Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

February 21, 1998 (8 Manik, 10 Zak, 6Caban)

Greetings! We come before you today with some more interesting information. Over the past few days, your precious planet has been the object of a number of attempts by your various surface governments to alter the prescribed and divine timelines. These fruitless efforts point out the fact that they are beginning to notice your Elevation in Consciousness. Up till now, they have believed that it would still be possible to alter the divine timeline and prevent the completion of your Ascension process. Right now, the Local Spiritual Hierarchy, and the many Councils of Elohim assigned to them, have begun to impress upon them that their future fate is sealed. At the same time, the galactic Spiritual Hierarchy is preparing for the important solar eclipse that will happen on 13 Oc, 15 Zac, 6 Caban (February 26, 1998). This unique event is an important one in your history. We sincerely ask you to use this solar energy to accelerate the changes now going on both in your planet and in you, yourselves.

      We in the Galactic Federation want to assure you that your first contact mission is developing as a most unusual mixing of all the strategies possible. This strange formulation of policies has been brought about by the need to accomplish a number of very important goals. One of these key items is the need to get your consciousness transformation to a point that the Spiritual Hierarchy desires it to reach. In addition, we have to decide when an intervention will be appropriate for the vast Science and Exploration fleet that currently surrounds you. These two factors have not yet meshed. In fact, we have had to cancel a number of our previous operations. Another complex matter involves our relationships with your governments. As noted at the beginning of this message, they remain largely hostile to our actions. These points lead us to the need to give you a fuller explanation of what is truly happening. So let us begin.

      The overall concern of our joint command is the Ascension procedure itself. In this case, we have two separate concerns. The first one is the changes now going on in your planet. Mother Earth has reached a point where she desperately needs to be returned to a fully conscious state. This procedure would normally impinge on your planetary society and cause your extinction. However, your society is critically important to us. So such a procedure is currently unthinkable. Our planetary scientists have concentrated on the need to find ways to smooth and to alter the entire Earth changes scenario. We have to delay and, simultaneously, find a means to permit your planetís transmutation. This directive has led us to a most unusual intervention in your planetís interior. We have set up energy barriers deep in Earthís interior that have so far prevented the potential catastrophes.

      These procedures leave us with your rapid development in consciousness as our only alternative. This process must be mixed with our first contact operations. Hence, over the last few years, we have had to walk quite a fine line with the Spiritual Hierarchy. Our intentions remain strong and steadfast; increasingly, however, the key element has become your progress in integrating your spiritual and physical transformations. Consequently, our overall procedure now heavily involves assisting your progress toward enlightening your fellows. The key is to form Planetary Activation Groups (PAGs) and to create a global web of light. Our focus remains in providing you the resources needed to complete this most noble task. Further, we want you to know that the Spiritual Hierarchy is expanding the purposes of its present consciousness elevation project.

      Initially, the local Spiritual Hierarchy set a very simple goal. They wanted to move you and planet Earth into a new and more viable reality. As a result, they fundamentally opposed our initial concepts and wanted to proceed at a much slower pace. But the nature of the changes going on in this galaxy, mixed with the objectives established by the Intergalactic Union, altered their goals to our programs for change. Further, the many galactic Spiritual Hierarchies have impressed on us the need to provide a means for better organizing the entire mass alteration of your consciousness. These internal disagreements have been kept from you in the past. Now, they will be revealed with a deep request that you take the positive action needed to move the present consciousness scenario forward at a more rapid pace.

      The present operation is now divided into three critical segments. First, there is the Spiritual Hierarchy and its vast operation in consciousness. Second, there are we who are in the Galactic Federation. We are caught in the middle and must now act as the catalyst for this entire process. Third, there is the starseed population of planet Earth. You are caught in the midst of a dilemma. You have to assist the mutation of your populace and, simultaneously, be the center of ridicule from other Light workers who do not yet fully understand the importance of what you are doing. Added to your difficulties is a governmental and mass media cover-up of the vast changes now going on around you. Clearly, you also have a nearly impossible task to perform. Let us look at a possible plan of action that you can now take.

      The Intergalactic Union has advised us that a major thrust of our actions should involve obtaining the necessary resources for your programs. In this regard, we can only say that we shall have these energies available to you very shortly. When you obtain them, bear in mind that a major part of your program should have a strong set intent. Map out your goals thoroughly and visualize what you want to accomplish. Activate your local community by demonstrating how you can assist it in making its changes in reality more easily, and with a better understanding of what they are. Begin to network effectively with your community, and especially with like-minded groups. Share your experiences with other PAGS and develop a deeper understanding of each other. Learn how to employ fluid management in your daily operations. Our task is to teach you and to support what you are doing.

      Together, we can make a difference and permit our first contact mission to succeed. Your purpose is to grow, to do, and to experience how a new reality will be created. Our purpose is to support you, to give you a way to achieve your goals and, finally, to appear on your shores at the right divine time. These actions are not easy ones, but they can be achieved and achieved rather quickly with the right intent properly expressed. This fact leads us to the two-pronged program that we have envisaged for you. We know that what we ask is not easy. But we must be honest in our assessment of it. It can succeed and it must. The only alternatives are a potential series of disasters by your governments that lead to our direct intervention, or a natural catastrophe that brings on a similar outcome. Let us come together with a single purpose and let us use our magnificent intent to create a positive scenario that carries the most spiritual potential for achieving our objectives.

      The next period of your history is most critical to what we have just outlined to you. So use the coming total solar eclipse as a beginning point for completing this wonderful scenario. It is a day to establish an intent that can be easily manifested. Put all the necessary parts of this scenario together and positively intend it to occur. Learn how powerful you are by just setting the right energies for the original scenario to happen. As we have said previously again and again, you are physical Angels who are having a limited Earth human experience. Now use this experience to learn how you can remember and re-create what you truly are. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, endless Joy and unlimited Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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