Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

December 6, 1997 (9 Oc, 13 Yaxkin, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come to you, filled with the energy of joy. During the course of our message, we intend to give you some additional information on what is now happening to you. At all times, please realize that you are now on a magical ride to a new conscious reality. Sometimes, the ride will not seem to be moving very quickly and you will wonder what is happening. Occasionally, it will overwhelm you with its sudden moves and unexpected dips that will quickly appear in your path. Above all, kindly remain amused and understand that this road to a raising consciousness will make your present reality seem less and less viable. The Earth, your great Mother, is also on this same path. Together, you are coming to a situation that currently requires your assistance. The healing meditation that you are doing today is the start of the true merging of your group energies with the Earth. The next 58-day period, from 9 Oc, 13 Yaxkin, 6 Caban till 4 Oc, 13 Yax, 6 Caban (December 6, 1997 to February 4, 1998), will be one in which the Earth and you, yourselves, are to be put into a very special harmony. This special harmony will begin to set the stage for your approaching planetary stewardship.

      Let us look at what these special harmony conditions will achieve. First, Mother Earth needs to be balanced by its biosphere. In a fully conscious environment, all life energies are in perfect balance. Consequently, a planetís life force is balanced by its biosphere. In a limited consciousness environment, as you have here, this balance is very precarious and forces the planetís Spiritual Hierarchy to be constantly adding energy to the planetís core. This metallic crystal core performs two key purposes. One, it maintains the electromagnetic and electrogravitic forces that keep the planet in motion. It is this set of motions that maintains a planetís orbit and its planetary harmonics. It also keeps it in proper balance with the other members of the solar system. Two, the metallic crystal core oversees the movement of the various elements in and about the planet such as: its interior, its surface, its oceans and its atmosphere. All are perpetuated by an exchange of radiant, chemical and electromagnetic energies. In a fully conscious world, these particular exchanges are not needed at these very high levels. Rather, the unique relationship between the biosphere and the planet works to energize each other. Moreover, the planetís inter-dimensional energy connections are fully opened and consequently, can be easily adjusted by its physical guardians.

      Second, Mother Earth needs to be balanced by the interaction that is in force between the planetís Spiritual Hierarchy and its resident physical Angels. A fully conscious physical Being is an entity that is in constant contact between the physical world (a planetís biosphere) and the spiritual (a planetís Spiritual Hierarchy). This intermediary position gives them a truly unique responsibility. The Angelic Realms are the ones assigned to provide the necessary life energies that a planet is obligated to possess. However, a certain degree of regulation of these energies is also required. To more easily perform this exacting duty, the Angelic Realms prefer to make use of a planetís physical Angels. Fully conscious societies are full-time residents of their particular solar system. By the use of special group ritual, the fully conscious physical Angels take this life-giving energy from the Angelics and regulate its distribution throughout the planet and its biosphere. Mother Earth is looking forward to this same activity from its human population when full consciousness is finally achieved.

      Third, Mother Earth needs to be balanced by the various inter-dimensional forces that are constantly flowing in, around and though it. These forces are in direct relationship to the Creation energies of Light, Time and their corollary ó Space. Earth should be viewed as a large organic orb that is floating on an infinite field of energy. It bobs in it like a cork in water. The regulators of these elements are the many orders of Elohim and Time Lords. Each Realm regulates a supreme Creation energy and does so according to the Divine Plan. How a planet or a solar system reacts to this flow is determined by its level of consciousness. A fully conscious planet is able to use this energy to boost the energies given it by the Angelic Realms. In effect, it manifests an energy reserve that it can call upon when so required. The opposite reality is the case for a limited consciousness environment. There is no reservoir to call upon in an emergency and only the energies given by the Angelics can be employed.

      As just noted, Light and Time form together to create Space. Space can be seen as the source for the multitudes of dimensions that exist in Creation. All of Creation floats in or occupies Space. Space is an energy and, when it is applied, it also becomes a force (applied vector). Energy and force are constantly interacting with one another. This systematic interaction has both a rhythm and a particular result. This constant set of interactions is shoved around a planet and can either inhibit or aid its daily life actions. Fortunately, one of the most important things that they do is possibly to open or close the various inter-dimensional supporting vortices that provide it with its life-giving energies. The Angelic Realms will regulate this action only to a certain extant. This interval is based upon the timeline given for a solar systemís existence. This timeline is determined by whether the solar system occupies a limited or a fully- conscious existence.

      So you can see that there are two separate scenarios involved here. Your planet has reached the extreme edge of its present limited consciousness reality. It is rapidly running out of life energy and a huge energy imbalance is building up all around it. To top it off, its biosphere is starting to die and its food chain is beginning to become non-sustainable. Whether it will turn into a Venus-like (over-warmed) planet, or a Pluto-like(over-cooled) world is not relevant. What is relevant is that this present situation cannot go on for much longer. The only alternative is the return to full consciousness. Full consciousness requires the presence of physical Angels. You are these physical Angels. The exercise that you are doing today is the beginning of a balancing that you both need. Furthermore, it is one of the final steps needed to prepare you for your most solemn responsibilities. View this responsibility as a great joy. Think of it: you and your beloved planet Earth will function as a great oneness. This unity will preserve life on Mother Earth for an incredible number of living things.

      The Galactic Federationís mass landing fleets are currently looking into a slightly different aspect of their duties. As briefly mentioned last time, the outer rings of the fleet are monitoring the other planets in your solar system. What has been happening is that the energy links between the inner planets (Mercury to Mars) have been raised in frequency in the past few days. This process is being undertaken to counter the energy patterns coming from your Sun. Over the past eight galactic months, our scientists have had to initiate a major adjustment of the Sunís inter-dimensional hologram. What happened was that your Sun was moving into a part of space that was the scene, some two million years ago, of a great galactic battle. In this unique space, there is the remnant of a galactic void or a tear in space/time. Our Galactic Federation scientists have had to raise the frequencies of the solar system to easily move you though this space. This space/time tear has been further aggravated by the powerful presence of the photon belt in this particular area.

      Your planet is being affected by all the various factors that we have so far explained to you today. However, there is another one that is especially important to you and that is you, yourselves. You are now in the process of mutating into a most magnificent Being. This being has the ability to bring this marvelous planet to its point of assigned destiny. Over the next period of time, much will happen to you. Your current realities will undergo some unusual and unexpected changes. In all circumstances, you should remain in a completely focused state of compassion both for yourself and for others. This time is one for many changes and for great pressures to be brought on all types of relationships. Please remain in your truth, but please formulate it through the use of discernment. Use the logic of the Heart and not that of the head. However, do not be swayed by emotional arguments. The truth is innate in all things. Use it wisely and the possible trauma of the next few galactic months will not be allowed to be manifested around you.

      The time has come for us to take our leave. Use this message that we have given you as an insight into what will be expected of you in the next part of your life. The Spiritual Hierarchy wants you to see it as an adventure. An adventure that leads you from sadness and limitation to joy and unbounded excitement. Much will occur and it will unfold in a way that you cannot possibly imagine. Take this time to prepare yourself for the next great leap in your consciousness. A new reality is to be suddenly sprung upon you. We are about in the right divine time to land upon your shores. The inner guardian councils of the Angelics are appropriately giving you new visions of what is to come. Use the joy of these great expectations to soar into who you are to be. We now leave you with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, limitless Joy and endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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