Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

March 14, 1998 (3 Lamat, 11 Ceh, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you today with exciting news. Over the past few days, the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation have been in the process of adjusting various energy grids around your beloved planet. These various Earth grids include the new manifesting grid which was lowered into its correct position at 12:00 hours Greenwich Mean Time on 1 Cimi, 9 Ceh, 6 Caban (March 12, 1998). These procedures have permitted the remaining connections between any inter-dimensional dark forces and your planetary social, political and economic elites to be formally severed. The only persistent difficulties lie in some remaining underground bases: these hold small remnants of the personnel who were assigned to former technology transfers between your governments and numerous former Alliance members. These new Galactic Federation star nations have been endeavoring to repatriate some of their scientists and technicians who still illegally remain on your world. This present operation constitutes the only negative information that we can now convey to you. It is our sincere desire to neutralize this factor by the time of your spring equinox.

      Over the last two days, much positive intention has been woven by your magnificent efforts with the Earth’s manifesting grid. It has allowed our numerous first contact scenarios to be transformed from those that were originally adopted in the first quarter of this current galactic year. Our scientists now feel that the various catastrophe-oriented scenarios can be vastly downgraded. You have put a lot of intention into creating those structures and support programs, which will make our many tasks much easier to accomplish. All we now ask is that you carry out those most noble programs, which your new physical resources will shortly make possible. Constantly remember that you are physical Angels caught in the midst of some temporary, but very unique and limiting, circumstances. Hence, the present conditions can be quickly altered and a new set of realities put into place. Use this coming time to realize how empowered you have become. Network with each other and go forward and create the global web of Light.

      Let us focus on what the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation are now doing to move your world into a first contact with us. First, there is the entire matter of the soul elevation, or Ascension, process. We have completed the first stages of this most complex and immense operation. Every person on your planet is currently at some stage of a genetic and/or cellular mutation. The awakening procedure has been vastly accelerated. The skewed Bell curve needed for the final steps of the Ascension is beginning to fall into place. As a part of this procedure, we are tying your energies into Mother Earth. We are also beginning to quicken the integration between your physical and spiritual selves. This integration is the most difficult part of the entire procedure. It involves the emotional, mental and ethereal bodies that surround your physical presence. What your society has negatively co-created with you has to be undone.

      Our joint operation means that you have been put under a lot of stress and that your emotional and mental bodies have been hugely reordered by both your inner Angelic guardian councils and the local Spiritual Hierarchy. This present adjustment period is one of those times when this entire procedure is both advanced and evaluated by us. So far, we have much good news to give you about the first part of this procedure. Much growth has occurred, but we should state that much more has to be done before we are in a position to complete this incredible mission of first contact. As a populace, your growth on all avenues has amazed us. Yet we are also disappointed that you lack a very detailed knowledge of what is presently happening to you. This ‘covering up’ of the truth by your governments and your mass media has hindered some of our timetables, but it has not kept us from achieving our objectives. We are excited by what your new resources will do to this ever ongoing cover-up.

      It is our hope that you will spread the word about what is truly happening to you and your planet. We also deeply desire that you will use these new physical resources to support and assist each other. This next period is one for your compassion for each other to come to the fore. During the next period of time, many of you will begin to rediscover many things about yourselves that were either lost or deeply discouraged during your childhood. Their sudden reappearance will be both joyous and traumatic for you. You will require the use of already-established support mechanisms, as well as a platform by which you can move your process to its proper conclusion. Here, the presently growing global web of Light becomes important. You need an organization that is both fluid in structure and individually-oriented to provide these vital purposes. What you have so far put into place serves as the foundation for such a world-wide organization. Use it to empower yourselves and to prepare your planet for our coming.

      Your genetic transformations have currently reached an important watershed. Right now, we have activated the so-called third strand of RNA/DNA found inside every cell nucleus in your body. This specific development has brought forth a new generation of very young children that have a much better comprehension of what is now happening. Their mutated genetic structure permits them to act as the anchor point for the new Earth energies, as well as for the new spiritual energies being employed to integrate Earth’s humanity. These very young additions to your world have come to act as examples for a new way of looking at your reality. Their first task has been to teach and to help awaken their parents. Their second task has been to set an example for their families of what is truly happening around them. These marvelous children are another sign of the many complex procedures involved in quickly altering your planetary civilization. Our intent is to give you the means to transform yourselves, and the proof that this process does indeed constitute the birth of a new and wonderful reality.

      Second, there is the whole matter of the changes now occurring to Mother Earth. Your beloved blue orb is gradually being changed into an entirely new spiritual and physical entity. The first part of this procedure has been already accomplished. The anchors for the new firmament have been set. The upper atmosphere has been prepared for its shift as the guardian of the firmament. The lower atmosphere that supports the biosphere has been prepared to be more stabilized. This fact means that the environment on the surface has become increasingly chaotic. This current situation is only a transitional mode. This same assessment can be recited for your oceans. They are also in transition. These vast gaseous and liquid bodies now sit ready for the final alteration of your planet. In addition, the Earth’s electromagnetic fields have been both weakened and moved around. This necessary activity is required to set the proper vortex points for the advanced inter-dimensional reactions of a fully conscious planet. These various actions could have led to a most serious number of enormous global catastrophes.

      Your planet is a heavenly sphere of destiny. Its particular motions affect your civilization and determine the scope of its natural reality. In turn, your society’s actions have greatly affected the viability of Earth’s biosphere. Mostly, your mutual actions have not been in sync with each other. The rise of your world-wide environmental movement and the empowering of your indigenous people’s beliefs have helped to redress only slightly this critical imbalance. What has served you well are the procedures that you have permitted the Spiritual Hierarchy to perform upon you and your planet. This action has allowed the vast catastrophes predicted for you to be aborted. The key element is your approval of your soul’s elevation in consciousness, and our response to it. This factor has created a new intention that can be manifested by our next mutual set of actions. Let us take this historical moment and use it to complete the spiritual and physical procedures that we have both eagerly agreed to.

      What we have ahead of us is the completion of a great task. It will not happen overnight, but its procedures and scheduling have been quickened. This next period is one in which to complete the sealing of your intentions. It is also a time for Earth’s humanity to learn the art of manifesting these most excellent intentions. As you move through the rest of the galactic month of Ceh and proceed into the first part of the month of Mac (late March through early April, 1998), let your newly empowered manifesting energies come to the fore. Permit yourself to become unencumbered by lack and limitation. Do not let any potential setbacks sadden you or postpone your agendas. Set the stage for your own miracles and let us, together, walk hand in hand into a new prophesied reality for us all. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, never-ending orgasmic Joy and unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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