Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

April 14, 1998 (8 Cauac, 2 Kankin, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you today with some exciting information on what is now occurring. Over the course of the past ten galactic days (11 Muluk, 12 Mac, 6 Caban to 7 Etznab, 1 Kankin, 6 Caban or April 4th to April 13, 1998), the positive energies have been set by the Spiritual Hierarchy for anchoring in the beginnings of a new reality for all humanity. This new energy was set around the wave patterns of the Libra full moon so that these important energies could be balanced by it. Right now, these many energies are slowly being integrated into this reality. They represent the continuation of a process that began last 13 Eb, 15 Zac, 6 Caban (February 26, 1998). On that date, the Solar Cross eclipse brought in a vast amount of new and highly positive energies. These energies were used to adjust you and, finally, during the last 10 days, they were used to remove negative energies from the Earth’s grids. These negative energies had been stuck there since the last days of Atlantis. The Spiritual Hierarchy is currently establishing the guidelines for a new reality. It is the many aspects of this new reality that we would like to talk about to you today.

      One of the most important aspects of these new realities is the power of concentrated or focused intention. In this manner, we would ask that you participate in the ‘grand experiment’ of 4 Lamat, 11 Kankin, 6 Caban (April 23, 1998 Click here for details). During this global meditation, please set the focused intent for peace, inner growth (sovereignty) and abundance. It is time for the people of your planet to realize that they are a mighty tool for change, and especially, for manifesting a new reality. Such things will only occur in right divine time, and need your complete commitment to them. ‘Right divine time’ has an important subset — the active commitment of your populace on a large scale to something happening. Fence sitting, ego-ism, and skepticism are only delaying tactics. They do not prevent it, for they only delay the inevitable. It is time for your society to grow up as a people. We have only given you messengers who tell you what should be done. Our mission is not one of rescue, nor of creating false hopes. Rather, it is one of assistance based on the connecting of you as a committed whole.

      Groups or individuals incriminating one another is not what we are about. To believe so is to engage in mere folly. The Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light sincerely desire that you take responsibility for who you really are — namely, physical Angels. We want you to understand that you are very powerful and that you are also very sovereign. You work best through intrapendance and not interdependence. The difference is immense. One is based on being personally sovereign, and on understanding the power of your connectedness with all sentient life on your planet. The second is based on master — slave falsehoods. You are talented, creative Beings. Act like it. You are not cattle or sheep. You are sentient Beings! Come together, filled with the wonderful energies that you are capable of manifesting. Create the global network of Light. Learn to really love yourselves and others. Leave open the 'whos' and the 'whys' and concentrate on a specific set of focused intention. Just do it with love and support each other.

      One of the most important aspects of this new reality is the ability to manifest your true desires. We are in the midst of making it possible for you to co-create a most marvelous new reality for yourselves. However, it needs the truly committed and focused intention of each one of you for it to occur rapidly. As noted in previous messages, we are weaving together a very broad mosaic of humanity. This unique tapestry will contain a structure that puts your personal sovereignty and your magnificent abilities to their full use. It is a global society based on the cooperation and full potential of all sentient Beings. It is galactic in scope, but localized in nature. It is fluid and organic in its approach to reality. Yet, it is able to encourage all to participate freely, and to add their unique outlook to any interesting project. Such a society requires a very open mind. It also needs you to put away your present childish squabbles and to mature as a society. It is time for you to move into a period of acceptance of each other and of your new responsibilities.

      This Elevation of your soul’s physical consciousness is a two-step process. It is one of Ascension to higher realms, as well as a Descent into the many realms that constitute Earth’s physical reality. You are the mediator between Spirit and the physical. You bring forth the great energy of God’s divine Light into this reality. Yet, you are also a co-creator with the Spiritual Hierarchy of this sixth Creation. You have to face up to this incredible dualism. Currently, these concepts may seem ludicrous to you. However, as the old proverb on your world goes, truth is indeed stranger than fiction. As the energy for a new reality flows into your present reality, the time comes for you to manifest a new attitude and a new approach to what is happening to you. Denial and incrimination of others will not do. The one to take primary responsibility for you, is you. Inside you is the ability to create miracles. Think of what a global group of such truly responsible and fully committed individuals could give birth to.

      A process of profound change is slowly happening around you. The rate of occurrence of this transformation is primarily based upon your perceptions (state of consciousness). Being limited in concept or in lack with these perceptions slows change. The feeling that change must come from outside, and not from inside, deters it, as does the need to have someone to tell you how to accomplish it. You are not alone. The universe does not operate in a vacuum. Space is filled with the energy of Light and of Creation. There is no Law of God that says we cannot come to assist you and land upon your shores when it is desirous to do so. In the reality of full consciousness, there is no failure. There is only the experience to be lived and its lessons to be accepted. What has to be changed is the global perception of reality. The tools to flip your reality now exist. The only key point for us is when you desire to change, and how the divine plan views these desires. Remember, it is God’s WILL to put you into this new reality. Resistance above a certain point is futile!

      As you see, first your perceptions change, then your reality becomes more malleable. Reality’s form can be shifted and your reticence to the new reality can be gradually removed. The key is to learn to go with the flow and not to resist. Be joyous! We want you to be prosperous in all things. We desire to have a reality that not only acknowledges your existence, but honors you for your existence in physicality. It is important to get away from the need to blame and to be over-critical. Accept and let it happen. Look for the big wave of life and just ride it. "Hang ten" and "just chill". Your life has been filled with the negative and the less. Now, let it be filled with the positive and the more. Allow us to come and permit your mighty wings to appear. It is time to fly and to soar. It is the moment to let go of all of that gooey dark stuff that currently envelopes you. Replace it with Light and joy. We await your firm commitment and your focused and clear intentions.

      Life is made to be a lesson in joyful purpose that is well served. We have not abandoned you. The choice is still inside you, waiting to come out. Your very presence here makes the outcome a sure thing. However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get it over sooner, rather than later? Do not lose the enthusiasm, and realize that this reality shift is a global event. The key is to work smart and then to expect a miracle. The critical point is to throw off your many misperceptions. Change is a joint endeavor. Reality changing is a most complex procedure. Nonetheless, it can and shall be done. The point that we desire to express to you is that you can make it happen. All that is required is what we have told you today. This consciousness revolution is not fought with guns. It is an evolution that concerns your RNA/DNA and your integration of spirit, mind and body. Furthermore, it is a sure thing that has been decreed by the very word of Mother/Father God — the divine plan.

      What you should look at now is what is happening to you. Basically, you are in some form of crisis, or in the midst of chaos. Turmoil is a tool for change and if you will not give in, then your inner guardian council will do what is appropriate. In any case, change is a part of what is happening. Also, your commitments are being tested. Do you really understand what you are here for? Are you truly committed to change and to constructing the global web of Light? Do you understand what fluid management and organic structuring are all about? Look inside, and understand the immensity of what is happening here. Come together and realize the power that you possess. The tools are there. All that is needed is the desire to commit and to focus globally upon your objectives. Again, all resistance is futile. We now leave you with infinite blessings of complete, full Love, unlimited Joy and boundless Prosperity and Supply. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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