Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

March 21, 1998 (10 Men, 18 Ceh, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We bring you some very exciting information from both the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation. This day marks the beginning of a new level of movement for your manifesting energy. Over the past 16 galactic days, we have been adjusting your Lightbodies, as well as bringing in those energies that can assist you in making your positive goals a reality. During this 4-day period from 10 Men, 18 Ceh, 6 Caban to 13 Etznab, 1 Mac, 6 Caban (March 21 to March 24, 1998), we shall ask you to do daily ritual and set the sacred energies for soul’s elevation in consciousness. On 1 Cauac, 2 Mac, 6 Caban (March 25, 1998), this set of adjustments will end. On that date, we want you to take some time in the morning and/or in the early evening to concentrate on anchoring in your Lightbody. By that time, we will have adjusted most of your major anchor points. What we want to do is to seal these many anchor points and begin, in the next stage of your soul’s elevation, to bring out some of your forgotten abilities. In this way, we can enable you to understand better what it is that you are to do in order to achieve our mutual goals.

      We are now at a most interesting point in your Ascension procedures. Your inner guardian councils are currently being readied to begin to adjust your holographic memory patterning. This entire procedure has to be handled very gently and very slowly. The reason for this operation is that many of you are now able to accept who you are. You now need the tools to complete your various tasks. However, this process has to be done in right relationship to your present level of development. We cannot rush you into what you are not yet ready for. Each of you is like a part of a note in a great and renowned symphony. You cannot be played before the time is right for you to sound your note. We are a very adroit conductor and do not wish to give our celestial audience anything less than a most pleasant and uplifting experience. As always, the key element is patience. Master that all is proceeding, as envisioned by the Creator’s divine plan. The only outcome possible is the one that provides for our success.

      You are being connected to a new divine timeline. This new divine timeline is one that, on this sacred date, has now finally been cleansed of most of the dark elements that are inherent in your present reality. Under the holy auspices of Lady Nada, Lady Liberty and Lord Mary, your local Spiritual Hierarchy is currently busily preparing to seal you into a positive outcome for your present travails. In the past, many among you have been unwillingly forced to participate in secret government activities not of your making: we shall no longer tolerate such activities. Your nefarious secret elites have employed many of you to battle us without any awareness of what was truly going on around you. Any possible attempts they make to destroy this new timeline will lead only to a swift justice that the Holy Celestial Ones, under the direct command of Lord Michael, shall mete out. Your Heavenly Lineage no longer wishes you to experience this reality for any longer than it takes to dissipate its present ill effects. Lord Michael has issued a holy decree in which these very same points of your Earth's sacred history were covered. This coming period is one in which you will construct the foundations that will serve your developing galactic society well. To do this activity correctly requires that you be shepherded in a way that allows you to understand on one level what is happening to you. This level is the level of your heart, and the intuitive powers of your soul. The rest needs comprehensive and multi-dimensional cognitive abilities that you do not yet possess. In time, they shall come to you, and the wisdom of our actions will become very apparent to you. The key to assisting your understanding is to bring forth your now-forgotten abilities and past life memories. We desire that you realize who you really are and that you empower those truths to the point that they deeply affect your daily lives. When you are so empowered, you are a most powerful tool for change. One of which your secret elites are extremely fearful.

      What each of you has to learn is how powerful you really are, and that you are destined to create a most incredible reality for yourselves on this sacred blue world. Mother Earth knows these facts and now, it is your turn to learn this mighty lesson. Long, long ago, you lived in a great and magnificent civilization. Your purpose is to re-create it in a new and most unique manner. This civilization is one that your elites greatly fear You now have the ability to transform their fear into one of cooperation, as well as of compassion for your endeavors. Employ the great individual and group manifesting abilities that are in your possession. These wondrous abilities are powerful enough to overcome all obstacles and permit you to accomplish your goals. The coming days of the galactic month of Mac (late March to early April, 1998) are a time to finalize your plans for your new galactic society. It is, as we have said before, a time to come together globally and realize your dreams.

      What you should now do is to take the loosely connected networks that you have formed in the past two and one-half decades and commence to tie them together into a global web of Light. Our purpose is to assist you, but your purpose is the sacred task of putting this new galactic society together. Many of you do not realize what an incredible job you have so far accomplished. Yet your many Light and environmental networks now sit in surroundings in which one is not fully aware of most of the others. This limited liaison capability has to be alleviated as soon as possible. Use this coming time to link with other groups that you may not have interacted with before. It is a period to interact with each other and learn about your similar goals and expectations. It is a moment to reflect on what lies ahead, and on how you can help each other to achieve your objectives. It is also a time to learn about the power of the ‘flow’.

      Flow is a natural ordering of reality that you can manifest by learning to listen to your inner self. It does not require a great learning, nor does it need a constant unending inner processing to grasp its ways. Flow is based on the energy of right timing. It comes from understanding that manifesting is a talent inherent in ourselves. Manifesting happens to aid us in our quest when we need to discover more about ourselves and to achieve our divine purposes. Flow permits persons, events and actions to occur in a way that is most advantageous to us. Flow is a tool for empowering yourself. Hence, flow is something that most of you unlearned during your early childhood. Now you must re-learn its utter simplicity and accept its marvelous consequences. Flow is a key element in accomplishing your goals in the coming months. The major point to learn is to intend in a clear way and then let it go. Do not get in its way.

      Flow comes from understanding that Creation is working with you and not against you. You are meant to be a successful individual. Failure is a means to control you, when you permit it to make you feel less than your true self. As a Being, you are constantly expanding and not contracting. Your wisdom about life grows with every day. The only lesson to learn is that love is the answer to all your ‘problems’ and that all your problems can be solved easily. Life is abundant with examples of what we are saying to you now. Look around you and see the relevance of what we are telling you. Bear in mind that you need to intuit your truths on this matter and move forward. Above all, learn that you have a natural flow or rhythm to your life when it ‘works’. The key is to get into this ‘groove’ and to learn how to stay there. The major key is to learn when to let go.

      What we have said today are things that you must be told, in order that you may understand and come together for your own growth and for that of your society. Right now, you are at the edge of a most incredible moment in your history. This period will be the one in which you finally gather on a global level and learn how a galactic society really operates. You are about to change: in this changing, you shall produce a profound wisdom for both yourselves and for this galaxy. All of us are gathered around you and come strictly to support you. We do not recognize the validity of the present processes of your elites and the events that they so deeply desire to orchestrate for you. We only desire your empowerment and the fulfillment of your sacred destiny. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, unbounded Joy and unlimited Supply and Prosperity. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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