Update by Sheldon Nidle for The Galactic Federation
November 8, 1997 (7 Ik, 5 Xul, 6 Caban)

Greetings! We come before you with some very interesting information. This material will cover the changing mass landing scenarios, the beginning Earth Changes, and your on-going Ascension procedures. On 5 Ahau, 3 Xul, 6 Caban (November 6, 1997), we completed the connections between the heart grid crystal and the large love energy crystal located at our base in the deep interior of Mount Haleakala on the Hawaiian island of Maui. This action was done to begin to formally hook up the great love energy being given to Mother Earth by the Spiritual Hierarchies. Additionally, it will set the stage for the great 28-day rituals that will be carried out by the Great Blue Lodge of Sirius when our mass landing operation formally commences. At this time, we would like to thank our fantastic ground crew in Maui and the United Kingdom, as well as the rest of your world, for their kind assistance in this sacred task. Because of these valiant efforts, we have now completed a holy chore that will make the balance of the Ascension process much easier for the rest of Earthís humanity.

Right now, a number of very engaging items are on our agenda. The first series of items concerns the beginning of your planetís massive changes of its surface. Our Galactic Federation geologists and planetary scientists have noticed that most of your oceanic plates are beginning to crack. This on-going process is a very swift one in geologic time, but it may seem a bit too slow for your liking. This interaction from the up-welling magma and the affected tectonic plates has vastly increased the amount and the intensity of deep ocean earthquakes. Further, it has begun to influence the number of earthquakes occurring on Pacific Ocean Islands. To a lesser extent, it is causing tremors on the Islands of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. This pattern is also starting to show itself on the various continental plates. It is now quickly approaching very alarming levels, if one looks at it on a world-wide basis. The enormously anticipated cracking of these various tectonic plates has not yet happened. However, our planetary scientists now firmly believe that this momentous occasion is still very close to happening.

Meanwhile, your atmosphere is continuing to heat up at a much-accelerated rate. This factor is being caused by the continuing "El Nino" effect. This process has caused the Arctic icecap to continue to shrink, even with the onset of an early winter. In the Southern hemisphere, the Antarctic icecap is now coming under its greatest point of stress ó a very warm spring and summer. These events have also created some of the worst flooding ever in Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Turkey. In addition, they have fanned the spread of the choking smoke from the fires emanating from the burning forests of Southeast Asia. This condition is being mirrored in the Amazon regions of South America. Everywhere, the Earthís atmosphere is under a perverse level of attack. Its response has been to simply increase the known amount of unusual weather found in the skies of your planet. From near Earth orbit, these impending catastrophes can be readily observed. They also serve as a grim reminder of how senselessly your societyís elite has ravished your world.

Despite these difficulties, we have been completing the many "hooks" that are needed to attach the two new firmaments into their proper positions in Earthís atmosphere. These preliminary "hooks" have had one important side-effect ó a softening of the various temperature gradients in your lower atmosphere. Without our very complex work, your entire atmosphere would be even more unstable than it now is. The few superstorms that worry your meteorologists would be much more numerous. By now, a number of them would have hit some major coastal urban areas with extremely high wind speeds and a destructiveness never before seen on your planet. Nonetheless, your planet is just on the verge of some very extraordinary occurrences. These upcoming portents will act as a signal that you will have finally reached the omega point where Mother Earth can no longer tolerate your past environmental extravagances. You will discover that a complete disregard of your stewardship of this most beautiful planet can no longer be sanctioned. Your population will then come at risk of some very spectacular Earth changes. As always, we in the Galactic Federation remain on station to assist you in evacuating your affected populations to a safe and secure ground.

Your oceans are also heating up and this single factor is changing some of the major ocean currents that criss-cross your world. Our Galactic Federation oceanographers have noticed that many of the temperature gradients in your deep oceans areas have drastically changed. This factor has caused much of the pollutants dumped into your oceans to begin to circulate in a very different manner. These great dangers to the oceanís biosphere have caused a major rippling effect throughout all oceanic life forms. In short, the oceanís brief and minute recovery has been turned to the downside. Your planetís deep oceanic life energies are now rapidly dissipating. Many Deva Kingdoms on your planet have become alarmed by what is presently happening. They have dutifully informed our deep ocean observation craft of their enormous dismay. It is yet another huge sign of why your planet must now drastically change what you, in your ignorance and your greed, have so sorrowfully destroyed.

As just noted, our Galactic Federation fleets have maintained a very high degree of observation of your planet. We are deeply concerned that you remain mostly oblivious to what is occurring around you. Your planetís magnetic poles are shifting. The atmosphere is growing more unstable, while your tectonic plates are on the verge of an immense series of ruptures. Your surface governments have done a most great disservice to you by not informing you of these enormous changes. For this reason, we have increased the amount of our observation of your planet. Your present world is like a very weak heart patient that is ready to expire. Yet Mother Earth is not merely dying. It is solely just reconstructing itself. This transformation will happen very suddenly. Its occurrence will cause our evacuation fleet to spring into action. It will also signal that your graduation into a higher form of consciousness will have finally commenced.

Your planetís Spiritual Hierarchy is slowly but surely finishing the pre-reconstruction stage. This action is being carried out through the decrees given by the Creatorís divine plan. This action is a major part of the return of Godís WILL to this planet. This time is one in which the dark lords are losing their grip on your world. What you see around you are their last failing attempts to remain in control of planet Earth. The grand experiment that put them in temporary charge of your many regional societies is just about over. Their last great illusion is to use their world-wide control of the major mass media to misinform you about what is truly happening. Mother Earth knows that her beloved children will survive the lies and the deception of these final days. You should look into your inner heart and its unique ability to discover truths. Use it to discern the truth of what we are now saying to you. For it is in this eternal truth that you will find your salvation.

Your Ascension process is now back on track. The Spiritual Hierarchies have decided what must now be done to complete their sacred tasks in the right divine time. This ability to transform a planetís population is one that they are truly very proud of. One of the first actions is to accelerate the "awakening" process. Contrary to what you may think, the time for the great changes is not very far away. The final step is just to have every individual at the stage of development that they were assigned by their present life contracts. This most sacred task has always been the primary objective of your local Spiritual Hierarchy. Right now, they remain within their divine time frames for the completion of this most vital chore. Again, they ask you to practice your discernment. Much is about to happen to you in a very short period of Earth time. The Angelic Realms desire that you be aware of this fact and that you use it to prevent panic or fear in yourself or in others around you. Remember, this time is a time for love, soul growth and growing harmony.

It is now time for us to conclude this message. As we go, we would like to accentuate a few major points. First, this time is one for patience and for discernment. We simply cannot over-emphasize these two points. Much of the remaining test of your soulís growth is dependent upon a close examination of how you react to what is put in front of you. Look upon these moments as a chance to show how much you have truly grown in the past few years and months. Second, you should be preparing yourself for the coming meetings with your spiritual and space families. The time is neither as close as you may think nor as far as you may, in times of despair, believe possible. It will occur at a divine time. However, it WILL occur. Be prepared for miraculous events and for magnificent possibilities that you cannot in any way now foresee. We leave you with our infinite blessings for limitless unconditional Love, boundless orgasmic Joy and Endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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