Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

January 3, 1998 (11 Etznab, 1 Chen, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you with much joy and much information. As you know by now, we have begun the major world-wide adjustments on your populace. These procedures were formally implemented at the start of this previous day (10 Caban, 0 Chen, 6 Caban) at 00:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time. In anticipation of our actions, we further modified the energy signatures of some key "star seeds" who are needed to anchor in this important spiritual energy. This galactic month is one in which your entire population will be accelerated through its various stages of the Ascension process. At the same time, your much-beloved planet is being adjusted to your new frequencies. Our main hope is to have these two huge projects almost fully calibrated by the end of this galactic month, on 3 Cib, 19 Chen, 6 Caban (January 21, 1998). To accomplish this task, we have had the assistance of innumerable Elohim and Time Lords. This incredible chore will help to put your people and your planet, as well as your solar system, into a position to achieve its prophesied destiny.

      We in the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation have been waiting for this propitious moment for a very long time. Your planetís human population is finally nearing the point where they are truly ready for the completion of the entire Ascension process. This magnificent "omega point" in your history has been reached for a number of very important reasons. First, your planetary society has approached the edge of the time when your technology can no longer continue to sustain you. You need a rapid quantum leap in your technology to avoid a major environmental disaster. Second, your planet has reached a position in its development where it can no longer remain at its present energy levels. Mother Earth needs to revert to its full conscious energy levels in order to continue its physical existence. Third, you have become a populace that must be shifted upward in consciousness in order to make it to the next level of your evolution as a sentient species. These three important points have been widely predicted by your planetís indigenous peoples.

      As you have developed in consciousness, your world-wide society has become more complex and, seemingly, more unsettled. Likewise, your younger generations have become more aware that your political and economic systems do not work. Everywhere, the numerous hints of dissatisfaction have begun to increase. One of the major signs is a feeling of increasing stress, of being barely able to cope, as well as a rise in the fatigue factor among your populace. These problems are symptoms of your changes in consciousness. These elements are often accompanied by flu-like symptoms and by ailments that cannot be treated by your medical profession. In addition, you may experience some vivid dreams and you may go through some emotional episodes that will recall the more stressful aspects of your childhood. Briefly put, you are being sorely tested to continue your present way of living. Your mind, your body and your spirit are telling you daily to seek out some new avenues of expression. Moreover, your "inner Council of guardian Angels" (your conscience) is leading you towards an increasing curiosity for some forms of knowledge that previously you were either quite critical of, or just ignored. These aforementioned conditions are merely portents of what we like to call the "awakening".

      The "awakening" comprises the first few stages of the "Ascension process". This entire procedure is designed to achieve one purpose. That is, it is intended to move you toward a new reality ó full consciousness. However, the procedure is calculated to move your entire population to a series of different levels. You might view the pre-Ascension moment as one in which your populace closely resembles a very skewed bell curve. However, each stage in this Ascension process was agreed to beforehand through your reincarnation contract with the local Spiritual Hierarchy. At this moment, most of you are at the beginning stages, or what we call the "awakening". We call the next series of stages the "knowing". Here, your conscious ego is fully challenged and you are asked to integrate your mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Some major difficulties often occur when you cannot do so. This unfortunate development can lead you to an emotional egoism where you can believe that you really "know it all".

      You may sincerely feel that you are as capable as any other person around you. Only now, you may also believe that in most cases you are even more so. You mistakenly believe that you can dictate this very egotistic viewpoint to others and that you can tell them what to do. To put it succinctly, you have taken on an almost narcissistic personality. This particular belief is often accompanied by frequent emotional outbursts and by sudden overwhelming panic. You unexpectedly feel very isolated from others and you always demand from them constant acknowledgement of whatever you may do. You deeply wish that someone would please put you on a pedestal and would fully acknowledge your recently-acquired position of grandeur. You demand that everyone see things your way. There is no degree of compromise permitted. Your "awakening" has led you to overestimate your abilities, and seemingly has closed all avenues for continued conscious growth.

      The only way to resolve this dilemma is to seek feedback from others. This critical feedback can logically and intuitively help you to assess what is happening to you. Remember: love and compassion, when truly expressed, lead to an acknowledgement, as well as to an enthusiasm for your presence, by others. They are a sign of your spiritual growth. They signify that you are indeed successfully integrating the various aspects of your evolving personality. The key point at all times is to watch the reactions of others to what you are doing. These reactions and comments are a vital sign of how you are truly perceived by those persons who are closest to you. Consciousness shifts usually involve change. These incredible changes may be very dramatic in nature. They can easily destabilize you. Your environment is a means to measure yourself. Often, you will move into a new circle of friends or you will commonly attract those persons who can act as a teacher for you. The key element is discernment.

      Discernment really means more than it at first seems to imply. It actually comes from an innate ability to use your intuitive and psychic skills correctly. Often, it is wise to attend classes or to read books that will help you to improve your considerable abilities. Their development also requires some degree of practice and diligence on your part. That is, they need some hard but well-directed work. As you develop these key skills, they will accelerate both your integration and your rise in consciousness. When they begin to become "second nature" to you, you will quickly enter the next set of Ascension stages which we call the "discernment". Here, your integration begins to accelerate rapidly. You become like an expert downhill skier on a fast but skillfully laid-out course. You go through stages faster than a chameleon can change its skin colors. Your soulís inner and outer beauty becomes more apparent with each passing day.

      These stages of "discernment" quickly pass away to the final set of stages in the Ascension. These segments are the ones that we call the "avatar". In this final aspect, you have reached the point where you are actually able to "imprint" yourself upon your environment. You have, however, developed a close relationship with the physical and spiritual elements of Creation. You are a true manifestor. Yet you only seek to aid the proper and divine unfolding of Creation. You are ready to become a physical Angel. You are one with Mother Earth, the Spiritual Hierarchy and all aspects of yourself. Present, past and future are no longer mysteries to you. Both you and those divine Councils that come from your heavenly lineage monitor your soulís growth closely. You help others and assist them in any way that is in right relationship to their soulís growth. You have become one with the divine and are ready for your well-deserved Ascension.

      The time has come to conclude this message. As we do, we would like to remind you that not everyone will pass through all of these stages. All of you have made "life contracts" that have stipulated the stage that you will attain out of all of these most complex procedures. What you need to do is simply to remain patient and consigned to your soulís growth. Each of you has a most important role to play in this cosmic drama. Please remember that no one of you is better than the other. You have merely allowed yourself to play out a specific role. However, please play it well. Know that when it is over, you will be thoroughly congratulated by the entire Spiritual Hierarchy. Also, you will be given a most joyous planetary-wide party in your honor. So relax and know that the best is yet to come. Let us now leave you with our infinite Blessings of unconditional Love, unending Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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