Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

December 23, 1997 (13 Manik, 10 Mol, 6 Caban)

Greetings! Today, we come to address you on some very interesting matters. Over the past few days, the final spiritual energies needed to prepare you and your planet for the coming galactic events have been put into place. The Spiritual Hierarchy is very pleased with what has been accomplished. Right now, your precious Mother Earth is sitting in a most marvelous field of blessed and divine energies. The upper ethereal atmosphere of your world is glowing as though it were lit by a countless number of bright lights. The great blue orb that is your world now sparkles in great anticipation of those miraculous events. The Deva Kingdom of Earthís interior are currently completing the final series of their preliminary activities. Around you in your atmosphere, in and on your waters, and upon your continents, there are signs of something about to happen. However, be apprised that all will happen only in right divine time and only with the formal approval of the divine and holy Spiritual Hierarchy. All of us who are now speaking to you are but mere reporters of these most blessed events. Your world is currently approaching a sacred moment that mirrors prophecy.

      These past 13 galactic days have established an energy that has put this holy event back on its sacred schedule. Much has happened that cannot and should not be spoken about. However, we desire to inform you about what is going on in this galaxy and how it affects your present events. On 11 Cauac, 2 Yaxkin, 6 Caban (November 25, 1997), the great consortium of the Priestesses and Priests of Anchara came forth with a modified form of their original prophecy. In it, they accepted the movement toward peace and unity in this galaxy and in Heaven. In it, they affirmed the return of Earthís solar system to the Light. However, they asked for a different way in which to carry out the redemption of planet Earth from its long plight of darkness, war and chaos. The many prophets of Anchara requested that the initial first contact with Earthís human society be a joint endeavor of all members of this galaxy. Further, they asked that the land given to Ancharaís children be expanded much beyond the present area around Ayers Rock in central Australia.

      The Main Federation Council has issued a new series of decrees that spell out these concerns and provide the means to accomplish them. The new Galactic Federation fleets that are completing training in the Eridanus Constellation have been fully assimilated with both human and many other sentient species. We can now say that an entire galaxyís star nations are coming to meet you. This meeting will be most unique. This mission shall be the first time that all the sentient species in this Milky Way Galaxy have opened contact with a previously primitive human society. So you have just added another first to your already long list. The Joint Board of Command has a most difficult task put before it. Yet we know that we, like you, yourselves, are able to overcome any potential challenges. Our main apprehension has been that most of you are not very used to the appearance of most of the sentient species in our galaxy. In short, you seem to have a great fear of how these very distinctive Beings look.

      Our plan was initially to introduce them to you gradually. The extent of this gradual process has been somewhat quickened in the past eight galactic months. Now we have been put in a position where the exposure time has been quickened to nothingness. This fact has led us to want to introduce you to one important fact. Humans make up less than 40 per cent of the sentient population of our galaxy. Further, most sentient star nations are comprised of Reptoids, Dinoids, Insectoids and Amphiboids. Each one of them is a manifestation of Godís infinite expression. Each one of them is a holy Being of Light. Judge them not by their appearance, but only by their allegiance to the Light and to Godís divine WILL. Be accepting of them and learn how diverse is the great and masterful Creation of our Supreme Creator! They are Beings whose knowledge and abilities will marvelously aid our cause.

      All the ships that contain the various landing parties or "action teams" will be accompanied by an Angel or Archangel. These Angels and Archangels are the divine entities in charge of this entire operation. We are here to supervise and to midwife your society through this great change in consciousness. It is a change that is part of a divine plan that permits you to carry out your sacred destiny. So you are about to learn the great amount of diversity that sentient life forms can possess. Yes, there have been some major differences between us in the past. Nonetheless, these points are now behind us. The Galactic Federation of Light now encompasses an entire galaxy. We are in the beginnings of a new era of peace and mutual cooperation. The Intergalactic Union has admitted us as a full member and chosen your solar system for its main conferencing center. The many wonders about which we have spoken have just begun to appear around you.

      Now, there comes the part that requires your complete assistance. First, we ask you to reach out to these Beings. Fill them with your great Light. Show them your blessings. Ask that the great Light of Creation surround them. Help them to continue to grow into the Great Light of Creation. Do not be in fear or in awe of them. Many of their star nations have previously come to your world and done baneful things to your population. These nefarious acts were done with the full consent of your planetís governments. The time has come to heal these horrible acts and to use the divine Grace that God has given to your world. It is also a way to teach yourself about your true worth and to master your fears. Take back your power. By so doing, you shall rediscover the great depth of your love and the true boundlessness of your compassion. This world of yours is a most special place that has long been the main prize of many galactic wars. Now, let it be the main prize for a permanent peace. Look inside and discover how wonderful all of you truly are.

      Second, we ask you to place a special healing energy around all humans in this galaxy. As a species, we have been subjected to considerable jeopardy in this galaxy. The time has now come to heal and to end all such possible injuries. We are all Children of a Loving and a Compassionate God. We are all players in a mighty cosmic drama called Creation. Right now, the time has come to heal and to forgive all past grievances. The arrival of a newly-united Galactic Federation upon your shores is a great portent of prophecy. It shall signify that the various elements of our galaxy are finally at peace with one another. You, yourselves, are the symbol of that marvelous healing. You have come from many different species and also from many different star nations. You are a most magnificent gathering of Beings and we salute you for who you are! You are indeed the wondrous Souls of Light that can heal us and bring this Milky Way Galaxy to those fantastic levels that the Spiritual Hierarchy proclaims as our mutual destiny.

      The Galactic Federationís mass landing fleet is currently in the midst of a broad series of changes. The first major change is to rearrange the command structure itself. During the coming galactic month of Chen, this fleet will have a number of new commanders installed. Also, the change in operating policies will reflect the many added capabilities of these new commanders. The second major change is the composition of our personnel. New "action teams" will be formed when the rotated ships arrive. The fleetís mission will not have been changed, only how it will be carried out. The mass landing fleet will not be purely human in constitution when it goes into action. The Galactic Federationís fleet will now be multi-species in all its numerous activities. The third major change concerns informing you about our activities. We shall now employ a number of scenarios that will permit you to encounter us in new and different ways. We shall inform you about these matters at a later date. As you can see, there are some very significant changes. All that we ask of you is that you remain patient and trust in our actions.

      The time has come to say good-bye. It is our sincerest hope that you will assist us with what we have put before you today. What is needed now is a great healing. This healing will set the stage for the final segments of the Ascension process. When you carry out these acts of healing, do them as the sacred Being that you really are. Realize the extent of your mighty powers, but also cover yourself in the wondrous protections of your inner and divine Light Councils. Understand that you are about to enter a time when many conciliations will happen. The key to these happenings is a transcendence of ego and an understanding of Universal Law. Be prepared for many miracles and be prepared for many unusual surprises! We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, profound Joy and bountiful Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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