Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

December 9, 1997 (12 Ben, 16 Yaxkin, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come here with much expectation and with much to tell you. Let us start with a review of the healing meditation exercise that you finished a few days ago. The Angelic Realms are extremely pleased with the overall results. Once again, you have proved to be the marvelous Light workers that you truly are. The base wave harmonic that was needed to seal the Light energies around your world was created as planned. The rest of your assignment will be moved into its next stage on 1 Men, 18 Yaxkin, 6 Caban (December 11, 1997). This wave harmonic will be balanced against your planetís population, starting on the first day of the galactic month of Chen (January 2, 1998). In the meantime, the advanced "star seeds" will be initiated into these new frequencies. Please view this next stage of your Ascension as a time to learn new things about yourselves and to share them with your fellows. The Spiritual Hierarchy deeply desires that you all begin to catch a new communal spirit that is filled with enthusiasm.

      Your beloved planet is starting to adjust itself to your population in a new way. Be aware of the fact that the spiritual glow that surrounds your revered world has been made much brighter by your fantastic actions. You now will have a very tiny reservoir of life energy to draw upon. We ask that you do the new meditation exercise at least once a week to build up this reservoir gradually. In the next 56 days, as you start to have your frequency raised in increments, please realize that many of you will react to this event in many different ways. So we would like to reiterate that you please help one another. Your inner guardian councils have been fully prepared to assist you in their wonderful indirect ways. Listen to them and attune yourself to your growing heart energies. This period is one in which to learn many things about the meaning of community. Community exists in more than just the physical reality. It is primarily a spiritual and a heart-felt bond. This unique bond surely permits your service to fulfill its Godly purposes.

      Since we began our emphasis on world-wide ritual, our primary design has been to highlight community. Community begins in the common spiritual bonds held by a group of sentient Beings. These spiritual bonds come alive through the use of special ritual. Here, the kinship of humanity is brought out as a common reality is expressed. These moments, as we said, are very powerful. Yet this immense power is mostly expressed in very subtle ways. You do not understand this concept unless you look at it in an intuitive manner. What you are dealing with is spiritual life energies. To most of you, it cannot be seen, but can only felt by the heart. Its field of energy is compassion and its vehicle is a spiritual empathy driven by the finest form of inner discernment. It is created by hard work and by a focus on a set series of goals. Look inside yourself and start your path of self-discovery. It is a journey loaded with many surprises and a lot of unbelievable experiences.

      Ritual is the common bonding element of community. Galactic humans know the importance of ritual and how sacred ceremony allows them to fulfill their life purposes. We have given you many examples in the past. Now, we desire that you truly apply them on a planetary basis. The key is to form groups and to use them to activate yourself, as well as others. Your planet is brimming with Beings who have just awoken from a long unconscious snooze. They are currently seeking guidance about what is happening both to them and to their planet. You are, in most cases, the ones who have been awake for quite some time now. You have some knowledge, some processes and some healing abilities. Together, you are a most powerful lot. Use your abilities, knowledge and talents to help your fellows. It is not an easy task that we set before you. Many of them lack the proper discernment and requisite trust needed for their continued advancement. Your purpose is to assist them by example and by the right application of your discernment.

      What does this procedure really mean? It means that your task is to be their teachers and their healers. First, it suggests that you have to come together and to learn more about yourselves. This next aspect involves learning more about your physical and soul self, and also about your relationships. What really makes you ó you. This complex question will be answered in a whole new way. You see, this next stage of Ascension involves the integrated self. There are many roads to integration. The most important flow through the "ego" and the emotional body. To reach higher consciousness, these just-described elements have to be integrated into the spirit or the heart. Normally, these two elements run rampant and create periods of potential chaos in your life. During integration, they are the locked "gates" that you must somehow pass through, in order to achieve integration of spirit with body. This procedure often leads you to feelings of a blown-up self-importance or self-worth. One key to passing through these gates is discernment. The other key is a well-placed or -grounded concept of yourself.

      Integration is, thus, dependent on the proper use of discernment and being well-grounded. A lack of these elements and you can suddenly fly off into the upper reaches of ego-driven self-worth, or suddenly feel that you are beyond the continuing acquisition of knowledge about what is truly happening to you. This can lead to a series of denials about the true nature of your reality. It can also lead to conflict with others, caused by your feelings of your self-importance. What you really need is the assistance of others to act as a check on the validity of your grounding mechanisms. You need friends and associates that are willing to be critical when it is necessary for your soulís growth. The key here is to use the twin principles of allowance and of trust to permit yourself to have such wonderful friends and associates. Again, the requirement is for you to realize that such an environment is both healthy and necessary for your continued spiritual growth. Use these inner truths to grow both yourselves and your organizations.

      The Galactic Federation mass landing fleets acted as both monitors and participants in this world-wide meditative exercise. We are happy to report that many positive experiences happened to our monitoring action teams. The spiritual energies that all of us integrated, created a most powerful sealant for your planetís spiritual energies. As you approach the full moon that will occur on 4 Etznab, 1 Mol, 6 Caban (December 14, 1997) at 2:38 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), realize that it will not be able to do more than test your fortitude and your focus. Much has now happened that gives us great hope about the right divine timings of the coming mass landing scenarios. Your planet has now entered into its divine timeline. This timeline will lead you into your destiny. The last vestiges of the old timelines have been erased by this dimensionís Time Lords. We in the Galactic Federation ask you to remain patient, and to continue to seek the Light and the Love of the Divine. Godís WILL is returning now to your world. The old reality is starting to prepare to fade away.

      Mother Earth is in the midst of a slowed-down adjustment of its many changes. The key for you will be the coming weather patterns. Here and now, there exist a number of massive storms that will be showing themselves to you in the coming times. Use them as a portent. However, also realize that you are under a divine grace and are not alone. Much is now happening in and above your precious world that you cannot yet be informed about. Please be centered and do not let what is happening cause any lack of enthusiasm. You are about to be changed in many ways, and to be calibrated with Mother Earth. You change as she changes. The scenario that you desire is the one that shall be provided. So do not be disappointed. Disappointment is only an emotion caused by over-anticipation of a possible reality. Rather, be focused in growing and integrating your soul and physical self. The Earth changes will happen just as surely as your changes are happening.

      Again, it is time to now conclude our message. As we finish our brief time with you, we would like to give you some important insights. First, come together and revitalize your spiritual organizations. Use them to help you grow and to integrate your spiritual and physical essence. The coming time will greatly test you, but it will also lead you to great gratification and joy. Second, understand the immensity of what is now happening. The long road to Ascension will shortly be moving into the final stages of a very long and complicated journey. Your role in this journey now becomes even more important to its ultimate outcome. Be grounded, focused, and, above all, in your finest discernment for what lies ahead. There is an enormous surprise waiting for you that is beyond your present comprehension. We leave you with endless blessings of unconditional Love, boundless Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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