Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

March 31, 1998 (7 Chicchan, 8 Mac, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you on this date with some wonderful news. Over the past few galactic days, the duly appointed Celestial messengers of the Spiritual Hierarchy have achieved some major breakthroughs in bringing you the physical resources that you require. As before, we sincerely ask that you honor yourselves and your abilities to manifest those items needed to bring forth your new galactic reality. Right now, you stand on the brink of a major quantum leap in your Ascension process. Presently, those elements that you will need to transform your world are about to be given to you. We ask that you employ them wisely and then watch how swiftly your world will be transformed. Consciousness elevation procedures work in many complex and profound ways. You may view it as a huge jigsaw puzzle that encompasses over 6 billion souls, and has to be put together in just the right divine relationship. Each aspect of the divine plan must be followed by the Spiritual Hierarchy, as your sacred co-creative possibilities allow. Meanwhile, the Time Lords and Elohim have to manifest the exact spatial events and timelines when they are required to do so.

      We are now vastly expanding your inner spiritual temple. In this vein, we in the Spiritual Hierarchy would like to discuss a number of key procedures with you. First, there is a modified operation for adjusting your new alignments. Many of you have been trained by knowledgeable facilitators in how to adjust a person’s alignment correctly. The basic point of most current individual alignments is a chakra spin that moves in a counterclockwise (right to left) direction. This spin will occasionally move like a gyro as it rotates around, and in, the physical body. The result will appear like the shape of a caduceus. The proper treatment is to wrap the new spin centers in clockwise (left to right ) energies and see that the colors in each chakra are very electric and vivid. If they are not, it means that a block in this spin circuit remains. Use the major node points in the physical body for that chakra to energize the affected chakra’s input of life energies. This procedure should greatly alleviate the difficulty that you may have encountered.

      Your alignments are also being raised to higher frequencies. This important factor leads us to a second element in what is happening to you. The higher frequencies increase the discharge of toxic elements from your cellular structures (tissues). A major result is that illness may be much more severe when encountered. Understand that your physical vehicle is being prepared to accept deeper and deeper anchoring of your Lightbody. It means that you have to maintain a certain degree of balance (lack of stress) in your daily life. Any such imbalance could rapidly throw you into a potential and/or prolonged health crisis. We are telling you these facts now to make you more aware of what is now happening to you. The higher frequencies are absolutely essential to anchor your Lightbody. This right relationship between your physical and spiritual bodies is needed to maintain its overall integrity. We ask that you bear with us and remain patient about any possible side-effects.

      Third, there is the matter of the link between you and your planet. In a healthy alignment, the soul’s energy extends from the Earth to the physical vehicle, and then through your spiritual bodies to the universal source. From the universal source, it then flows back through your body to the Earth Mother. We are currently moving this link into a new and tighter level. The local Spiritual Hierarchies realize that a higher conscious Being has to connect with them in quite a different way. Before, the connection was to align your physical body to the Earth plane. In this way, your body’s circadian rhythms could remain in right relationship to those of the Earth. Now, the primary point is to adjust the Earth to your higher and very healing frequencies. As a populace, you are just reaching the point where you can effectively heal and stabilize your beloved world. Shortly, you shall be able to regulate and to heal the Earth. However, this operation requires a very tight band width. The Earth is a special living entity and it needs your healing energies to be given to it in a very special way.

      Previously, only those individuals who regularly practiced meditation and gathered in special groups could heal your world. However, your planet’s health now needs the vast assistance of all of Earth’s humanity. One of the major reasons for your society’s existence is to aid your planet. Electro-gravitational life forms (such as planets or stars) require the assistance of electro-magnetic life forms (such as plants and animals), in order to maintain an optimal health and a long life. Your planet is still young and we do not intend to see it die a premature death. That is why you are now in the midst of your Ascension. A special relationship exists between any galactic society and its home worlds. These places are sacred ones. Every solar system must be honored for what it can offer to all of us — a home for our sacred traditions and our precious culture. In return, you act as the mediator between spiritual and physical realities.

      Planets, stars, galaxies, etcetera, are energy patterns created by the Elohim for specific purposes. The harmonics of each aspect of physical Creation are very well defined. Together, the physical universe produces a great and unified song. Hence, the term universe or ‘one song’. The relationships between the wave guides of these various entities are very tight, or narrow, indeed. They need a special series of songs done en masse by its most sacred children — you — to maintain themselves properly. These positive holy rituals give life to these great entities and permit them to perform their sacred notes in the holy universal song of Creation. Hence, the need to change your present alignments, and with them, those of your planet and your entire solar system. You are both currently being ‘plugged in’ in a new and more vital manner. A seemingly new, but really quite old, relationship is being formed. As physical angels, you are being put back into proper service with the Creation. This complex procedure establishes once again your full link to Spirit, as well as to all who compose your space family.

      The key is the formation of the vitally important connection to Creation. This connection makes it possible for the Creator to unfold the divine plan. What we in the Spiritual Hierarchy are doing is something that all agreed to a long time ago. The rhythm of your world unfolds as it is supposed to, and in right relationship to all that is now occurring. What is important to you is not the past, but only the 'now' and how you desire to create it. These desires assist us in creating the future. The future is based upon a divine plan. Be patient and let go of it. Concentrate on the 'Now'. Manifest it with a very specific and strong intention. Once you have placed this specific intention before us, let go of it and allow us to set up a unique flow that makes it possible. Remember, you are here to mediate a reality that serves Creation and honors you as well. The flow of reality is designed to make your life easy, if you will learn to go with it and not oppose its random actions or profound timings.

      What we are now doing is part of a vast and rather complex plan. Its conclusion will leave you in a new reality and filled with the joys of Creation. The major point is that your great task has only now just begun. This sacred task is being made as easy for you as possible. Around you, individuals and groups are creating the foundations for your new galactic society. This new reality cannot be stopped by those attached to the old paradigm of a severe form of control built around a series of interlocked elites. The future of your reality is based on freedom, personal sovereignty and integrity. The old ways are quickly dying. Yet we need your specific intention and personal commitment to complete our plans. Look inside and have the discernment to look deeply and really see what is happening to you and your environment. Go beyond any illusionary fears and make yourself heard. You will be truly astounded at the results.

      This report has come to you in the hope of enlightening and exciting you. We sincerely desire that you come forward and make a deep commitment to yourself. This commitment leads you into a new reality. In this new reality, your very presence is vitally important to all. Your unique energies create patterns that are synergistic and make possible the reality that exists around you. The interaction among you, others and your planet creates your local reality. This local reality helps with other local realities to form the greater reality of physical Creation. This great net of Life and Light unfolds the divine plan from one 'now' to another. It also makes possible the growth of your soul and the bringing of this Creation to its successful conclusion. We now leave you with boundless blessings of unconditional Love, unending Joy and unlimited Prosperity and Supply. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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