Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation

November 22, 1997 (8 Cib, 19 Xul, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you today with some very interesting information. This news will concern the ever-present Ascension process, the mass landing operation and the coming Earth changes. At the top of our agenda is the importance of continuing the rituals that you have been doing. These marvelous spiritual actions that you are carrying out have helped to set the stage for what is about to happen. At present, there is a wonderful spiritual energy field that surrounds your world. This energy field has been set up by the Spiritual Hierarchy for two divine purposes. First, there is the matter of raising many "star seeds" to their highest possible frequency by the start of the galactic month of Chen (10 Caban, 0 Chen, 6 Caban or January 2, 1998). This shift in Light body frequency will help to prepare Mother Earth for her ensuing step in the coming Earth changes. Second, the "star seeds" have to be used just one final time to prepare for the final transfiguration of your Light bodies. These twin procedures will make the next exciting steps in your process easier for your bodies and for your minds to accept.

      Let us look at what is now occurring to those who dwell on your world. Right now, the "star seeds" have been moved to a frequency that initially had been deemed sufficient for the Spiritual Hierarchyís divine purposes. However, these previous shifts have had to be carried out to accommodate those Earth humans who are now just beginning to awaken. Consequently, a new optional tuning became necessary. This new tuning operation means that the higher-frequency "star seeds" have to be readjusted between 1 Men, 18 Yaxkin, 6 Caban and 13 Manik, 10 Mol, 6 Caban (December 11, 1997 till December 23, 1997). During this time, we will be anchoring in a new substrata of your Light body that will be necessary for our coming procedures. We will attempt to make this operation as pleasant as is possible. Nonetheless, we must inform you that our primary purpose is to prepare your population for a rapid shift in its awareness patterns. This task is not an easy one. However, we are going to use the twin virtues of grace and compassion during this important process.

      If you were to now look at your planet and its biosphere, you would notice that it is slowly being shifted into a new reality. This new reality is vastly different from the one you are now enjoying. Hence, it is essential that we have a short transition period. You are now in the midst of this intermediate period. Around you, many species of plants and animals are suddenly dying in your oceans, streams and lakes, as well as upon your land. This reality is caused by the need to begin to shift the food and predatory chains that now govern your world. Each affected species is part of a major cycle of energy that has governed your world since the fall of Lemuria. Each aspect represents a slight shift in your biosphere. These coming voids in your biosphere deeply influence the whole thrust of the way the Deva Kingdom orders your world. We are lovingly moving it from a fierce and graceless environment to one in which grace, peace and harmony abound. This task requires a full knowledge of how a biosphere is both interlinked with, and created by, a planetís Spiritual Hierarchy.

      When it is initially created, each planet in a solar system has a special frequency pattern. When it is divinely appropriate, this special frequency pattern can be tuned again by the Angelic Realms. Each new tuning must be a number of octaves either up or down, as they are so divinely guided. In turn, it must be in harmony with the other planets in that particular solar system. You should view each star or sun as having a special note in a grand and long symphony. This philharmonic as a whole is the galaxy in which the noteworthy star resides. Occasionally, one star may sound a sour note. Like a good musician, the Angelic Realms want every galaxy to sound and appear in tune. Unfortunately, Mother Earth has been forced to move its true sound down some octaves from where it really should be. The present time should be viewed as the proper tuning, or sounding, of its most magnificent note. Part of this tuning procedure involves the alteration of a planetís biosphere.

      Linked to this changing of a biosphere is the consciousness of its band of physical Angels. If we continue this analogy, you might see yourselves as frets in the violin that is this planetís life force energy. What is now happening is that you are being put into a new consciousness. This new consciousness is very much like changing the frets on a violin. Such a simple procedure causes the musician (the Angelic Realms) to retune this wonderful instrument (planet Earth). This unique operation is now happening around you. You should see yourselves as a very key element that has to be adjusted at just the right time. Your present consciousness is shifting upward. At the same time, it is influencing your planetís life-force energies to also move upward. This interaction also alters the rules of how the Deva Kingdom regulates the biosphere.

      The important sideshow here is the environmental damage that you have wrought upon your planet in the last fifty years alone. This very malicious and seemingly unconscious act has led your local Spiritual Hierarchy to accelerate your consciousness shift. Consequently, as we have reiterated, you should experience all elements as part of a huge holistic puzzle that is governed both by divine time and by the divine plan. Each item in this procedure happens in a proper sequence like a well-orchestrated piece of music. No part occurs without the master conductorís approval. Godís WILL acts as the baton for this most divine orchestra. As you move into the next period of this reality shift, please understand that all is happening on very minute and very subtle levels. Each specific part reverberates with the other and produces the necessary effect. Moreover, each important component interacts in a way that keeps the symphony easily moving toward its predicted conclusion. What is now happening is not by chance. Rather, it is following a very circuitous path that is leading all concerned toward a most wonderful future.

      Scientists from the Galactic Federationís mass landing fleet have spent the last few days monitoring the increasingly erratic pattern of your planetís geomagnetic field. What has been happening is that the magnetic field is not only fluctuating wildly, but is also erratically varying in field strength. This fact is due to the vast amount of up-welling magma that has pooled just below the Earthís surface. Your planetís tectonic plates are now being subjected to some unbelievable pressures. It is only the inconceivable strength of your planetís elementals, or Deva Kingdom, that has prevented some major disasters from occurring prematurely. Mother Earth cannot erupt with severe Earth changes before a certain degree of preparation is completed among your planetís human population. Right now, this essential preparation is entering its final stage. We deeply feel that our arrival is not as distant an element in your planetís future as you may presently believe.

      The Galactic Federationís mass landing fleets are now busy studying the reaction of your surface governments to some of our recent suppression raids. Its seems that your so-called Ďpublic servantsí are determined to put forth every type of possible defence scenario. This activity has included the recent use of some new weaponry that we have not observed before. In the last few days, our defense forces have been compelled to adopt some new successful tactics to counter this new weaponry. They are employing their primitive space ships to weave field unique voids at the interstice of our various landing grids. We have used a special time displacement technology to counter their present efforts. It was a good try, but it was not good enough. Our landing grids are once again fully secured. We are now even more prepared for what they may throw at us in the very near future. Please note that we have a full and sincere commitment to successfully carry out our mission.

      It is time once again to close our brief message. We hope that you will realize that you are not alone in what is now happening to you. We in the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation are dedicated to completing this operation in the right divine time. Unfortunately, that has meant that you have had to learn and to practice a great deal of patience. Living on your present world is mostly a very great chore. It usually demonstrates how well you have attuned your survival skills. All that we now ask of you is that you maintain your daily rituals and hold the grace-filled and harmonious vision of our arrival. We are deeply thankful that those of you who dwell on Earth have aided us with your time and your dedication to this mission. We say to you, keep up the good work, as well as your marvelous rituals. They mean so much to us all. We now depart with infinite blessings of unconditional Love, boundless fulfilling Joy and never-ending Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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