Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

January 10, 1998 (5 Chicchan, 8 Chen, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you with some very interesting information. In the last few messages, we have given you some idea of what has been happening in this galaxy, as well as of what is expected of you. In this vein, we would like to expand on these subjects and give you some new intelligence. To begin with, let us look at what has transpired during the first part of your adjustments. For the most part, you have been reacting to our spiritual, emotional and physical transformations as we expected. Those Earth humans who have been "awakened" in the past few days have been more curious about their shifts than any previous groups. To us, it is a good sign. It signifies that our concepts about you are very correct. The Angelic Realms view this result as proof that all Beings on your world will be at the proper consciousness level when the right divine time finally arrives. Further, those persons who have been "awake" for at least two to three galactic months are moving ahead at a most wonderful accelerated rate. All in all, we are very pleased with your overall progress.

      What has happened to you is that you have been moving across the sub-levels of each step of the Ascension process. This progress means that you are making it very easy for us to synchronize you with Mother Earth’s changes. In addition, you are allowing your inner fears and traumas to come to the fore. This condition has caused a lot of emotional and spiritual energies to emerge on your world. In turn, it has created situations where many relationships and friendships are now being sorely tested. We would like all of you to see this galactic month as an exam that should be easy for you to pass. Just remain focused and committed to doing your daily inner work. This regular regimen will allow you to move through to the next sub-level quickly and with a minimum of difficulty. Remember, you are a most magnificent group of Beings and on the verge of some almost miraculous circumstances. Use this time that is now filled with very drastic spiritual, mental, emotional and physical adjustments to help each other with your difficulties. In unity, there is indeed strength. However, there is much that is currently occurring around you.

      Right now, the Galactic Federation mass landing fleets are going through the massive changes in personnel and command structure that were mentioned in previous messages. This change in our operating procedures will permit us to move you through your various Ascension levels more quickly and more smoothly. Many species in the Galactic Federation have acquired special talents that are extremely useful to our work. As you know, the Angelic Realms are in the process of moving your populace to specially-selected levels of the Ascension process. When this chore is completed, your population will closely resemble a very skewed bell curve. The human retinue of spaceship Earth will then be ready for the actual mass Ascension of their consciousness in a new and truly marvelous reality. This operation is a joint galactic endeavor under the leadership of the Spiritual Hierarchy. Full Consciousness is based upon a connection between all spiritual and physical Beings. It is founded upon the twin principles of Love and Compassion. Bear in mind that your shift in consciousness moves a whole galaxy into a new conscious reality.

      Let us look at what this really means. All physical reality is really illusory. It only seems real and overwhelming to the uninitiated. Each one of you has been made to believe in the circumstances that surround you by the conformist nature of your childhood. The key element used to teach you was fear. This fear is constantly being employed by the temporal powers-that-be in your world to keep you "in line". What you are now doing is "facing these fears" once again. Your shift in consciousness is a way to get you over these childhood fears and move you into a new reality. You are being changed from the fearful follower to the sovereign manifestor. Your destiny is freedom from want and, most of all, freedom from fear. The immediate result is joy, abundance and a great compassion for each other. This shift in consciousness also leads to a mighty spiritual knowledge — inner wisdom.

      This inner wisdom is your impenetrable armor against all who deny you your freedom, and especially, your sovereignty. Look around carefully and view the cause of your fears, as well as the fears of others. You will quickly see that these so-called "fears" are created out of a vast majority belief in their presumed reality. If you unanimously decided in the next ten minutes to abolish them, they would disappear very suddenly. They need you more than you need them. Consciousness should be seen as a connected Light energy. It has no limits and no boundaries. Its vision does not limit itself through fear. These simple truths are now holding you back from your destiny. Our sacred task is to help you to get over this set of imaginary limits. All over this immense galaxy, God has brought forth a great variety of sentient life forms. The Divine Plan has sorely tested our beliefs and led us to new ones. The great Light of Creation transforms all who let it in.

      It also ends fears and brings forth Love. Love permits an inner wisdom to blossom and unity to appear before you. Do not fear the dark. Transform it into Light. Let Love come forth and bring its compassion to bear on all who enter the Light. You are mighty Children of the Light who have lost their way in the dark. We are here to give you your flashlights back and to show you the way to the Light. In a nutshell, that simple procedure is what the Ascension process is all about. Along the way, you will meet your galactic sisters and brothers. Honor them as the star nations returned and understand that a cosmic drama is underway. Everyone has played their parts well. The time now draws near to put away your fears and your limitations. We hold no malice toward your governments, only a regret that they do not know us better. All things are relative in this physical illusion, except Love and Compassion. Knowledge of these holy facts leads to the conclusion of your karma cycles. The resultant purity creates the paradise that you all are looking for. And this paradise is your destiny.

      So we will now come to the crux of the matter. You are changing and preparing for a most amazing time in your history. It is a time when past, present and future collide. It is a time filled with high significance. What is needed is service, commitment and hard work. The task we ask of you is not to build a great high dam or even to construct a world record skyscraper. All that we ask you to do is to build a new reality. This reality begins in each one of you. The task needs your mutual cooperation and much inner processing. We will assist you with our own brand of reality constructing. Together, we are a team that is unstoppable. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation of Light see you as an incredible but motley crew of Beings. The great experiment in consciousness transformation now approaches its point of great expectations. This "omega point" comes before us like a quickly-approaching mountain. Its majesty is spectacular and its outcome will be stupendous. Before you know it, the post-drama "wrap party" will be upon us.

      The key to your continued progress is just to be and to continue to be. What does this mean? It means that you look through your fears and limitations. It means that you dedicate yourself to regaining your inner knowing, as well as your heart-centered intuitive faculties. It means that you overcome your emotional and fear-based ego and replace it with an integrated sovereign personality. Form groups and interact with one another. Help each other and provide places where it is safe to be and to explore this new reality. Give encouragement to the newly "awakened" when they cross your path. Remember always that you are physical Angels with an amnesia problem. Above all, Love and express it with an applied compassion. Look to some of Earth’s great avatars, like Buddha and Christ, for examples of what you could do in any given situation. See this time in your life as one in which you are being vastly transformed, and finally, accept the inevitability of becoming who you really are.

      Well, it is finally time to conclude this message. Look around you and you will see that your planet is preparing to move you into a new reality. This new reality is a vast shift in consciousness. It is a quiet revolution that has been forming for many millennia. Long ago, your great Mother, the Earth, accepted a most radical proposition from the Spiritual Hierarchy. She permitted herself to become a vast training ground for an experiment in consciousness. This experiment has proved to be very successful. Now the divine time draws near for a new experiment — one that will end both your cosmic dramas and our own. It will seal the union of Light in this galaxy, as well as in all of Creation. It will bring a celebration of truly cosmic proportions. We now leave you with endless Blessings of unconditional Love, boundless Joy and ceaseless Prosperity and Supply. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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