Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

January 27, 1998 (9 Ik, 5 Yax, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come today with some interesting information for you. Over the past few days, the Spiritual Hierarchy has been conducting some preliminary analysis of the last adjustment period (the galactic month of Chen) on your world. They have informed us that they are very satisfied with the way your present consciousness transformation curves look. It is their sincere desire that your population be moved into its pre-Elevation (Ascension) position as soon as is possible. Meanwhile, your Sun has been increasing its daily activities. This specific action is being done to establish the new parameters for your solar system. Your solar system will be subjected to two intense forces at the right divine time. The first series of forces (shearing energies) are the many inter-dimensional source energies that will come online when the various multi-dimensional full consciousness planetary and solar position vectors are activated. Next, there will be the intense mutational energies that will surround you when you formally enter the photon belt. In addition,, there is the matter of the many surface Earth changes.

      You are now at the brink of an incredible period of change. This coming period is one that has been building for a very great period of time. What we desire is for you to look around at your environment and notice the change. Also, look critically at yourselves. The greatest amount of change is meant to be internal. That is, your spiritual inclinations and your "feelings", or intuitive abilities, are coming to the fore. What is happening to you is also happening to others. The grand plan is to have your inner guardian council (guardian Angels) assist you by bringing up various important issues or past situations that have previously blocked your progress in clearing up your "channel" to your Higher Self. We deeply want for you to be successful at your very formidable tasks. However, what we find interesting is that most of you do not even realize what it is that you are now going through. You are, seemingly, totally oblivious to the true cause of the disasters that pervade your daily life. Yet, you are still trying to sort the whole thing out.

      These facts point up the importance of divine service and the need to get our information to as many inhabitants of your planet as is possible. Right now, you are in a phase of your development that requires that you put forth your intentions in as large a harmonious group as is imaginable. The reasons for this request are many, but let us endeavor to point out three major ones. First, the basis of all developments in the higher dimensions is intention. Intention is the "motherís milk" of manifestation. Intention comes from deep inside yourself (your Higher Self), and is expressed in clear and precise terms. When this process is done by large numbers of people, it manifests a specific reality. Second, there is the matter of clearing your inner self, or learning mastery of your environment. For intention to be manifested, the environment in and around you must be cleared of unnecessary clutter. In other words, you learn to recreate your environment into one that "works" for you. Third, you need to learn how to work together creatively in groups. Humans are, by nature, gregarious and need the input of their fellows to function effectively. Let us now look at each of these points separately.

      First, intention has to be understood in the light of how it truly works. Intention needs to be put into a clear and precise series of terms to be manifested. That is, it has to be clearly defined. What is it that you really desire? How do you want it to come about? List the entire scenario down to the most minute detail. The next part is to see what is preventing it from happening. Create a list that divides your intention scenario into positive factors and negative factors. Look closely at these items, and realize how they work to counter each other or to drastically dilute your intention. The next point here is that the more people who envision it together, the better. By yourself, you are a very powerful Being. Think how powerful a number of you who acted together would be. This point brings up an interesting concept. It is the reason why divine or sacred ritual is so powerful. Ritual is the group intention, envisioned again and again until it is done. It is also clear, concise and positive.

      Second, there is the nature of mastery itself and how it is best applied. Mastery involves the clearing of your inner and outer environments of unnecessary clutter. This clutter can be the "baggage" of uncleared issues from your childhood, or emotional or mental "beliefs" that you have developed in order to survive in your present environment. These items control you, instead of you controlling them. This concept causes the reversal, or concept of limitation, in your reality. The key is to confront these items, but to confront them with a large body of acquired knowledge. Here is where you can help each other out. Each of you has a unique body of knowledge, talents or abilities that have been largely untapped until now. These unique forms of inner knowledge need to be given to all. Education is very necessary , but most people tend to limit the way in which it is acquired. Use your inner knowledge (God-given gifts) and your creativity to obtain the other necessary parts of the knowledge puzzle.

      What you need is simply a means that permits an educationally-expanding barter to happen. In other words, you require a revolutionary means to communicate with each other. Within each of you is an amazing and powerful Being that is waiting to emerge, suddenly, into your reality. The Being that we now discuss is a true master of its reality. You have the ability to rapidly transform yourself into this fantastic Being. All that you need is your own 'okay' that it is safe to do so. The security officer is your inner and outer environment. When you clear it of its past and current clutter, you provide the 'all-clear' for the master to appear. The key for this exciting development to happen is precise communication to yourself and to others. This special communication needs to be done by a means that is both world-wide and open to expanding your knowledge by education. It should also have the ability to carry on the barter process that we previously mentioned to you.

      Third, there is the matter of learning to work creatively in groups. As we stated, humans are by and large a very gregarious, sentient species. We need the input of others to function properly. We also require the constant input of creative communications to grow emotionally and spiritually. Our true education comes from a continuous series of creative interactions with others. What does all this really mean? It means that you will have to learn some new skills in order to prepare yourselves for the new reality. The key to this knowledge is to understand the nature of "fluid management" and how to apply it creatively to your environment. "Fluid management" teaches you to flow and to seek intuitive solutions to your problems. It also emphasizes the importance of working in a group that has no set hierarchy. This creative group can automatically adjust itself so that those members who can best understand how to achieve a specific goal, can manage the solution.

      Let us conclude our brief message with some final food for thought. First, we talked about creative communications, education, "fluid management" and mastery. All of these elements are linked together. Each segment is part of what we would like to call galactic human society. Currently, you are headed toward this final outcome. It will not take decades or centuries to become part of your present global society. Rather, it is now rapidly forming both inside, and all around you. This forming revolution, or transformation in consciousness, will come when your society shifts from one based upon resistance to creativity, to one based on a creative flow (lack of any such resistance, and highly innovative). This result means that the whole concept of a hierarchical power elite has to be terminated.

      Second, we talked about the need for you to come together and to express you inner requirements, as well as your outer goals, with each other. The key point at this time is planetary activation. Your planetary society has to prepare for what is about to occur to it and to you, yourselves. You need to see how this Elevation or Ascension of your consciousness works, and how the process by which this shift in consciousness occurs will come about. The key becomes creative communications with a purpose. The purpose is to guide your own progress and to validate the progress of others. As you come together creatively in planetary activation groups (PAGs), you set forth a web of Light around your planet. It is this web of Light that will help to prepare your world for the new reality and the acceptance of the fact that you are not alone in an infinite and very sentient universe. We now leave you with boundless blessings of unconditional Love, endless Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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