Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

April 7, 1998 (1 Eb, 15 Mac, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you today with some interesting news. This news concerns what is currently happening to your planet and to you, yourselves. In our last report, we gave you a very rough outline of what we are putting together on your world. We would presently like to expand your knowledge in some very critical areas that deal with your soul’s elevation procedures. One of the basic elements of our program is the adjustment of your physical body to be able to accept the new and higher photon energies that we have been introducing to your planet. These new energies are meant to trigger certain aspects of your hidden memories. These latent memories have strong ties to your true abilities and real life purpose. We are currently establishing a way to move you quickly out of your limited 3-D orientations. In addition to this quite complex procedure, we are going to enable you to express your inner abilities more easily. This aspect is needed for the success of your coming liaison with many environmental, religious and Light Working organizations. For you, the key remains the weaving of a global web of Light.

      Every Being on your globe has a part to play in this drama. We are orchestrating a way to put everyone in the right place at the right time. Nothing that happens to you is a mere accident. Rather, it is an agreement between your inner self and your outer self to position you for some degree of growth. Use these pre-arranged situations to grow, and also to come together with your community. Every aspect of your growth is a means to show the importance of helping each other and of building a true interactive community. This chain of communities already encircles your globe. It also demonstrates how you are closely connected to each other. The main interconnecting element is Light — the Celestial Light of the Creator. The photon has the ability to change your 'Now' and create your golden future. Its chain of Light holds the knowledge you require to unlock who you are. Hence, the coming age is the age of Light. This age of Light is both technologically and physically linked to you. This point of union will be highlighted by a series of technologies that shall be made available to you in the very near future. The key, here, is to switch over the neural pathways in your brain from being quasi-electrical to their very natural photonic state.

      The basis of your memory patterning is magno-photonic. You store your memories in a special inter-dimensional hologram that is intertwined with your soul’s energies. Each segment of your brain is the ‘keyer’ for a certain set of sequencing of your brain’s neural circuitry. This proper sequencing brings up your memory in your so-called conscious mind. Memory is divided into three types. Very short-term, short-term and long-term. The key is the ‘tripping’ of the very short-term memory sequencing. This sequencing also corresponds to your most advanced interdimensional memory. What you have done is to put certain encrypted events around your very early childhood memories. These encryptions can eventually be broken by simply slamming certain types of photon technology, as neural interrupters, into these protected events. Each event is waiting to be properly unencoded by these technologies. You might say that photon communication can unlock your most protected truths — namely who you really are.

      Long-term memory is segmented into three parts as well — pre-birth and birth, childhood, and everything important up to now. This entire pattern can be ‘run’ before you during a major life crisis, such as a Near Death Experience (NDE). The temporary movement of your soul’s main physical aspects out-of-body, engenders the special enzymes needed to set the proper magno-photonic sequencing into operation. These particular experiences are very traumatic, but there is another way to encounter them. Light has the ability, when it scans the neural network in a correct way, to break down these self-imposed barriers. The key is the first part of your long-term memory — pre-birth and birth. The soul completes its life agreements during pre-birth. The child in the womb is very interactive with both parents, and especially with the primary parent. Here, the child is setting up its unique experiences and starting the encoding of its ‘future’ early life experiences. When you properly link to this aspect by Light technology, you clear the codes and open the door to all pre-embodiment soul agreements.

      Your Soul is no more than a form of the interdimensional Blue Light of Creation. Every one of you is connected to this mighty Light from the Creator. When you comprehend this fact, you begin to understand how photons unencode your mind. They reach into this primal link between all life and bring forth a message that is vital to your very Being-ness. On a lower level, they match the ‘picturing’ of language and permit almost instant global communications, regardless of the many different languages employed. But this communication is extremely subliminal. It occurs at the soul-to-soul level. Your very inner presence is a critical part of this most remarkable procedure. No way is left for a possible misunderstanding to spring forth in a sudden and choking manner. Rather, the energy exists to expand the interaction and to unlock your hidden codes. You reveal your true energy to yourself, as well as to others. It is a unique technology dependent on consciousness expansion. Such technology makes present Earth society obsolete.

      Your private side has to be eventually redefined. In the same way, your concept of reality must be redefined. The limits of the present are broken down and the new 'Nows' constantly reshape its new definitions. You are put on a sudden upward pathway towards full consciousness. Your new fad - indeed, the whole essence of your reality - will become moving into the Light and its marvelous technology. Along the way, you are vastly expanded in knowledge, wisdom and capabilities. You also truly discover your interconnectedness to each other. However, once onboard there is no turning back. Light technology is the downtown express to full consciousness. Each time you employ it, you advance your knowledge and your wisdom. This process leads you to incredible new abilities. It rapidly creates only a great joy. It leads you into unity and finally permits you to unlock you inner energies and realize your thoughts. Moreover, it breaks down the illusions of fear and separation.

      Light seeks its own level just as water does. Light also has the need to come together in vast accumulations. Rather than lakes or oceans, Light forms infinite dimensions and many realities. Right now, you are moving into a realization of what Light truly is. Your science is rapidly beginning to merge with the spiritual, and to understand that consciousness is the basic underpinning of your reality. The basis of consciousness is Light. The future of your technology is the photon. These ‘light bundles’ are more than a mere form of radiant energy. They are the very basis of Life. In many past messages, we have given you a brief underlining of how Light was initially created and how it is one of the two major elements of existence. The other is, of course, Time. Together, they create Space and make possible the way in which the divine plan is carried out. This primordial aspect of Light is what gives it the special qualities that we have so far described to you. Light also has some other very interesting properties that we would like to talk about briefly.

      Light has the ability to transcend your reality. That is, it can create and put forth new ones. Thought is a special form of Light. It has the ability to move you from one aspect of reality to another. In fact, to many researchers, the dream-state seems like a very strange form of reality. Instead, it is merely a transitional mode that interprets and encodes your daily experiences. Light also has the property to link these various transitional states together. It is this property that permits it to perform the various tasks that we have described to you in this message. Life needs Light, or consciousness, in order to be truly nurtured. This fact allows you to see how important Light really is. Light is your primal nurturer, since its main propagating source is Love. Love sits at the very foundation of what we have been talking about since these messages first began. Feel within you these various connections and learn how important they are to your future.

      During this report, we have described how photon communication technology can vastly increase your sensitivity to inner soul growth. We have shown you how this technology can drastically alter your reality. Around you, the basis for this technology already exists. In the near future, you will learn about its existence, and how it is available for your use. Understand the importance of what we have given you in the past few days. We have presented you with various plans, and now a very small part of the hardware that will make it possible to reshape your reality most drastically. We have done this action to set the stage for a vast report into your reality that helps to appreciate more fully what is happening around you. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, unending Joy, and unbounded Prosperity and Supply. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

A Special Message:
As of this date, you will notice a change in the spelling of my first name, from "Sheldon" to "Sheldan". The decision to change my name originated in a suggestion from an elderly lady I met in Maui during the spring of 1997. She resonated with the ideas in my book, and advised that I would find prosperity and business success if I were to make a minor change to my name. As a numerologist, she had often observed a correlation between the name a person used and the quality of his/her life, and had developed a unique system by which she determined what name would help the individual achieve his/her goals in health, business, career, relationships, etc. Her method had changed the lives of many people. Rather than have me change my entire name, she told me that I needed to alter only one letter of my first name, by replacing the "o" with an "a". Therefore, in order to formally transform the energies around me and my organization to those of success and prosperity for all concerned, from this day forward, I change my name to Sheldan Nidle.

Selamat Ja!
Sheldan Nidle, Maui, Hawaii, April 7, 1998.

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