This power is given to mediate between the physical and the Spiritual. This sacred merging within you both descends your Spiritual essence and ascends your physical aspects to the divine. You then become immortal and have a sacred purpose. That general sacred purpose is to intend globally and to manifest locally. Each of you has a specific place and a specific task to perform within the confines of this planet’s holy space. Yet, you are a vastly interconnected sentient Being or planetary organism. When you think of and serve your own particular group or team, you greatly empower each other.

      This important description brings us to the great need for you to do your actions in both joy and laughter. Realize the immense importance of joy and laughter. These positive emotions not only eliminate fear, but also bring relaxation to your mind and body. These welcome emotions are a prelude to ecstasy — the highest form of passion. In it, you experience the ways by which pure intent is made manifest. It is a state in which only positive and gratifying things can happen to you. It is the natural state of any fully conscious Being. That is why you see a laughing Buddha or a laughing ascended Christ. This positive state of ecstasy acts as a formidable creator of positive outcomes or manifestations. It is the reason that Angels are seen as being constantly in Joy. Their sole purpose is to spread this sacred message to each inhabitant of your planet. It is the major reason why the next Age of your world shall be called an Age of Love, of Joy, and mainly, of Ecstasy. Can you not see what a marvelous time is in store for all of you?

      It is necessary that you seek your joy. Manifest it and allow its many wonders to obtain for you what you truly desire. Life is not meant to be an experience filled with pain or suffering. Life is not meant to be filled with endless travails. It is meant to be one originally consummated with joy and filled with your interconnectiveness with all forms of living Beings. This planet is supposed to be a vast play area. Consequently, take a lesson from the dolphins and really learn how to play. Ride the wave of life in Joy, and learn the significance of saying “surf’s up”. See your beautiful blue water planet for the exceptional Being that she is. Look at Life in a new and delicious manner. Taste your ecstasy and smell its most wondrous aroma. Feel it enveloping you like an orgasmic lover! Let it overcome your illusions of lack and less than. Every moment is a unique union of past, present and future. Enjoy them and let your passion lead you down your path to ecstasy.

      Be in love with life. Understand that you have the ability to shape it to your divine purpose. This divine purpose unfolds in an environment of abundance. The Spiritual Hierarchy desires that you truly understand these facts. They sincerely want you to be in a state of constant ecstasy and in constant communication with themselves. They want you to express your joy to them so that they can express it back to you. The key is to learn to be, and to see the humor in all things human. Life is not a tragedy or a pain. Life is a set of unique experiences that occur in a completely non-logical sequence. Life is just a dream, and living is but a point of holy light — a point of Light with a most divine purpose and a track that is symbolized by your sacred joys. These points of light come together to create interconnected realities at will and form your divine Now. It is this divine Now that should be the point of your intentions.

      Bear in Mind that you are a child of the Creator and you are a most favored one, at that. God sincerely desires that you live in great happiness and experience joy. Mother/Father God wants you to be in constant ecstasy. The Creator has planned your lifetime to be one that regularly reaches out and puts you into orgasms. Feel the joy of God’s desires made manifest. Let go of illusory fears and wrongly perceived limitations. Seek God’s great joy and follow the plan of your inner purpose. Get back your power and use it to manifest your abundance. Comprehend how easy and smooth life is foreordained to be. Most of all, we ask that you smile and look around and laugh at it all. The best is about to come. We now leave you with infinite blessings of complete, perfect Love, unbounded Joy and unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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